The Godhunter Series

Information about the characters and world of the Godhunter.

Faerie exists in a pocket of space. It’s not a full world like Earth or laid over one like the God Realm. It simply exists within a womb of dark matter and so it can expand. Originally, there were four kingdoms, one for each element, ruled by the House of […]

The Faerie Realm

  The Greek underworld is a shared god territory similar to the Norse Nine Worlds in that several gods live within it without magical boundaries separating them. It is surrounded by Oceanus and past the Blessed Isles lies Olympus. But as if Oceanus is not enough of a border, the […]

The Greek Underworld

Castle Aithinne has been the home of the royals of the Fire Kingdom since its first creation shortly after the birth of the fire fey. Its rooms and towers were magically pulled from the Mountains of Serenity which border the kingdoms of Faerie. Although it flows seamlessly into the mountainside, […]

Castle Aithinne

The Viking territory of the God Realm is divided into 9 worlds. Odin lives in the world of Asgard and within it, he rules over 3 halls. His halls are  built across the lake from Thor’s hall Bilskinir. They are: 1. Valhalla: the golden hall where those slain in battle […]

Odin’s Halls

Bilskinir Hall is Thor’s home in Asgard ( a territory in the God Realm). Bilskinir is perched high on a cliff, overlooking Asgard’s lake and with a prime view of the entrance to Asgard. A channel between two cliffs, one being the end of the cliff on which Bilskinir is […]

Bilskinir Hall

Vervain’s territory was inherited from Nyarvirezi, the Lion Goddess. It is the home of almost eighty werelions as well as herself and her men. It has an African inspired landscape surrounded by a border of majestic mountains. The palace itself began as a rambling one story building but Vervain learned […]

Pride Palace

Moonshine was built by Trevor Fenrirson as a legal business that would provide non-assassin jobs to the Froekn (werewolves). Trevor built it as a goodwill gesture towards Vervain, who had expressed distaste in what the Froekn did for a living but the nightclub has become so much more than that. […]


“Like surfing through Space.” ~ Vervain Lavine Once you understand the way the realms are held together by the Aether, you have the foundation for understanding the technique of tracing.  Tracing, like the God Realm, was actually invented by the Fey. Back when Faerie was connected to Earth, the Fey […]

The Aether and the Art of Tracing

The Godhunter world  is your world except there’s a little more to it. Your world, Earth,  is referred to by gods and faeries as the Human Realm. You know all about this place so I won’t go into it The God Realm Gods live in a realm layered magically over […]

The Godhunter World and its Realms