Connection between Godhunter and Twilight Court series?

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Vanessa asked 4 years ago

I’ve read all the published books of “the Twilight Court” series and really liked them. So I’ve begun to read some Descriptions of the “Godhunter” books…
As the next “Twilight Court” book seems to be set into the Dragon court of Fairy and Vervain seems to have a deep connection to the same court, i’m kind of curious to know if the stories are entwined…

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paunow Staff answered 3 years ago

I wish I could do a crossover, unfortunately, the fairies are very different in both series. So there’s no way I could connect them. But if you like the Fey, the Godhunter Series will (eventually… book 5) have its own interpretation of them. I hope you like that series as much as the Twilight Court. And be sure to wait till the 9th day of any month so you can get Godhunter free on Amazon. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and ask a question!