The Godhunter Series: Images and Descriptions of Characters and Locations

Meet the Characters of the Godhunter Series and take a closer look at some of the locations in the books.

The Characters


Thor Odinson, Viking God of Storms, Thunder, and Seafaring. Prince of Asgard and Protector of the territory

Hair: strawberry blonde

Eyes: blue-green

Build: very muscular

Height: 7′

Scent: ozone on the ocean

Thor generally goes clean-shaven, though he’s been known to sport a thick beard in the past. He has chiseled features and striking eyes. He’s the son of Odin and Iord (deceased), brother to Vidar, Vali, and Balder, father of Thrud and adopted father of Ull. He owns a line of cruise ships.

Thor was once a lot like Ull, he was a prankster and loved nothing more than a good joke. But the God Wars jaded him and dampened his humor. He’s more serious now but in his heart, he still loves life and laughter. Which is one of the reasons why he fell in love with Vervain.

He was raised in Atlantis by Iord and Odin. Iord’s death was difficult for him, he was only fourteen at the time and Odin has always been a little self-centered in heartbreak. It took Odin two months before he was able to comfort Thor. Then it was just the two of them for years, until Odin met Frigg. Frigg gave birth to Thor’s brother Balder and Thor’s home life became full of love and laughter again.

Then, when Balder was just three-year’s-old, Atlantis fell. Thor fled with his family and some of his closest friends, on Odin’s boat. They made it to shore and in the morning, they began a new life. Odin led them to the North and established his family as gods among the humans. Thor, ever looking to the sea and the home he’d lost, became a god of the ocean.

*Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read past Oathbreaker, stop here and come back later.

Vervain came into Thor’s life first as Sabine and although he was too old to be mothered by her, he formed a deep affection for Odin’s third wife. When Sabine died, he mourned as deeply as her sons did. This bond was part of what pulled him to Vervain in her new life. Thor believed it to be Vervain’s magic which drew him but it was actually their shared past. Thor has always wanted the kind of relationship Odin shared with Sabine and when he came into contact with Vervain, he subconsciously recognized her soul and instinctively reached for what he’d always longed for; a love that could survive death.

Vervain was never meant for Thor but Thor has held onto her much longer than he should of partially because of his obsessive nature and partially because he is afraid to give up the dream of having a lasting love. He still has to come to terms with this but when he does, he’ll finally be ready to form a real relationship with a woman who can make the Thunder God happy.



Trevor Fenrirson

Given Name: VeulfR, means “Holy Wolf” in Old Norse.

Eyes: Golden brown tinged with yellow

Hair: Dark brown to black and wavy

Skin: Lightly tanned

Build: Athletic, think swimmer’s build but amped up a little

Height: 6’7″

Scent: spicy wolf musk

Trevor is the firstborn son of the Viking Wolf God Fenrir. He is the highest ranking prince of the Froekn (a Norse werewolf clan descended from Fenrir).  Spoiler alert: if you’ve just read the first book, read no further. He is Vervain’s Alpha boyfriend, which means that he gets the veto on any new men in Vervain’s life. His special endearment for her is “Minn Elska” which means “My Love” in Old Norse.

At heart, Trevor is a romantic and a bit of an outsider. The first stems from his lack of a mother and a strong desire to fill that void. The second comes from the years he spent on the run with his father and brothers, hiding from the other Norse gods who had cast Fenrir out of Atlantis before Atlantis fell. The Froekn are considered to be demi-gods because they are the immortal children of a god but their immortality stems from Fenrir’s magic. Without the Great Wolf, they would die.

Trevor gave up his immortality to bond himself to Vervain in an ancient Froekn mating ritual. The Binding gives a small piece of the Froekn’s soul to his mate. This creates a connection so strong that the mated pair cannot be separated for longer than a month. After a month, the loss of connection to the other piece of his soul will cause the Froekn to slowly die. And if one of the mated pair dies, the other quickly follows. But the bond Trevor formed with Vervain was one sided. As a human, Vervain wasn’t able to give Trevor a piece of her soul, so only Trevor is at risk. At the time, Vervain was mortal and so Trevor’s immortality was threatened since he would die when she did.

The wolf is a strong part of Trevor’s life and he is often ruled by its mood swings and instincts. He can be extremely volatile at times but he is also very loving and has been known to show great kindness. His alpha werewolf instincts require delicate handling and Vervain had to get used to such things as love bites and monthly scent markings but in the end, Trevor is absolutely worth the effort.

Trevor was born in Norway but has lived all over the world and is fluent in several languages. He is a survivor above all and has no problem fighting for those he loves and what he believes in. He is a complex man; an alpha male who nonetheless has a pack mentality. He will always do what’s best for his family and above all, for Vervain.


Kirill Alexeyevich

Height: 6’4″

Eyes: Deep blue

Hair: blue-black, wavy, and past his hips

Skin: lightly tanned

Build: muscled, just short of massive

Before he was taken by Nyarvirezi, Kirill was a Russian Prince, son of Peter the Great. He spent many years as Nyarvirezi’s favorite but the twisted goddess tired of him, as she did all her men, and began to use him as entertainment for her sadistic tastes. He became a killer and a whore for her, the process breaking his heart and his mind. By the time Vervain found him, he was so far gone into madness, he had to be chained constantly with a bar impaling his foot. It was the only bonds that could hold him since he shifted back and forth between man and lion often.

The Intare wanted Vervain to kill him mercifully, believing that Kirill would never regain his sanity but Vervain refused to give up on him. She saw some compassion left in his eyes and trusted her instincts. She was right and she saved both his life and his sanity. Because of this, Kirill became almost blindly loyal to Vervain.  He loves her fiercely, probably more so than any of her men. His love goes deeper than desire or connection, even deeper than magic. His love for Vervain is simply absolute. There is no, nor will there ever be, any question in Kirill’s mind of his love for Vervain. May the gods have mercy on the man that tries to separate him from her.

He became Vervain’s Ganza almost immediately. The Ganza of the Intare is basically both security and muscle for the Tima, the heart which of course is Vervain. Ganza means “hand” in Kinyarwanda. Kirill is the hand of his Tima, the instrument of her desire. But beyond his talents as a fighter, Kirill also has hidden talents as an artist. He loves to carve, wood mainly, and has made many items for his friends and family. Vervain tries her best to encourage his creativity. Being an artist herself, she understands the need for an outlet.

Kirill can be very simple in his thoughts but that’s only because he’s still recovering from the horrors he went through. As he heals, he changes, becoming more confident and more able to think deeply. Hints of his old personality are showing through in Kirill; the aggressive prince and the poetic heart he hid but there are also new qualities emerging and I can’t wait to see the man Kirill will finally be.



Odin Allfather, the Oathbreaker, Prime God of the Norse

God of:the Occult, Wisdom, and the Dead

Father to: Thor, Balder, Vali, and Vidar

Hair: brown

Eyes: Peacock: shimmers from blue to green to purple

Height: 7’2″

Build: Very muscular

Scent: clean mountain air

Odin has had three wives: Iord (Thor’s mother), Frigg (Balder’s mother), and Sabine (Vidar’s mother). Vali was born out of wedlock to a giantess named Rind.

Odin and Iord were married in Atlantis but she died before Atlantis fell. Odin had remarried and had Balder with his new wife, Frigg. Balder was just a little boy when Atlantis fell. Odin saved as many people as he could the tragic day of Atlantis’ destruction. When they reached the shore, he was one of the first gods to make a plan for their new existence. He took his family North, into a bitter, cold land where he knew men were strong fighters in need of a great god to lead them.

Odin has always been wickedly intelligent and capable of outmaneuvering his enemies before they even lifted a sword against him. So it didn’t take long for him to see how easy it would be to become gods to the humans and use the energy they sacrificed as fuel for his own power. He can be coldly manipulative but his motivations have always been to provide and protect his family.

