Twilight Court Characters

Background and detailed descriptions of Twilight Court Characters

Killian Blair Hair: deep auburn Eyes: green Skin: fair Build: thickly muscled Blair, from the Gaelic “Blar” means battle. Killian is a Caster witch, a product of two types of witch tribes; Storm and Flame. Due to the mix of magics, he has a special talent, that of the Firerain. […]

Killian Blair

Extinguisher Abigail Teagan Hair: red Skin: pale Build: slim Eyes: green Abigail “Abby” Teagan was born into an Extinguisher family in San Francisco, CA. She was raised there and attended the Council school in the SF Council House for her extinguisher training, as well as Lowell High School for her […]

Extinguisher Abigail Teagan

King Chiwen “Chad” of the Court of the Nine Sons Hair: dark brown Eyes: brown Skin: golden brown Build: Average Height: 6′ Chiwen was born undersea in the Court of the Nine Sons. He’s a Chinese water dragon, and in his dragon form he is a striking turquoise color with […]

King Chiwen “Chad” of the Court of the Nine Sons

Bress Thorn Hair: grayish blue Skin: pale Eyes: deep blue with gray swirls Build: slim but muscular Bress Thorn is the son of Moire Thorn and an unnamed seelie father who served time as Moire’s prisoner. Moire never revealed the man’s name to her son. Bress is a twilight sidhe, […]

Bress Thorn

Aidan, Alpha wolf of the Missouri Pack, witch Height 6’1″ Eyes: light blue Hair: wild and dark Build: buff Skin: golden brown Aidan likes to present himself as a carefree flirt but he’s shown himself to be an honorable, intelligent, and loyal man. As Alpha of the Missouri Pack, Aidan […]

Aidan, Alpha of the Missouri Pack

Catriona “Cat” the Twilight Puka There’s nothing like the bond between a boy and his dog. As there’s nothing like the bond between a girl and her puka. As long as that girl is Seren Firethorn and that puka is Cat. Catriona didn’t have a name before she met Seren. […]

Catriona the Twilight Puka

Pronounced: Nyee’n Hair: green Eyes: green Skin pale gold Wings: translucent pink and green Daughter of Neala and sister to Aodh, Nighean is a sylph; a type of winged fairy. She was imprisoned in the Unseelie dungeons for so many years, her family believed her to be dead. She went […]

Nighean Silvereed of the Seelie

Prince Shane Luminary of Seelie Hair: clear but with the ability to glow Skin: sunlight pale Build: slim but athletic Height: 6’2″ Eyes: deep purple Son of Queen Iseabal and King Marcan, Shane is the Crown Prince of the Seelie Kingdom. He is half-brother to King Keir and Seren’s Uncle. […]

Prince Shane Luminary of Seelie

Queen Iseabal Bloodburn of the Seelie Hair: Metallic gold Skin: sunlight (pale gold) Eyes: amethyst Build: tall and slender Scent: Rosewater and anise Iseabal looks every inch the Fairy Queen, from her glittering gold hair to her jewel toned eyes. Her full, pouting mouth makes her appear sweet and perhaps […]

Queen Iseabal Bloodburn of the Seelie

Count Rayetayah Tnyn Son of Marquess Raza Tnyn and Lady Ayita Raven. Rayetayah means “hanging maw” in Cherokee. Hair: black Skin: golden brown Eyes: dark brown Rayetayah is dragon-djinn, unseelie sidhe, and seelie sidhe. He was the first raven-mocker born, a mix of dragon and raven. He is a twilight […]


Duke Dylan Thorn, Heir Apparent to the Unseelie Throne Hair: blue-black Skin: in human glamor it’s a creamy almond, in fey form it’s moonlight white Eyes: human glamor- deep blue, fey form-completely blue Height; 6′ 4″ Build: athletic-slim but muscular Dylan was born in Fairy to King Dhaoire and his […]

Duke Dylan Thorn

King Uisdean Thorn of the Unseelie Hair: deep black Eyes: completely black Skin: Moonlight white Build: Thin but muscled Height: 6’4″ King Uisdean, pronounced OOSH-jan, was born to King Dhoire and Queen Rhona of the Unseelie. He was the first born son, followed by his brother Dylan and then his […]

Uisdean Thorn

Conri Shatterhowl Prnounciation: CAWN-ree Affiliation: Twilight Hair: dark brown Eyes: fiery Build: linebacker big Beag Magic: Shatterhowl Distinguishing features: Black horns curving around the sides of his face and fire eyes. Conri Shatterhowl is the son of a cu-sidhe hound of the unseelie and a glastig of the seelie. His […]

Conri Shatterhowl

  Human Guise: Lord Raza Tnyn of the Unseelie Pronunciation of name: Rah-zah Ten-yee-nah Skin: Midnight; an unseelie trait Eyes: gold; a dragon djinn trait Build: very muscular Hair: choppy black with two red stripes; one at right temple and one below right ear. Features: a prominent brow ridge that […]

Lord Raza Tnyn

Aideen Evergreen Born: 4/2/1560 (the year 4575 in fairy time) Hair: Pale green Eyes: Deep moss green Height: Six feet exactly Parents: Eibhleann (Eve-lin) Evergreen and Muir (MYOOR) Millte (Mill-cha) Aideen is a Night Queen, which means she’s a Twilight dryad related to the night blooming jasmine tree. Her mother […]

Aideen Evergreen

King Keir Bloodthorn of the Twilight Court Hair: Deep purple fading to lavender Height: 6’4″ Eyes: Dark purple with silver stars surrounding the pupils Skin: Fair Mor magic: The Bloodthorn; an ability to manifest thorns beneath the skin and create wounds which won’t heal without the application of magic. Also […]

King Keir Bloodthorn of Twilight

Count Tiernan Shadowcall of Twilight Given Name: Tiernan; a Gaelic name meaning “lordly” Family Name: Shadowcall Beag Magic (A fairy’s personal magic, most often their surname): The Shadowcall; the only light based magic that has power over the dark. He can produce light and then control the shadows it creates. […]

Count Tiernan Shadowcall of Twilight