Chapter One “You don’t have to be here,” I murmured to my cousin, Bress. “Yes, I do,” he insisted. “She’s my mother.” “Moire mentally tortured you and nearly drove you insane,” I shook my head. “No one would think badly of you, if you wanted to go back to Twilight, […]

Sneak Peek of Elf-Shot

Killian Blair Hair: deep auburn Eyes: green Skin: fair Build: thickly muscled Blair, from the Gaelic “Blar” means battle. Killian is a Caster witch, a product of two types of witch tribes; Storm and Flame. Due to the mix of magics, he has a special talent, that of the Firerain. […]

Killian Blair

King Declan of Alexandrite Hair: Dark Auburn Eyes: Deep blue to purple Skin: Fair Build: Slim and muscular King Declan rules the Shining One Kingdom of Alexandrite due to his control over the stone. He harnesses the magic of Change, Regeneration, and Manifestation. Like his stone, Declan can be mercurial […]

King Declan of Alexandrite

A sneak peek into the upcoming Spellsinger Series! Check out The Last Lullaby song list on Spotify, a musical preview of the book. Songs are in the order of their appearance in the book. The Last Lullaby Playlist Chapter One I hunched my shoulders in an attempt to lift my […]

Sneak Peek of The Last Lullaby

Lucifer Morningstar Height: 6’3″ Build: slimly muscular Eyes: diamond Wings: diamond Skin: fair Lucifer Morningstar has many names: Devil, Satan, Beelzebub… it goes on and on. He was once called Lucifer Phosphorus the Morning Star, but that was before he met Holly and Jehovah, and became a part of the […]

Lucifer Morningstar

Cerebus Skylos, Greek Guardian God of the Underworld Owner of Cerebus Security Height: 6′ 9″ Build: thickly muscled Skin: swarthy-fair Hair: brown Eyes: Brown Cerebus was once the Guardian of the Greek Underworld. His other form is a massive, three-headed dog. His job was to guard the gate leading into […]

Cerebus Skylos, Greek Guardian God of the Underworld

I did a short story for an anthology called “Falling For Them”. The proceeds went to St. Judes. I’m not sure if I’ll be re-releasing this story, possibly with a collection of remastered fairy tales, but for now, here’s a quick look at the story. Get your copy of Falling […]

The Four Clever Brothers

Height: 6’2″ Build: muscled skin: fair Eyes: Green Hair: Blonde Banning Dalca is the Gheara of the Kansas Gura. This means he’s the leader of the Kansas tribe of vampires, aka blooders. He was blooded (made into a vampire) in 1641 when he was 24 years old, and has worked […]

Banning Dalca

Height: 6’5″ Hair: Depp blue-black Eyes: sapphire blue Skin: lightly tan Build: thickly muscled The Shining One King of Onyx has many facets. Viewed as a scoundrel by some and a savior by others, it’s hard to figure what’s really going on inside this fairy’s heart. Known as the Mongrel […]

King Torin of Onyx

Welcome to the Spellsinger world, where the supernatural exists right under our noses. Within this world are several planes of existence, all separated by the Veil. Only powerful magic users, or those helped by them, are able to cross the Veil. There are numerous races within those realms, but I […]

The Races of the Spellsinger World

Morpheus, Greek God of Dreams, Oneiroi Hair: dark brown Eyes: Blue mist Build: muscled and trim Skin: fair Black wings sprinkled with stars. Morpheus lived in the Cave of Dreams with his two brothers- Phobetor and Phantasus. They were the Oneiroi, the Greek Gods of Dreams, and they had power […]

Morpheus, Greek God of Dreams

Extinguisher Abigail Teagan Hair: red Skin: pale Build: slim Eyes: green Abigail “Abby” Teagan was born into an Extinguisher family in San Francisco, CA. She was raised there and attended the Council school in the SF Council House for her extinguisher training, as well as Lowell High School for her […]

Extinguisher Abigail Teagan

Ull, Norse God of Justice, Oaths, and Archery Hair: Dirty blonde Eyes: Blue Skin: golden pale Build: muscular and tall Owns Orvandil Law Ull is carefree on the surface. He lives every moment to the fullest, with a smile plastered on his face. But there’s more to Ull than that. […]