After creating the 9 Viking Worlds with the help of a fairy (I won’t mention her name in case you haven’t read that far), Odin’s marriage to Frigg fizzled out. He had a dalliance with Rind, tricking the giantess into sleeping with him, and spent a lot of time alone in the woods. After Frigg stabbed him for sleeping around on her, Odin tried to save their marriage but it didn’t work out and Frigg moved into her own hall.

Shortly afterward, Odin met Sabine. They married and Odin remained faithful to her even after Sabine died. Odin loved Sabine more than any woman before her and his grieving tore apart his family. Vali and Vidar left home and Thor banded together with the God Squad to stop Odin’s efforts to manipulate humans into war. The family remained broken until Vervain reunited them.

Odin waited centuries for Sabine to return to him and when she didn’t, he wove a spell to place her soul into the fetus of a human baby. He gave his eye for the knowledge of how to work the spell and then the spell exacted its own payment. The baby was lost to him after her birth and he didn’t find her again till his own son brought her into his hall.

Odin has had some bad turns of fate but he has finally found his love again and he would do anything to keep that love safe and alive.


Azrael Morningstar

Son of Lucifer and Holly Morningstar


Eyes: baby blue to diamond

Skin: lightly tanned

Build: Athletic, think waterpolo player’s body

Hair: deep black

Scent: Vanilla orchids, wings smell warm and spicy with a hint of fresh air

Azrael is the first and only son of Lucifer and Holly, the Holy Spirit. He is the Angel of Death and the Lord of Shehaquim, the Third Heaven. He had black wings, an elegant nose, lips a little on the thin side but soft, a firm jaw, sharp cheekbones, and his name in angelic script embedded into his left cheek. His eyes are usually a very pale blue but they change to a sparkling diamond when he’s using his magic. His script also glows during magic usage.

As the Angel of Death, he’s responsible for claiming souls after they die. He takes them to their appropriate afterlives and he comforts those left behind. During moments of fury or when he is punishing evil, he changes into a Death visage. His skin becomes translucent and his skull shows  bright white. His eyes darken to a midnight sky with stars instead of irises and his cries acid tears. His wings come together above him, forming a hood. He has the ability to become like a spirit and walk unseen and incorporeal, through walls etc. He can also extend this ability to those with him.

He has a loving family and was raised in a happy environment despite the fact that it was Hell. Some of his best friends are demons and because he spent his formative years around them, he has a different perspective on beauty. In fact he finds Vervain to be most irresistible when she is in her half-dragon form which is most reminiscent of a demon.

Azrael became a bit of a loner despite his upbringing. He was given a lot of responsibility at a young age and due to the amount of time he spent around humans, he began to form an appreciation for them and their art. He deeply loves all forms of creative expression but especially the visual arts. He collects paintings and sculptures from all over the world.

Despite his involvement in human art, Azrael never emerged himself in human society. He lived most of his life around humans, getting to know them intimately without allowing himself to be known. An outsider, always watching, Azrael first truly experienced intimacy when he carried Vervain’s soul to the Viking Well of Souls. He touched Vervain’s (at the time Sabine) soul and formed a connection with her that carried over into her rebirth.

Vervain’s skill as an artist is partially due to Azrael’s touch though Vervain isn’t aware of that yet. Azrael inspired her to paint and look for beauty even before she was born. When they found each other again, Vervain brought Azrael out of his self-imposed solitude and taught him how to experience the human world as a human.

As Lord of Shehaquim, Azrael guards not only the Garden of Eden with its holy rivers and trees of Life and Knowledge but also one of the entrances to Hell. There is also a place of torture within his territory that he does not approve of but puts up with for the sake of his fellow angels. In this place evil humans are tortured and a sort of angelic sacrifice is made. It’s a loophole, a way the angels discovered that could be exploited to gain power. However, it’s also a way that angels can remove evil humans from the world and keep others safe.

As the child whose birth cause the Great War in Heaven, Azrael has learned to live with a lot of scorn from other angels. He’s the son of Satan but not a demon since he had no part in the war and didn’t choose a side. Instead, the magic made him an instrument of Death but even that magic was unable to remain untouched by Azrael’s basic nature. So Death was given another aspect; Mercy. This is a great testament to Azrael’s personality. He may be Death but he is not apathetic. He is the compassionate death, the reward or the punishment that awaits us. Personally, I hope I’m good enough to get the reward but just looking at him makes me think bad thoughts.


King Arach of Fire

Type of fey: dragon-sidhe

Hair: blood red

Eyes: dragon yellow

Height: 6’1″

Build: Sleekly muscled

Skin: pale

Scent: Embers and sharp musk

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read past A Taste For Blood, go no further.

Arach is a very sharp looking man and I don’t mean that he dresses well. The features of his face are angled in dramatic line and his teeth could tear an enemy to shreds. He becomes even more dangerous looking when he’s upset or aroused and the red scales at his temples start to stray down the sides of his face.

King Arach was the last of his kind until he met Vervain. He spent thousands of years ruling his kingdom alone but now Vervain has given him and his people new hope. Because of her importance to his race and his people, Arach acted rashly upon first meeting Vervain and he has always regretted that this was the way they began their relationship.

He is a vicious man, prone to violence and possessiveness, but Vervain tempers that heat and brings him calm. For this, she is his A Thaisce, his treasure; the greatest title a dragon can give to another. In her he finds not only a mate but peace, life, and a ferocity to match his own.

He was born to the last reigning Fire monarchs but witnessed his parent’s death during the dragon wars which killed most of his people. His chatelaine, Lady Isleen, raised him and became a mother figure to him. No one will ever replace his mother for him, his memories of her are guarded as if they were gold, but Isleen holds a place in his heart very close to that of his mother and although he would never admit the weakness, he would do anything for the leanan-sidhe who raised him. It was Isleen who helped hold the kingdom together until he was old enough to lead on his own.

When Arach turned sixteen, he took leadership of the Host, also known as The Wild Hunt of Faerie. He was restricted to the Faerie Realm as this was after the High King had closed the tracing points to Earth. But still, there was no shortage of criminals to pursue through the fey nights and Arach grew more and more bloodthirsty.

By the time Vervain met him, he was a beast of a man, ignorant even of the love he bore his own people. It was only through her guidance that he was able to let go of the anger over his parent’s deaths and regain the love he needed to be a true king. Now that the hatred is gone, Arach is truly coming into himself and growing into a king worthy of both fear and respect.

But as much as Vervain has calmed him and brought love back into his life, the dragon will never be tamed.

The Sun God, Re

Hair: brown to blonde

Eyes: gold

Skin: tanned dusted with gold

Build: male ballet dancer

The Egyptian God of the Noon Sun. Re was not only an original Atlantean, he was one of the High Twenty (the twenty men and women who governed Atlantis). He was partially responsible for the fall of the continent and carries a great guilt with him because of it. He was married to Lusaset, who died during the escape from Atlantis, and father to the twins; Sekhmet and Bastet, and Shu. He is grandfather to Maahes, Nefertem, and Nut. He is great grandfather to Isis and her twin sister Nepthys, and great great grandfather to Horus and Anubis.

After the fall of Atlantis, Re took his family into Egypt and established them as gods. Mourning his wife, he gave up on love and instead embraced pleasure fully. He tends to be arrogant which is made all the worse because his arrogance is justifiable. Re could easily be voted the sexiest god alive and Vervain even gave him the title of God of the Chippendales when she first met him.

Despite his arrogance and sluttish behavior, Re has a huge heart and a deep need to be loved for himself and not his appearance.  His unfaltering loyalty has kept his heart true to his dead wife but once Re finds a way to let Lusaset go, he has the potential to love with every piece of himself. Beneath the seducer is the romantic, a softer man who is just yearning to come out.

