Lisa Goodie asked 3 years ago

I discovered your book GodHunter by accident.  I am only into around chapter 4 and I have been laughing my butt off.  Girl you are funny.  I really like an author that is funny in her stories especially if they are in the first person.  I am loving this series so far.  I will let you know what the verdict is when I am done.  I always let authors know if I have enjoyed their book or not.  I believe that you should know from your readers if they enjoyed it or did not like it.  If I do not enjoy a book then I let the author know as well and why I did not enjoy it.  I can not wait to immerse myself in your imagination.  Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Goodie

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paunow Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Lisa,
  Thanks so much for taking the time to drop me a message. I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying the book, and I have my fingers crossed that you’ll keep enjoying it. Please do let me know.