Ull, Norse God of Justice, Oaths, and Archery

Tsohanoai, Navajo God of the Sun Pronunciation: So-ha-no-ah-yee Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Dark brown to black Skin: Golden Brown Build: muscular Estsanatlehi, Navajo Goddess of Change Pronunciation: Es-tan-AHT-loo-hee Hair: Black Skin: Deep tan Eyes: Brown Tsohaonai and his wife, Estsanatlehi, called affectionately Mr. T and Mrs. E by Vervain, are […]

Mr. T and Mrs. E

Horus, Egyptian God of the Sun, Moon, War, Protection, and Hunting Hair: brown Eyes: brown with silver striations in the left eye and gold in the right Build: Slim but athletic Skin: light gold like falcon feathers Horus is one of the original gods who escaped Atlantis during its fall. […]

Horus, God of the Sun and Moon

Brahma Kanja Hindu God of Knowledge, Creation, Speech, and Sound Hair: black Eyes: brown Build: athletic Brahma is a bit of a playboy. He loves women. Nearly as much as he loves his wife, Sarasvati. Their marriage is a bit baffling on the surface. Brahma is known to be unfaithful, […]

Brahma Kanja, Hindu God of Knowledge

King Chiwen “Chad” of the Court of the Nine Sons Hair: dark brown Eyes: brown Skin: golden brown Build: Average Height: 6′ Chiwen was born undersea in the Court of the Nine Sons. He’s a Chinese water dragon, and in his dragon form he is a striking turquoise color with […]

King Chiwen “Chad” of the Court of the Nine Sons

Roarke, King of the Fire Cat-Sidhe Hair: black Eyes: Fire Build: slim Roarke was born, as all fire cat-sidhe are (with the exception of his son, Hunter), as a cat-sidhe. He was a playboy prince in the Earth Kingdom. A source of irritation and entertainment to his family, and a […]

Roarke, King of Fire Cat-Sidhe

Bress Thorn Hair: grayish blue Skin: pale Eyes: deep blue with gray swirls Build: slim but muscular Bress Thorn is the son of Moire Thorn and an unnamed seelie father who served time as Moire’s prisoner. Moire never revealed the man’s name to her son. Bress is a twilight sidhe, […]

Bress Thorn

Hades, Lord of the Underworld Greek God of the Dead Height: 6′ Build: Average Hair: dark brown Eyes: clear brown with the fires of Hell behind them Skin: lightly tanned Nicknames: Hot Stuff and Sizzle Butt Hades looks like your average hot guy, until he removes his sunglasses. Then you […]

Hades, Lord of the Underworld

Aidan, Alpha wolf of the Missouri Pack, witch Height 6’1″ Eyes: light blue Hair: wild and dark Build: buff Skin: golden brown Aidan likes to present himself as a carefree flirt but he’s shown himself to be an honorable, intelligent, and loyal man. As Alpha of the Missouri Pack, Aidan […]

Aidan, Alpha of the Missouri Pack

Torrent, God of the Internet Hair: platinum blonde Eyes: lime green Skin: porcelain Torrent was the creation of a god, so technically, he’s a demi-god, but due to the way he was made and what he was made from, he’s considered a full fledged god. He is half god energy […]

Torrent, God of the Internet

Catriona “Cat” the Twilight Puka There’s nothing like the bond between a boy and his dog. As there’s nothing like the bond between a girl and her puka. As long as that girl is Seren Firethorn and that puka is Cat. Catriona didn’t have a name before she met Seren. […]

Catriona the Twilight Puka

Finn MacLir Hair: Black Eyes: Green Height: 6’2″ Build: Athletic Fiachra was born to an Irish king named Lir, one of the few Atlanteans who hadn’t set himself up to be a god, and a human woman named Aoibh. After Aoibh died, Lir had an affair with a faerie named […]

Fiachra “Finn” MacLir

Pronounced: Nyee’n Hair: green Eyes: green Skin pale gold Wings: translucent pink and green Daughter of Neala and sister to Aodh, Nighean is a sylph; a type of winged fairy. She was imprisoned in the Unseelie dungeons for so many years, her family believed her to be dead. She went […]

Nighean Silvereed of the Seelie