Lucifer Morningstar

Height: 6’3″

Build: slim and muscular

Eyes: diamond

Wings: diamond

Skin: fair

Lucifer Morningstar has many names: Devil, Satan, Beelzebub… it goes on and on. He was once called Lucifer Phosphorus the Morning Star, but that was before he met Holly and Jehovah, and became a part of the Christian pantheon.  Of course, back then it wasn’t called Christian. First there was Islam, then Judaism, then Catholicism, and finally Christianity became a part of the group. Yes, group. Jehovah rules all of these pantheons, and Lucifer was included and loved within them. Until Holly that is.

Holly was with Jehovah, but had an affair with Lucifer. The product of that affair was Azrael, the Angel of Death. Enraged by the betrayal of his wife and best friend, Jehovah started a war in Heaven. Lucifer, hurt by seeing so many of his friends dying for him, ended the war and retreated to Hell, taking on the mantle of “Betrayer”. Holly, as part of the truce, agreed to give Jehovah a son, and gave birth to Jesus.

What Jehovah didn’t realize was that he’d handed Lucifer most of the power in their pantheon. Lucifer’s fame spread as the root of all evil, and he was recognized by humans who were outside of his pantheon. Far more people believe in the Devil than they do God, and Satan gets blamed for more murders than anyone. “The Devil made me do it.” These killings, attributed to him, counted as sacrifice, and each death made Lucifer stronger. Now he rules in Hell with more power than Jehovah (Jerry) has in Heaven.

These days Lucifer prefers to be called Luke. He enjoys gourmet cooking, decorating his home, and playing video games. He views foul language as offensive, and strives to keep his words as clean as his home. Ironically, Lucifer Morningstar is a good man, and an even better father.


Morpheus, Greek God of Dreams, Oneiroi

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: Blue mist

Build: muscled and trim

Skin: fair

Black wings sprinkled with stars.

Morpheus lived in the Cave of Dreams with his two brothers- Phobetor and Phantasus. They were the Oneiroi, the Greek Gods of Dreams, and they had power over the Dream Realm. They could feed off a human’s energy through their dreams, making them among the only gods who didn’t require a human to sacrifice to them.

Subjected by Zeus and his parents- Hynos and Pasithea, Morpheus became embittered and jaded. Being forced to kill, and to do so often, took it’s toll on Morph. He learned to enjoy what he had to do. So it was all the more shocking when he met the Godhunter, and found a new way of living. Morpheus has transformed himself from a hard-edged man to a boyish god with the hope for a better life. His trials are far from over, but his willingness to adjust himself to fit the world he wants to be a part of, makes Morpheus into a resilient and adorable character. I have high hopes for him, and I’m looking forward to finding the woman who will catch his dreamy heart.


Ull, Norse God of Justice, Oaths, and Archery

Hair: Dirty blonde

Eyes: Blue

Skin: golden pale

Build: muscular and tall

Owns Orvandil Law

Ull is carefree on the surface. He lives every moment to the fullest, with a smile plastered on his face. But there’s more to Ull than that. His smiles hide wounds from a traumatic past. His mother, Sif, divorced his father, Orvandil, when he was very young. Despite the divorce, Orvandil kept visiting Ull, teaching Ull how to shoot (bow and arrow) and how to be an honorable man. But Sif was bitter over the split and drove Orvandil away every time, until he finally stopped coming to see his son. Once Orvandil stopped coming around, Sif made sure that Ull would never have contact with his father. Then Sif married Thor, and Ull found a new father.

Thor and Ull bonded quickly and so thoroughly that their relationship survived Sif’s second divorce. Sif couldn’t stop Thor from seeing his adopted son, because Ull was well into his adulthood when the divorce took place. Sif was further embittered by this divorce and her son’s continued affection for his step-father. She joined the opposite side of the God War to force Ull into a decision between her and Thor. Ull chose Thor and Sif never forgave him for that.

Then Vervain killed SIf.

Ull had to deal with the grief of his mother’s death as well as guilt over their estrangement, and anger at Sif for several traumas in his past. Including the loss of Orvandil, whom he’s never been able to locate.

Despite all this, Ull remains hopeful. He continues to search for his birth father, while treasuring the relationship he has with his step-father and his half-sister Thrud (Thor and Sif’s daughter). He’s become a bit of a playboy, but in such a way that women adore him despite his lack of commitment. Still, Ull longs to find that one woman who he can be happy with, and be true to for the rest of his very long life.

Mr. T and Mrs. E

Tsohanoai, Navajo God of the Sun

Pronunciation: So-ha-no-ah-yee

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Dark brown to black

Skin: Golden Brown

Build: muscular

Estsanatlehi, Navajo Goddess of Change

Pronunciation: Es-tan-AHT-loo-hee

Hair: Black

Skin: Deep tan

Eyes: Brown

Tsohaonai and his wife, Estsanatlehi, called affectionately Mr. T and Mrs. E by Vervain, are Navajo gods. They are not original Atlanteans, and so have not known the members of the God Squad as long as some of the others. They were drawn in by Thor, after seeing their people abused by their own gods. The couple has two sons, twins, Nayenezgani and Tobatzistsini.  Toby is a peaceful man, but Naye often gives in to his war magic, and uses it to manipulate humans. He’s one of the reasons, Mr. T and Mrs. E joined the Squad.

They are the solid foundation of strength and peace within the Squad, gods who can always be relied upon to lend their aid or their advice when needed. When insanity arises, either Mr. T or his Mrs. will be the one who steers the others back into calmer waters.

Estsanatlehi is known also as the “Self-Renewing One” and “She Who Changes”. Her myths speak of her changing with the seasons, going from young to old and back again like Father Time, but in reality, Mrs. E’s visage remains the same, as steady as her loyalty. Her change magic comes through in other ways, allowing her to adjust to any situation, and alter that which does not suit her.

Tsohanoai is just as calm as his wife, but don’t let that fool you. He may be slow to anger, but once there, Mr. T’s rage can become an inferno. He is the God of the Sun, and the fire of that star is available to him through his magic. If his golden-brown skin begins to glow, it’s probably a good idea to run.

But on the whole, both Mr. T and Mrs. E are generous, loving parents as well as kind gods. They look after their people almost as well as they look after their own children, guiding the Navajo as surely today as they did hundreds of years ago. They never abandoned the Navajo, not even when their worship waned.  Godhood is both an honor and a responsibility to Tsohanoai and Estsanatlehi, and they intend to uphold their end of the arrangement forever.


Horus, Egyptian God of the Sun, Moon, War, Protection, and Hunting

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown with silver striations in the left eye and gold in the right

Build: Slim but athletic

Skin: light gold like falcon feathers

Horus is one of the original gods who escaped Atlantis during its fall. He was saved by Odin, but his sisters, his great great grandmother, and his lover were all killed. The loss of so many integral women affected Horus deeply, and he retreated into a cold shell which only his closest friends had the courage to break through. Slowly he’s emerged from that shell, showing us his true nature, that of a man with a deep sense of honor, loyalty, and love. His scathing wit is never truly malicious, and his actions prove this time and again.

He is the son of Osiris and Isis, and the great great grandson of Re. For reference, he traces his lineage to Re, back through his mother Isis-daughter of Nut-daughter of Shu-son of Re and Lusaset. Isis is twin sister to Nepthys, who is married  to Set, and is the mother of Anubis and Ma’at.

In the human world, he is an antiques dealer. Horus loves all the finer things, but he has a special interest in preserving history. Perhaps because he lost so much of his own when Atlantis was destroyed. His closest friend is Pan. On the surface their relationship may appear hostile, but, like Horus’ wit, it is an act, a way of Horus connecting with someone without the risk of showing his true affection. With women, Horus is especially standoffish. His prickly exterior makes it difficult for him to find love. But I have a sneaking suspicion that love will find him in the end.



Brahma Kanja

Hindu God of Knowledge, Creation, Speech, and Sound

Hair: black

Eyes: brown

Build: athletic

Brahma is a bit of a playboy. He loves women. Nearly as much as he loves his wife, Sarasvati. Their marriage is a bit baffling on the surface. Brahma is known to be unfaithful, and Sara very jealous, a combination which should result in tension at the very least. But the couple is extremely happy, and their constant bickering is more along the lines of affectionate teasing than true annoyance. But then, they’ve been together for so long, they know each other completely, and have accepted each others faults, learning to instead focus on their numerous charms.

