The Twilight Court Series

Information about the characters and world of the Twilight Court.

Chapter One “You don’t have to be here,” I murmured to my cousin, Bress. “Yes, I do,” he insisted. “She’s my mother.” “Moire mentally tortured you and nearly drove you insane,” I shook my head. “No one would think badly of you, if you wanted to go back to Twilight, […]

Sneak Peek of Elf-Shot

Just behind and to the right of the Twilight Castle, you can find a path among the trees which leads to Danu’s Sacred Grove. Look for a carving of an apple on the side of a boulder and you’ll find the overgrown path which will take you to a little […]

The Sacred Grove of Danu

The Unseelie Castle is home to the royals of the Unseelie Kingdom and their court. Its soaring walls are made of polished onyx and boast no added adornments like the Seelie Castle. Unseelie Castle is elegant in its simplicity and the only adornment you’ll find on its outer walls, is […]

Castle Unseelie

The castle of the Seelie Court is  set high atop a cliff, dominating the land beneath it. It’s built of shining white stone and topped with a gold sun. Gold metallic vines wrap around it while within its walls, the vines are natural, as are the rest of the plants […]

Castle Seelie

The Holy Isle of Danu is the birthplace of the twin gods; Danu and Anu. Anu left Fairy shortly after his birth and created the first rath with his passing. The temple to Danu sits right in the center of the island, amid a meadow of wildflowers. A semi-circle of […]

The Isle of Danu

Aideen, as a dryad, is magically connected to her home. This home is a hollowed out tree; a fairy hybrid of night blooming jasmine and oak. Aideen’s tree sprouted at the same moment of her birth and they have grown together for their entire lives but she didn’t actually bond […]

Aideen Evergreen’s Tree

The Wild Hunt is the military group composed of fairies from all three courts with the purpose of monitoring human activity and protecting the fey. When a fairy joins the Wild Hunt, his allegiance to his home court is superseded by his new allegiance to the Hunt and the Fairy […]

The Wild Hunt

In Ireland, there was once a great war between the humans and the fairies. It looked as though the fey had the upper hand. It’s difficult to fight an enemy who can turn invisible. But then five psychic  families, who were able to see past the fey glamour, banded together […]

The Extinguishers

Once upon a time twins were born but these were no ordinary twins. They were the first twins ever and they were gods. A god and a goddess to be exact. They were born to rule twin worlds, the god, named Anu, was given Earth, and the goddess, named Danu, […]

The Twilight Court World