Godhunter Characters

Background and detailed descriptions of characters in the Godhunter Series.

Lucifer Morningstar Height: 6’3″ Build: slimly muscular Eyes: diamond Wings: diamond Skin: fair Lucifer Morningstar has many names: Devil, Satan, Beelzebub… it goes on and on. He was once called Lucifer Phosphorus the Morning Star, but that was before he met Holly and Jehovah, and became a part of the […]

Lucifer Morningstar

Morpheus, Greek God of Dreams, Oneiroi Hair: dark brown Eyes: Blue mist Build: muscled and trim Skin: fair Black wings sprinkled with stars. Morpheus lived in the Cave of Dreams with his two brothers- Phobetor and Phantasus. They were the Oneiroi, the Greek Gods of Dreams, and they had power […]

Morpheus, Greek God of Dreams

Ull, Norse God of Justice, Oaths, and Archery Hair: Dirty blonde Eyes: Blue Skin: golden pale Build: muscular and tall Owns Orvandil Law Ull is carefree on the surface. He lives every moment to the fullest, with a smile plastered on his face. But there’s more to Ull than that. […]

Ull, Norse God of Justice, Oaths, and Archery

Tsohanoai, Navajo God of the Sun Pronunciation: So-ha-no-ah-yee Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Dark brown to black Skin: Golden Brown Build: muscular Estsanatlehi, Navajo Goddess of Change Pronunciation: Es-tan-AHT-loo-hee Hair: Black Skin: Deep tan Eyes: Brown Tsohaonai and his wife, Estsanatlehi, called affectionately Mr. T and Mrs. E by Vervain, are […]

Mr. T and Mrs. E

Horus, Egyptian God of the Sun, Moon, War, Protection, and Hunting Hair: brown Eyes: brown with silver striations in the left eye and gold in the right Build: Slim but athletic Skin: light gold like falcon feathers Horus is one of the original gods who escaped Atlantis during its fall. […]

Horus, God of the Sun and Moon

Brahma Kanja Hindu God of Knowledge, Creation, Speech, and Sound Hair: black Eyes: brown Build: athletic Brahma is a bit of a playboy. He loves women. Nearly as much as he loves his wife, Sarasvati. Their marriage is a bit baffling on the surface. Brahma is known to be unfaithful, […]

Brahma Kanja, Hindu God of Knowledge

Roarke, King of the Fire Cat-Sidhe Hair: black Eyes: Fire Build: slim Roarke was born, as all fire cat-sidhe are (with the exception of his son, Hunter), as a cat-sidhe. He was a playboy prince in the Earth Kingdom. A source of irritation and entertainment to his family, and a […]

Roarke, King of Fire Cat-Sidhe

Hades, Lord of the Underworld Greek God of the Dead Height: 6′ Build: Average Hair: dark brown Eyes: clear brown with the fires of Hell behind them Skin: lightly tanned Nicknames: Hot Stuff and Sizzle Butt Hades looks like your average hot guy, until he removes his sunglasses. Then you […]

Hades, Lord of the Underworld

Torrent, God of the Internet Hair: platinum blonde Eyes: lime green Skin: porcelain Torrent was the creation of a god, so technically, he’s a demi-god, but due to the way he was made and what he was made from, he’s considered a full fledged god. He is half god energy […]

Torrent, God of the Internet

Finn MacLir Hair: Black Eyes: Green Height: 6’2″ Build: Athletic Fiachra was born to an Irish king named Lir, one of the few Atlanteans who hadn’t set himself up to be a god, and a human woman named Aoibh. After Aoibh died, Lir had an affair with a faerie named […]

Fiachra “Finn” MacLir

Born to the Egyptian Gods Set and Nephthys, Anubis is the great grandson of the Sun God, Re and brother to the Goddess Ma’at. He is God of the Dead and Mummification as well as Lord of the Jackals. He commands a pack of werejackals whose first form is their […]