Brahma owns a car dealership called Golden Swan Exotics, to support his love of designer clothing and fine food. He could probably just create such things in the God Realm, but he prefers to have things made for him by humans. It makes him feel worshiped and adored. And being adored is a weakness for Brahma.

As a creator god, Brahma was fortunate enough to receive vast amounts of sacrificial energy from his followers, enough to sustain him indefinitely. But even if he didn’t have such a stockpile to rely on, Brahma could never go the route of the gods who’ve chosen to manipulate humans into sacrifice. He simply loves his people too much. He has always been a hands-on type of deity, and not just in the way you think (get your minds out of the gutter). He enjoys to go out among his people and help them, in exchange for their loyalty and love. Godhood is a responsibility and a partnership to Brahma.

Slowly, we’re seeing this caring side of him emerge past the layers of the suave playboy. Brahma can trick you into thinking he’s shallow and flippant, but there’s a powerful god beneath all of that. A god who cares very deeply. But then, he wouldn’t be on the God Squad if he didn’t.


Hades, Lord of the Underworld

Greek God of the Dead

Height: 6′

Build: Average

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: clear brown with the fires of Hell behind them

Skin: lightly tanned

Nicknames: Hot Stuff and Sizzle Butt

Hades looks like your average hot guy, until he removes his sunglasses. Then you get a glimpse of the territory Hades rules. Normally, he keeps his shades on, so as not to scare everyone he meets. His clean-cut looks and boyish smile are the perfect cover for the ruler of the Greek Underworld. But also, a perfect representation of the man he is, when he’s with his wife, Persephone. Without her, the God of the Dead emerges.

Hades’ life before Persephone was grim, to say the least. He was a bit of a playboy, flitting from seductive goddess to slutty demoness with the bored distraction of a sultan. No one could satisfy the God of the Underworld. He was a workaholic, a womanizer, and, if truth be told, a psychopath. He enjoyed the darker aspects of his position very much.

Then he took a jaunt upstairs and saw a young goddess arguing with her mother.

From the glimpse we get of Persephone early on in the Godhunter Series, we’re led to believe that she was a bit of a pushover, always giving in to her mother’s demands. But that’s not true at all. She wouldn’t have been able to overcome her submissive ways so quickly and so completely, if she hadn’t had the soul of a fighter to begin with.

When Hades first saw his wife, she was arguing with Demeter over the placement of an orchard. Her cheeks were flushed with anger, her foot stamping like a child’s, but there was the first blush of womanhood upon her, and a strength that her mother was determined to stamp out. She lost the argument, but after Demeter smugly left, Persephone raised that orchard exactly where she wanted it.

Hades was intrigued.

All his life, he’d been attracted to overtly sexual women. Love goddesses, sirens, and fertility spirits. Now here was this girl-woman with lips made for kissing, and an innocence that suggested she’d never even thought about sex before. Hades stepped out of the shadows, into Persephone’s light, and was changed forever.

Now he’d be lost without his wife. She’s the only thing between him and insanity. The only one keeping the stretch of eternity in Hell from becoming a nightmare. Under her loving hands, Hades gentled into the man he is now. He let go of the dark desires that drove him, exchanging them for the sweeter indulgence of his wife. He works less and loves more. But that doesn’t mean he’s harmless.

The fires of Hell still rage behind his glassy irises, and those who dare to challenge the Lord of the Underworld will discover how hot those flames burn.


Roarke, King of the Fire Cat-Sidhe

Hair: black

Eyes: Fire

Build: slim

Roarke was born, as all fire cat-sidhe are (with the exception of his son, Hunter), as a cat-sidhe. He was a playboy prince in the Earth Kingdom. A source of irritation and entertainment to his family, and a source of endless pleasure to his multiple females. He was a philanderer and a bored royal for most of his life. Then he met Vervain, and found something more interesting to do with his time.

The Godhunter attracted Roarke, as most women do, but when the initial desire wore off, Roarke found himself admiring Vervain. Admiration was something the rascal cat-sidhe rarely felt. So he pursued a friendship with Vervain that would eventually lead to a terrible choice; his family or his new friend. In most instances, the Catsidhe Prince would have chosen family. But his father was asking him to not only betray Vervain but his own morals. Twisted as they may be, Roarke does indeed have morals. So he denied his father and got disowned.

He acted as if it weren’t a big deal, but being kicked out of the cat-sidhe tribe and basically out of his kingdom, hurt Roarke deeply. Faerie saw this wound and wanted to reward Roarke’s loyalty by giving him a new kingdom and a new family. He was made into the very first fire cat-sidhe, his very element transmuted into another. Word of his transformation spread and soon more cat-sidhe were defecting to Fire, asking Faerie to change their elements as well.

Anna, a cat-sidhe whom Roarke was especially fond of, was not one of those defectors…. at first. But upon giving birth to their son, Hunter, she changed her mind. Hunter was born a fire cat-sidhe, and Anna became one as well, for the sake of her son. Roarke, who had previously been given no responsibilities and no reason to mature, now had two; a son and the woman he was growing to love.

Anna didn’t make things easy for the ex-playboy, and that was wise of her. Roarke needed the chase, but above all, he needed a woman to show him that he wasn’t as charming as he believed himself to be. Anna laid the love smackdown on Roarke and the Fire Cat King has never been the same. Now they rule their small but loyal court, and raise their son together. They haven’t married yet, but I have faith that someday soon Anna will say yes.



Torrent, God of the Internet

Hair: platinum blonde

Eyes: lime green

Skin: porcelain

Torrent was the creation of a god, so technically, he’s a demi-god, but due to the way he was made and what he was made from, he’s considered a full fledged god. He is half god energy and half Internet energy, a being who, so far, is one of a kind. No one knows how Iktomi made Torrent, and since Iktomi is now dead, it’s doubtful we’ll ever discover his secret. What we do know is that Iktomi worked some serious magic to bring Torrent into existence, and the god magic combined with the Internet (a human made realm) gave Torr control over the Internet. He can manipulate energies and ride Internet waves with ease. He can surf the Web with his mind and access information in moments. He can even use the Internet to travel. On top of all his Internet abilities, he has the unique god magic of Unmaking. He can unmake any magic as easily as he separates binary code.

Torrent was very child-like at first but has slowly matured into a dependable man. His sweet, perfect looks have matured a little with him and his poreless porcelain skin has become more real looking, less doll-like. His eyes, once as clear as glass, now have striations within their irises, and his hair is taking on more blonde depths. He takes pride in his more natural looks and also in his assimilation into society. He has a long way to go, but I believe Torrent is going to make the ride worthwhile. I can’t wait to see the god Torrent will become.



Finn MacLir

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Height: 6’2″

Build: Athletic

Fiachra was born to an Irish king named Lir, one of the few Atlanteans who hadn’t set himself up to be a god, and a human woman named Aoibh. After Aoibh died, Lir had an affair with a faerie named Aoife (the Celts were very close to the Fey) and that faerie became jealous of his affections for his children. She cast a spell upon Finn and his three siblings; his twin brother Conn, his brother Aodh, and his sister Fionnuala, turning the children into black swans. They stayed in swan form for many years until their Atlantean magic and human belief helped to change the spell into something a little different. Finn and his siblings became swan-shifters.

Due to the unusual circumstances of his immortality, Finn, his siblings, and their father have a sort of undefined god status. They are mythical beings who share a lot of similarities withthe gods, the biggest being their race, but they have very little god magic and must rely upon the basic spells most Atlanteans know, as well as their enhanced physical prowess to survive. As Finn has often lamented, shifting into a swan doesn’t really come in handy during a battle. Though he and his siblings did a bang up job when they killed Aoife in swan form.

