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To live happily harem after, you have to fight for your fairy tale!

Five classic fairy tales take on a reverse harem twist in the first installment of Happily Harem After. Experience Alice in Wonderland, The Four Clever Brothers, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, and Cinderella in ways you never have before.
You can get these stories for a discount, in the Happily Harem After Collection, or you can purchase them individually for only 99 cents. As with all my books, they are also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Here are the individual stories found in Happily Harem After, and their 99 cents links.

The Four Clever Brothers

The Four Clever Brothers can be found in my Happily Harem After

collection or on it’s own.

Fight for your fairy tale!

Princess Adelysia was raised to believe that her only worth lay in making a beneficial marriage. She could inherit her father’s kingdom because no queen could rule without a king. So when she’s abducted by a prince, she accepts his offer of marriage, even though he’s also a dragon. But then she is rescued by four clever and magically talented brothers who change her life, her beliefs, and her heart forever.

Wild Wonderland

 Fall into a brand new Wonderland.

Still reeling from the loss of her last living relative, Alice returns from her uncle’s funeral to find an intruder in her home. The strange man calls himself Warren White and insists that Alice is the heir to a magical world called Wonderland. As hard as it is to believe, proof of his claims is revealed, and Alice finds herself tumbling into a world of magic and madness. Claiming her birthright will not be easy; Wonderland is in the hands of an usurper, and Alice must release her hidden magic to unite the Card Kings and lead their armies into battle against the Queen of Hearts. Alice has the power to save Wonderland, but only if she gives in to the passion that will release it.


Beauty and the Beasts

Beauty with a bite.

Sylvaine leads a simple life. She lives in a small village with her father and two sisters. But when her father’s horse wanders home without him, Sylvaine’s life takes a magical turn. She finds her father imprisoned by three cursed princes, and buys his freedom with her own. But this beauty has a plan. Sylvaine knows all about the curse; how the princes must not only find a woman to love, but must also learn to share her. She believes she can free the men, but will their pride be too great an obstacle for her to overcome?


The Little Glass Slipper

An erotic tale of love, fairies, and footwear.

Madelyn’s mother left when she was still a child. She never believed her father’s stories about her mother being a fairy who had to return to her own world. Her father remarried, and then he also died, leaving Madelyn alone with a stepmother and three stepsisters who treated her like a servant. Madelyn would have simply left, but her kingdom was unsafe for young women on their own, ruled over by a immoral family known for their hedonistic ways. So Madelyn stayed and waited for an opportunity to change her life. She never expected that chance to arrive in the form of her returned fairy mother, or her kingdom’s three princes who were known more for their sexual prowess than their nobility. But a girl’s gotta work with the magic she’s given, and Madelyn intends to make the most of hers.

Pan’s Promise

Welcome to a new Neverland.

Pandora was made to tempt men, but only so she would be their downfall. After Pandora released evil into the world, her husband turned against her. She was sent away on one of his fastest ships, with a guard of five men to make certain that she never returned. But the gods took pity on Pandora, and gave her a sanctuary; turning her prison guards into bodyguards, and the island that was intended to be her prison into a magical home. There was just one problem; the captain and his crew who had brought Pandora to Neverland were stuck on the island with her… and they brought the evil she released with them.

More retold fairy tales:


Codename: Goldilocks is currently part of an RH Anthology: Falling For Them vol. 3

Looking for a love that’s just right.

I’m gonna give it to you straight. My name is Tempest Alexander, codename: Goldilocks. I work for an agency called Supernatural Community Control and Intelligence. SCCIT for short. “Suck It” for funsies. We’ve recently discovered that the Sander’s County Pack is up to no good. Not that a werewolf pack is ever up to any good. This one though, happens to be delving into human trafficking. Stealing women and selling them to supernaturals as sex slaves. So I’ve come to Montana to investigate the Pack, and hopefully find fourteen missing women. I’m prepared for anything. Anything except the Medvedev brothers.