Anubis, God of the Dead

Teharon, Mohawk God of Healing Hair: long and dark brown Eyes: turquoise Skin: deep golden brown Build: slim and muscular Teharon, the creator god of the Mohawk Indians is also called “He who holds Heaven in his hands”. He is a gentle man, a man of peace, but he has […]

Teharon, Mohawk God of Healing

Persephone Greek Goddess of Spring Hair: dark brown Eyes; green Build: slim Skin: fair Persephone has grown a lot since meeting Vervain. Previously, she was under the thumb of her mother, Demeter. She spent her life going back and forth between Demeter’s territory and Hades’, like a child with divorced […]

Persephone, Greek Goddess of Spring

The God, Pan Hair: curly brown (with horns hidden among the curls) Eyes: hazel Skin: lightly tanned Build: slim but athletic. Pan is the Greek God of the Wild, Nature, Hunting, Flocks, and Rustic Music. He’s known for his reed pipes and one of his incarnations is the Pied Piper […]


The Sun God, Re Hair: brown to blonde Eyes: gold Skin: tanned dusted with gold Build: male ballet dancer The Egyptian God of the Noon Sun. Re was not only an original Atlantean, he was one of the High Twenty (the twenty men and women who governed Atlantis). He was […]

The Sun God, Re

Type of fey: dragon-sidhe Hair: blood red Eyes: dragon yellow Height: 6’1″ Build: Sleekly muscled Skin: pale Scent: Embers and sharp musk Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read past A Taste For Blood, go no further. Arach is a very sharp looking man and I don’t mean that he dresses […]

King Arach of the House of Fire

Odin Allfather, the Oathbreaker, Prime God of the Norse God of:the Occult, Wisdom, and the Dead Father to: Thor, Balder, Vali, and Vidar Hair: brown Eyes: Peacock: shimmers from blue to green to purple Height: 7’2″ Build: Very muscular Scent: clean mountain air Odin has had three wives: Iord (Thor’s […]

Odin Allfather

Thor Odinson, Viking God of Storms, Thunder, and Seafaring. Prince of Asgard and Protector of the territory Hair: strawberry blonde Eyes: blue-green Build: very muscular Height: 7′ Scent: ozone on the ocean Thor generally goes clean-shaven, though he’s been known to sport a thick beard in the past. He has […]

Thor Odinson

Azraek Morningstar Son of Lucifer and Holly Morningstar Height:6’6″ Eyes: baby blue to diamond Skin: lightly tanned Build: Athletic, think waterpolo player’s body Hair: deep black Scent: Vanilla orchids, wings smell warm and spicy with a hint of fresh air Azrael is the first and only son of Lucifer and […]

Azrael Morningstar

Kirill Alexeyevich Height: 6’4″ Eyes: Deep blue Hair: blue-black, wavy, and past his hips Skin: lightly tanned Build: muscled, just short of massive Before he was taken by Nyarvirezi, Kirill was a Russian Prince, son of Peter the Great. He spent many years as Nyarvirezi’s favorite but the twisted goddess […]

Prince Kirill Alexeyevich

Name Pronunciation: Weet-seal-oh-POACHED-lee Hair: Black as Midnight Eyes: Once blood red and now jade green Height: 6′ 2′ Build: Slim but muscular Skin color: Deep chestnut brown Other NAMES: Blue Hummingbird on the Left,  Uitzilopochtli, Xiuhpilli (“Turquoise Prince”) and Totec (“Our Lord”) Our first villain-turned-ally in the Godhunter Series, Huitzilopochtli […]

Huitzilopoctli “Blue” Aztec God of War and the Sun

Trevor Fenrirson Given Name: VeulfR, means “Holy Wolf” in Old Norse. Eyes: Golden brown tinged with yellow Hair: Dark brown to black and wavy Skin: Lightly tanned Build: Athletic, think swimmer’s build but amped up a little Height: 6’7″ Scent: spicy wolf musk Trevor is the firstborn son of the […]

VeulfR “Trevor” Fenrirson