To compensate for his lack of special powers, Finn has spent his life training and enhancing those physical talents he was born with. He’s an expert swordsman and boxer but he also knows when to throw out the rules and fight dirty. He’s had to rely on every trick in the book to survive in the god world. Not that he’s completely without magic. Finn can handle the basic god spells such as invisibility and when he applies himself, he can work Atlantean magic with ease. He handles himself just fine in combat and there’s not a single member on the Squad who would find him lacking.

For awhile there Finn had a crush on Vervain but this was due largely to the kinship they shared being the only two in the God Squad who weren’t fully gods. Now that Vervain has grown more powerful, Finn has found his affection waning. Plus there’s her whole romantic situation to dissuade him. Let’s just say he’s not pining away for her. No, Finn is in search of a woman to love who won’t make him feel insecure about his magic. It may sound petty but magic is a sore subject for Finn and the last thing he wants is to feel inferior to his wife. I have hopes that he’ll find the perfect woman someday but until then, Finn will just have to settle for powerful goddesses.



Anubis; Egyptian God of the Dead

Born to the Egyptian Gods Set and Nephthys, Anubis is the great grandson of the Sun God, Re and brother to the Goddess Ma’at. He is God of the Dead and Mummification as well as Lord of the Jackals. He commands a pack of werejackals whose first form is their animal and so are more wild than human. Any killed by himself or his jackals can be brought back by Anubis and reanimated to use as he commands. He rules Duat, a territory within the Egyptian Underworld and a sort of gateway to afterlife for those who worship the Egyptian gods. Duat is a haven in the center of a malevolent region; lakes of fire, dark caverns, evil spirits, and giant serpents surround it. In the Hall of Two Truths, he judges souls with the help of his sister and her feather of truth. They weight the hearts of humans and if the soul is worthy, he allows it to pass into Aaru and make the journey to its afterlife.

This responsibility became a heavy weight upon Anubis and over the years he became cold and cruel. His arrogance and pain blinded him to mercy or love and it was only through his interaction with Vervain that he learned to live again. He is the dirty secret of Vervain’s past whom no one wants to speak of, least of all her. Yet he will forever haunt her with memories of both pleasure and pain. Anubis stands on that shaky middle ground with Vervain; not an enemy anymore but not exactly a close friend either. He’s come through a transformation and proven himself to be a new man but his past actions were so horrible that she can never truly forgive him. For Anubis, Vervain is his biggest regret and biggest blessing. He hates himself for what he did to her and yet rejoices that it brought life and the possibility of love back into his life.

Now the God of Duat waits for his Goddess, promised to him by the Godhunter herself.



Teharon, Mohawk God of Healing

Hair: long and dark brown

Eyes: turquoise

Skin: deep golden brown

Build: slim and muscular

Teharon, the creator god of the Mohawk Indians is also called “He who holds Heaven in his hands”. He is a gentle man, a man of peace, but he has a deep reserve of strength within him. He loves strongly and his family is very important to him. Losing his twin Tawiskaron was a heavy blow for him but he also gained a father and grandparents in the process. So the wound is bittersweet.

His hip-length hair is always adorned by a single braid, bound with a red tipped white feather on its end. He wears it so to show that he is not a fighter but a healer. He is the son of Atahensic, the Moon Goddess and Nayenezgani, the Navajo God of War. Naye and his twin Toby are Mr T and Mrs E’s sons, making the God Squad couple who he has worked with for years, his grandparents. Teharon never knew his mother, she died at his birth, but through the memories which Vervain held, he has recently had a chance to change that. He will always be deeply grateful to Vervain for giving him a glimpse of his mother.

His father has a temperament in direct opposition to his but Teharon is still making every effort to get to know his long lost parent. Honestly though, he enjoys the time he spends with his uncle Tobatzistsini (Toby) much more than that with his father. Simply because Toby’s personality is much closer to Teharon’s; calm, peaceful, and gentle.

He has always been the healer of the God Squad but has recently begun to fight for them as well. War is difficult for the “Good God” but Teharon has felt restless waiting behind while his friends risk themselves for the cause.

As much as his family and friends fill his life with love and laughter, Teharon’s greatest joy is his girlfriend Karni Mata, the Hindu Rat Goddess. They are kindred spirits in a lot of ways and support each other with gentle strength. She has become the greatest love of his life, much to the surprise of his fellow god squaders. But love is a funny thing. It can overcome any obstacle, even rats.




Greek Goddess of Spring

Hair: dark brown

Eyes; green

Build: slim

Skin: fair

Persephone has grown a lot since meeting Vervain. Previously, she was under the thumb of her mother, Demeter. She spent her life going back and forth between Demeter’s territory and Hades’, like a child with divorced parents. Her mother treated her like a child and so Persephone kept a very child-like mentality. But beneath that innocence lies a strong-willed woman who just needed a little nudge to emerge.

Persephone loves deeply and true. She has never been with anyone but Hades and wouldn’t have it any other way. Hades was her childhood crush, then her lover, and finally her husband. As much as she may appreciate the beauty of other men, there is no man alive who could compete with Hades in her eyes.

Hades made Persephone Queen of the Underworld and even though she has a sweet demeanor, she knows how to rule. Cross Queen Persephone at your own peril. The power to make things grow may not seem like a dangerous magic but it can be, at least the way Sephy uses it.

The only creature who can come close to competing with Hades for Persephone’s affections is Princess, Sephy’s Pomeranian rescue dog. Persephone didn’t choose the dog’s name but she sure took it to heart and Princess rules the Underworld palace as if she truly were Sephy’s daughter.

Between ruling the Underworld, helping the God Squad, and keeping both Hades and Princess happy, Sephy also fits in the time to run a business. Her landscaping company is called Little Western Flower (a reference to Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and it’s rated one of the top landscaping companies in the country (go figure).

Yes, Bunny-Nose likes to keep busy but her most favorite past time is snuggling with her husband. Hades, aka Sizzle-Butt, is one of the hottest gods around. So I can’t really blame her.



Pan; Greek God of Panic and Nature

Hair: curly brown (with horns hidden among the curls)

Eyes: hazel

Skin: lightly tanned

Build: slim but athletic.

Pan is the Greek God of the Wild, Nature, Hunting, Flocks, and Rustic Music. He’s known for his reed pipes and one of his incarnations is the Pied Piper (other incarnations are revealed in My Soul to Take). He’s generally a good-natured guy, always cracking jokes and smiling. He loves women and owns a porn company called Naughty Nymphs (their tag line is: We can satiate any satyr). He is the son of Hermes and a wood nymph named Dryope.

Pan doesn’t have much of a relationship with either of his parents. They’re both kind of flighty people. But they did pass down a carefree attitude to their son. This lack of a strong parental influence inspires an opposite emotion within Pan and he loves children, secretly longing to become a father, though he’s never found the right woman to settle down with.

He’s been friends with Horus since Atlantis and although he seems to have an antagonistic relationship with the Egyptian god, they’re secretly best friends. In fact, Pan has a lot of secrets which shall soon be revealed. There are depths to the laughing god which will surprise you.

Also of note is that Vervain once looked on him with her all-seeing goggles. Under these lenses, Pan’s true visage was revealed, his Atlantean appearance. He is much taller and wider through the shoulders with thick muscles. He has a high and regal brow, a long and proud nose, intense unnatural green eyes, and long straight brown hair.



Name Pronunciation: Weet-seal-oh-POACHED-lee

Hair: Black as Midnight

Eyes: Once blood red and now jade green

Height: 6′ 2′

Build: Slim but muscular

Skin color: Deep chestnut brown

Other NAMES: Blue Hummingbird on the Left,  Uitzilopochtli, Xiuhpilli (“Turquoise Prince”) and Totec (“Our Lord”)

Our first villain-turned-ally in the Godhunter Series, Huitzilopochtli AKA Blue, is a complex character to say the least. To truly understand him, you need to know his history. He was the first born son of his parents, and his father’s first born child off of the continent of Atlantis. His father had several other sons who came with him from Atlantis but none of them shared Huitzilopochtli’s mother. His only full sibling was Coyolxauhqui, his beloved sister.

Blue’s brothers were jealous that their father had chosen Blue as his heir and so they attacked Blue’s home and killed his parents and sister. Unknown to them, Blue’s father had already passed on his sun magic to Blue and so Blue’s brothers got nothing from the patricide. Blue found vengeance by killing all of his brothers and casting their bodies into the sky. He buried his sister’s body on the Moon and so the Aztecs have always considered her to be a Moon Goddess. The priests that stood by him during the battle against his brothers, were rewarded with part of the energy Blue took from his brothers, giving them prolonged life. After Blue changed Eztli into a vampire, his priests asked to be changed as well so they wouldn’t have to keep relying on a flow of magic from Blue to sustain them. Ironically, they were simply exchanging one form of magic for another and Blue’s power still sustains them.

The trauma of his family’s murder wounded Blue for many years and tinted his eyes red. It was a reaction of his blood magic to the burning anger that remained in his heart, unquenchable even after he killed all of his brothers. Shortly after that, Blue accidentally  almost killed his lover, Eztli, and in trying to save her, he turned her into the very first vampire. She fled from him, hating him for turning her into a monster, and this betrayal further wounded Blue. This anger and resentment restricted his nahual (an inner power animal) from helping him. Vervain discovered her own nahual and used it to free Blue’s in Of Gods and Wolves. Once Blue’s nahual was free, it was able to help him overcome his grief and anger. His eyes then returned to their original green color.

The myths Blue was based on have attributed a lot to his character. In the books, Blue claims to have led his people to the site where they built Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital. This is true to the myths which state that he led the Aztecs from their original home of Aztlan to the Valley of Mexico where he told them to look for an eagle poised on a cactus devouring a snake. This was where they should build and they did. That eagle image is still depicted on the Mexican flag.

In Nahuatl (the Aztec language), Blue’s name really does mean Blue Hummingbird on the Left. As explained in the books, this is because the sun rises from the left and the hummingbird is said to carry it but it is also because the Aztecs believed that hummingbirds were reincarnated warriors. In fact, Blue’s mother was said to have conceived him after wearing a ball of hummingbird feathers at her bosom. In the books, I give Blue a hummingbird for his nahual but in the myths, his animal form was an eagle. I just thought the hummingbird was more appropriate due to both his name and the fact that he is often depicted as a hummingbird or a warrior wearing a helmet adorned with hummingbird feathers.

The myths do describe him as a god of the Sun and War and they do claim that during battle he became so inflamed that the only way to quench his heat was by drenching him in blood. This was my inspiration for making him into the vampire god.  I thought the blood and the sun magic was just too perfect and seemed to explain so many vampire issues. Where I differed from the myths most was in the story of his family’s murder. The myths say that his brothers and his sister turned on him and of course, the reasons I give are purely fictional.

Huitzilopochtli was probably the most important god to the Aztecs. They even referred to themselves as “the people of the Sun” and they believed it was their duty to provide their god with daily sacrifices of human blood and hearts. This was thought to nourish Huitzilopochtli.  The last thing I think worth mentioning was Huitzilopochtli’s weapon; a fire serpent called Xiuhcoatl (pronounced zi-o-co-AH-tal). You’ll get to see Blue wield it in the book Out of the Blue, the second book in the Godhunter spin-off series; Beyond the Godhunter.


The Places

The Realms

The Godhunter World

The Godhunter world  is your world except there’s a little more to it. Your world, Earth,  is referred to by gods and faeries as the Human Realm. You know all about this place so I won’t go into it

The God Realm

Gods live in a realm layered magically over the Human Realm. This world is the same size as Earth and their Universe is the same as ours. Think of it as another dimension.
The God Realm is separated into territories. Each territory is ruled by one god. Within these territories, gods can provide afterlives for human souls. They can also use their magic to transform their territories into whatever landscape they wish. Not only that, they can transform items in their territories into other items; animals, trees, buildings, even clothing. Each territory is protected by a ward which its ruling god sets. No other god can step into a god territory without knowing the chant to get past these wards.

The Void

The Void is the place where souls are born and the place where they were meant to go upon the death of their physical body. It is the original afterlife for both gods and humans and can be reached through the Aether. Most humans go to the afterlife provided for them by gods they’ve bonded to through sacrifice. But if a god or human were to die without a god bond, they would go here and eventually be reborn.

The Inter Realm

The Inter Realm is the only human created realm. It was formed purely by accident, through the extreme amounts of energy humans began infusing it with. It is a realm of pure information and can be traveled if you know the technique. It was traveled first by imps, also known as gremlins, faeries from the Fire Kingdom.

The Dream Realm

A realm of sleeping consciousness. This is the place your soul travels to when you sleep. It is a realm of pure potential that can be altered with every thought. Faeries helped to create this realm, as they did the God Realm, and so they have the most power here but there are also dream gods who hold the power of changing the dreams of humans.

The Faerie Realm

Faerie exists in a pocket of space. It’s not a full world like Earth or laid over one like the God Realm. It simply exists within a womb of dark matter and so it can expand. Originally, there were four kingdoms, one for each element, ruled by the House of Spirit. But then the dark fey were made and Faerie created a fifth kingdom for them to live within. This fifth kingdom is much thinner than the other four but it encompasses the entire realm. Beyond it lies only dark matter and the potential for more land.

For our tour of Faerie we shall begin with its heart; the Castle of Eight. The castle is made from eight massive trees, thus the name. Seven trees form walls and living quarters around a courtyard and then a central tree where the high royals and their closest court live. Around the castle grows the Forgetful Forest, so named for its astounding beauty which has been known to make men wander through it, forgetting all else.

In a circle around the forest lies the Road of Neutrality which links all the kingdoms. This road previously had only one offshoot, the End of the Road, which led from the Castle of Eight to the Great Tree; the largest tree in all of Faerie and the only tracing point in the realm. But with the addition of the Kingdom of Darkness, the road was added to and now there are three more offshoots, one along each mountain range separating the kingdoms. The Mountains of Serenity is the mountain range which forms the borders between the kingdoms and is also the mountains from which Castle Aithinne was built.

Castle Aithinne is the royal abode of the House of Fire and is carved directly out of the mountains. It’s front, facing the Road of Neutrality, is bordered by lava falls and a long magma moat.  Just behind the castle lays the Weeping Woods, named for the steamy environment produced from the cool winds of the Air Kingdom hitting the hot air of Fire. The Fire Kingdom continues back across plains and forests until it reaches a collection of hot springs and then the vast lake named the Tine.

The Tine flows underground at its furthest point and its waters are heated by Fire’s underground lava flows. This hot water fuels the castle and continues on beneath Faerie, all the way across the realm to the Water Kingdom. The warmed water contributes to the currents of the Faerie Ocean that makes up most of the Kingdom of Water. Then the overflow goes through Castle Deuraich and over the edge of the basin of the Kingdom of Water. It becomes a raging waterfall which fills a small lake at the base of the cliff upon which Castle Deuraich perches. This lake also flows underground, returning the Tine’s water to it via another another underground river of cooled water. Thus the water is cycled; warmed and cooled to keep the Sea at the perfect temperature.

Within the Sea of the Kingdom of Water are the twin cities of Water and Under. They are reached via crystal tubes which lead from Castle Deuraich straight into the underground city of Under. There, the lower half of the second water castle stands. The upper half of the castle goes above ground and into the sea, ruling over the city of Water, which sprawls around this upper portion of the castle. At the very end of the Kingdom of Water, a portion of the Mountains of Serenity becomes a volcano. This volcano is fed by the Kingdom of Fire’s vast lava flows and the magma cycle back to it, just like the water of the Tine. Thus are all the original kingdoms connected by their elements; fire and water flowing through earth and air to balance the realm.

Between Water and Fire lies the Kingdom of Air. Air is a kingdom of dangerous mists which open into the dark matter surrounding Faerie. If you were to fall into the mists without the ability to fly, you would continue to fall into dark matter forever. Within the mists float islands connected by immense chains. If you can’t fly, you can reach the islands using the leriewoag coach, which will take you directly up to the main island. On the main island stands the Castle Blathaich, home of the House of Air.  Floating plants and flying fey creatures live here with the air fey.

Across from Air, between Water and Fire’s other borders, is the Kingdom of Earth. Earth holds many jungles and rock formations, including the Crystal Valley; a wide valley with a solid quartz floor surrounded by towering crystal formations of every type of gem. Nearby lies a mountain which rises above the underground Castle Crith Fuinn. Here lives the House of Earth.

The final and newest kingdom is the Kingdom of Darkness, surrounding the entire realm. The home of the royals of Darkness is Castle Tempest, built close to the border between Fire and Air. The location was chosen due to the proximity to Fire and Queen Vervain, who helped to create the dark fey. The Kingdom of Darkness is still forming its unique features.

And there you have it, the symbiotic, elemental realm of the faeries.


The Greek Underworld

The Greek underworld is a shared god territory similar to the Norse Nine Worlds in that several gods live within it without magical boundaries separating them. It is surrounded by Oceanus and past the Blessed Isles lies Olympus. But as if Oceanus is not enough of a border, the Styx river circles the Underworld six times.

From bottom to top, the Underworld is as follows: first you pass the Styx, also known as the River of Hate. This is the mythical boundary between Earth and the Underworld. It was believed that the waters could make you invulnerable and is the famous river which Achilles was dipped in by his heel.

Once you get past the six banks of Styx, you reach the true land of the Underworld. The first thing you’ll see are the Groves of Persephone. These are willow and poplar trees. Within them is a triangular white rock called Leuca. To the right of Leuca the groves continue on but they are bisected by the streams of Okeanos. Past the groves are the Gates of the Sun; arching, white, stone, Greek gates which lead to the territory of Nyx and her children.

In Nyx’s land you’ll find her children; centaurs, gorgons, hydras, harpies, and chimera. To the left of this land is the river Lethe. Lethe is also called Ameles Potamos and is the River of Unmindfulness. All who drank from it would experience complete forgetfulness. On the other side of the Lethe is the Land of Dreams which is in perpetual night. There you will find the cave of Hypnos and then further in, the cave of the Oneiroi, where Morpheus and his brothers lived. On the edge of the Land of Dreams, on the banks of the Acheron river,  grows an elm tree. False dreams cling to the bottom of its leaves.

The Acheron is the River of Woe but that is a misleading title. It is where the dead souls are taken to their afterlives by the ferryman, Charon. It is a place of healing, not punishment, though if you cannot pay the ferryman’s price, or if your body was left unburried, you’ll have to wander the river banks for a hundred years. Two other rivers within the Underworld flow into the Acheron; the Cocytus and the Phlegethon. The river itself is fed by the Acherusian Lake.

Beyond the Acheron lies the Asphodel Fields. This is where the ordinary of indifferent souls go.  Those who have committed no serious crimes but who also did not achieve greatness. Past this meadow is the Vale of Mourning. Here the souls of people consumed with unhappy or unrequited love must mourn for eternity. Just past the vale is the Cocytus river.

The Cocytus is the River of Wailing and it flows down into Tartarus. Tartarus is beneath the Greek Underworld; the Under-Underworld, if you will. Down there, souls are punished. These are souls who created havoc in life or committed crimes against the gods. Hades passes judgement and makes sure the punishments fit the crimes.

Also leading into Tartarus, and running along its far bank, is the Dividing Road. On this road, souls are judged by three kings; Aeacus, Rhadamanthys, and Minos. The entrance to Tartarus is guarded by Tisiphone, a scary woman who likes to shake snakes at people.

But the road also leads up to Hades’ palace, which is surrounded by a massive stone wall. Within those walls are beautiful gardens and unusual creatures, everything that Hades and Persephone loves.

To the right of the palace are the Elysian Fields. This is where the distinguished souls; heroes and those favored by the gods, get to go. However, if you are worthy of the Fields, you’re offered a choice. You can remain there or you can reincarnate two more times and if you achieve the Elysian Fields each time, you can move to the Isle of the Blessed.

Past the Elysian Fields is a beach. A bridge goes from the beach, across the six Styx rivers, and over to another beach. There lies Oceanus and a few miles off shore is the Isle of the Blessed. On these islands the lucky few who have achieved greatness three times, can spend eternity in a blissful paradise.

Phew, I know it’s a lot and I haven’t even covered Tartarus in depth (down there is the entrance to Titan Territory) but I hope it’s helped you get a greater grasp on the Greek Underworld.


Castle Aithinne

Castle Aithinne has been the home of the royals of the Fire Kingdom since its first creation shortly after the birth of the fire fey. Its rooms and towers were magically pulled from the Mountains of Serenity which border the kingdoms of Faerie. Although it flows seamlessly into the mountainside, it only takes up a small portion of the range and is bordered by a lava flow on each side. These flows drop down into a magma moat which guards the entrance to the castle.

The front of the castle is carved with pictures of fire fey and creatures. At night, the light from the flows and the moats light up the carvings and make them appear to come to life. At the center bottom of the castle, both at front and back, are the main entrances. The entrance which faces the Forgetful Forest is protected by a drawbridge and the moat. The entrance facing into the Fire Kingdom is open, without a door of any kind.

The monarch of the Fire Kingdom reside in a central tower and have a spectacular view from their window but the royal bedroom isn’t exactly up inside the tower, it’s at the base of it. The tower forms an open coned ceiling above them while the rest of the castle stretches out to either side of them. This whole floor is reserved for the King and Queen of Fire and includes a nursery, an office, sitting rooms, and a library. The Solar is accessed from a set of stairs at the end of one hallway and this room has an amazing view of the lava flow on the right side of the castle.

A central staircase runs up the height of the castle, reaching all levels except for the underground caverns. These caverns are the domain of the Hidden Ones and even though they’ve come out of hiding, they still prefer to live below the castle in the warm lava tubes.

The castle has a dining hall which doubles as a throne room and the kitchens are attached to this. Most of the celebrations are held here although there is an actual ballroom at the other end of the castle. There are numerous chambers within the castle for all of the many fire fey who choose to live at court. These rooms differ by the resident and are generally made to accommodate the fey who reside within them. There is even a pixie village right outside the back of the castle (Fire Kingdom side) where the pixies live.

Not too far from the pixie village are the Weeping Woods, a dripping jungle blooming within the wet steam created along the boundary to the Air Kingdom. All manner of fey creatures live in the woods, including the agile nurials, and the village of Misty Meadows is just outside it.

Back to the castle itself; lights are magically powered but heat, for cooking, bathing etc. is gained from the underground rivers of lava. These rivers not only heat the castle but also provide an environmentally safe disposal system. Chutes are found throughout the castle for sending waste down to the flows where it burns away harmlessly. This also serves as their septic system. Everything is nice and tidy in the Fire Castle


The Aether

“Like surfing through Space.” ~ Vervain Lavine

Once you understand the way the realms are held together by the Aether, you have the foundation for understanding the technique of tracing.  Tracing, like the God Realm, was actually invented by the Fey. Back when Faerie was connected to Earth, the Fey taught tracing to both gods and witches alike. Witches lost the knowledge of how to trace through the centuries but gods have always needed the aetheric travel to get them back and forth between realms.

Witches began to use the Aether only for spellwork. They would project their intentions into the Aether and the magic of that place of pure thought, would help manifest their spell. Vervain is the first witch in hundreds of years to be able to trace, simply because she discovered the knowledge of how to trace within Ku’s spellbook.

At first, Vervain could only trace from one stationary tracing point to another through the use of chants. Stationary tracing points are like portals that have been built into realms to direct entry into specific territories. Once she became a goddess though, Vervain gained the ability to travel anywhere she’d been to before or knew the direct coordinates of. Basically, as long as she could direct the energy of the Aether, it could take her there.

Outside of warded zones like Faerie and the God Realm, tracing has very little restrictions as far as location goes. But within warded areas, tracing can only be done through the tracing point, essentially it’s a magic doorway and wards prevent the formation of more doorways inside a territory. This is why you don’t see gods tracing willy nilly around their homes.



Moonshine was built by Trevor Fenrirson as a legal business that would provide non-assassin jobs to the Froekn (werewolves). Trevor built it as a goodwill gesture towards Vervain, who had expressed distaste in what the Froekn did for a living but the nightclub has become so much more than that. Moonshine caters to the magically inclined customer. This includes gods, demi-gods, shapeshifters, and witches. Faeries weren’t in Trevor’s original plans but I’m sure they’d be welcome in Moonshine after taking the binding oath that all other magic-wielding guests take before being allowed into the club. The purpose for the oath and the diligent supervision through magical surveillance equipment, is to provide a safe place for all these magical patrons to enjoy an evening out.

In appearance, it’s a unique club. Its exterior is that of a warehouse but inside you’ll find a wonderland scene of a forest under moonlight. To the left of the entrance there’s a waterfall streaming over the edge of the second floor. It falls into a stone pool on the first floor. The floor itself is covered with grass; real all the way up to a fake vinyl green dance floor. The warehouse walls are hidden by a plethora of plants and trees rise up from the floor, most are very good reproductions but some smaller real trees are placed with a good amount of real plants. Flat-topped boulders serve as tables and mounds covered in soft faux grass serve as seats. Lanterns hang from the trees, providing a fair amount of soft lighting but there’s also the namesake of the club, a large moon which hangs over the center of the club. It provides not only a fair amount of gentle light but also some magical surveillance to protect the customers.

The second floor is the VIP section and you’re only allowed up there if invited. There are a few reasons for this, the main being that Trevor likes the space reserved for his mate and their friends but there’s also access to the “Family Room” which isn’t a family room at all but a collections of small bedrooms for any vampires that might have stayed out past their bedtimes and require some sanctuary for the day (provided for a fee of course). And, at the end of this hallway of guest rooms, there’s a tracing chamber.

The second floor (reached by a metal staircase to the right of the waterfall) is much like the first, decorated in the outdoor theme, but it also boasts the only normal dining sets in the place. These eating areas are located in a row down the length of one far wall. This stretch of the second floor is narrow and has room only for the tables and a little walkway beside them. At the other end of the narrow section is another large area done in the same way as the loft across from it. Directly below this second balcony, lies the stage in the left corner and the bar towards the right.

The stage has a wooden base and is equipped with all the things a band might need; speakers, amps, microphones, and a drum set. The bands bring their own guitars. Beyond these things the stage is absorbed by the nature theme, with trees and plant life leering in around it. The bar, right beside it, is made of a long length of slate and the bar stools are tree trunks with polished seats that pivot via internal swivels. Behind the bar, is Trevor’s office, though you can’t see it if you aren’t looking for it. To the right of the bar are the restrooms. In front of the stage is the dance floor.

If you were to turn right upon entering instead of left towards the waterfall, you’d find that the wall goes straight for awhile but then ends in a corner. Around this corner is the entrance to the Wild Room. This is the room Trevor created especially for his Froekn family. Its even more of a forest than the club itself, with only natural plants, trees, flowers, and stones. Inside it is an entrance to a running track that circles the club. This track lies in a space between the outer walls and the inner club walls and loops around the entire ground floor, except where the entrance to the club is. At the club entrance, the track rises up to the level of the second floor, going back down to the first in a slope that runs right beneath the pumps that run the waterfall. If you stand beside the stream which feeds the waterfall, you can hear the wolves running.

During the day, the ceiling has remote controlled panels which can be rolled back to allow sunlight into the club to keep the numerous plants healthy and there is a complicated drainage system to deal with any water overflow. All the waitstaff and the bouncers are Froekn, Trevor insists that only family be hired since it was the whole reason for opening the club, but the bands that play in the club have been other types of shapeshifters including the horse-shifters of Dark Horses and the Intare (lion shifters) of Roar. Both bands have become famous among the god community and are helping to keep Moonshine a top nightclub in Hawaii. Among gods, it’s the most popular night spot since the Colosseum and there is seldom a night when there isn’t a line to get in.

Trevor and Vervain own Moonshine as equal partners but the club is really Trevor’s baby and he does most of the managing. However, the day to day managing is taken care of by Trevor’s younger brother Ty. Although most Froekn have given up the life of an assassin, there are still those who prefer to stay in the business. The Froekn have been the assassins of the gods for over a thousand years, it’s a hard habit to break and as far as their god and Trevor’s father, Fenrir, is concerned; killing is an honest living. That doesn’t mean Fenrir isn’t proud of his first-born son. The Wolf God has been supportive of all of Trevor’s choices ever since Vervain kicked his ass… that would be Fenrir’s ass which she kicked, not Trevor’s. Though she did that too.


Pride Palace

Vervain’s territory was inherited from Nyarvirezi, the Lion Goddess. It is the home of almost eighty werelions as well as herself and her men. It has an African inspired landscape surrounded by a border of majestic mountains. The palace itself began as a rambling one story building but Vervain learned how to transform items in her territory and altered the palace into what it now is.

The castle is made of a white stone veined in gold and is guarded by a set of dragons to either side of its entrance; gold on the left and red on the right to symbolize Vervain and Arach’s dragon forms. The drawbridge is always lowered and functions as a sort of veranda with Victorian furniture. At the end of the veranda, behind the dragons, two pillars stand, wrapped round with fire orchids. These fairy/human flowers brought to life by Vervain in Faerie, also grow on trellises at the back wall of the veranda (the castles front).

There are six stories to the palace not including the basement. The basement holds a wine cellar, the gym, a theater, a music room, and Kirill’s workshop. The first floor (ground level) has the dining hall, the kitchen, the larder, the armory, and the tracing room. The second floor has the library and the common room. Floors 3-5 are all bedrooms for the Intare and the sixth floor is Vervain’s personal floor. It holds her bedroom and includes a kitchenette, a walk-in closet, an entertainment area, a bathroom, the butterfly garden, and the entrance to two towers. Each tower holds two bedrooms. The left side tower (facing out from the bedroom) is Trevor and Kirill’s tower. The right belongs to Odin and Azrael.

Around the palace is a moat, fed with water from the pool nearby. It is lined in blue tiles with pictures of fish painted on. The pool has a pile of rocks over which a waterfall courses into the pool itself before running off in a small river to the moat. The Intare love to swim in both the pool and the moat. Off to the side of the pool is the training grounds and behind the palace is a remembrance garden. In the garden is a large stone carved with all of the names of Intare who were killed by Nyarvirezi and buried in mass graves. In front of the palace are grasslands, a lake, and then within the mountains there is a valley. Within the valley is a huge log cabin and another lake, fashioned after a Froekn retreat. This is Trevor’s personal place. Kirill has a special place too but it’s much smaller; a waterfall hidden within the mountains on the right side of the territory. Behind the waterfall is a little cave where Vervain and he go for private time.

There are many wonders to discover in Intare territory and the lions keep growing as a pride and a people. I can’t wait to see what they do next.


Bilskinir Hall

Bilskinir Hall is Thor’s home in Asgard ( a territory in the God Realm). Bilskinir is perched high on a cliff, overlooking Asgard’s lake and with a prime view of the entrance to Asgard. A channel between two cliffs, one being the end of the cliff on which Bilskinir is set, leads out to the ocean. This is the entrance to Asgard from the other Eight Viking worlds. Guarding this entrance, besides Thor, are two rune covered stones. Further in, at the base of Bilskinir’s mountain, is a cave Thor uses to store small sailing crafts. This is where he took Vervain when she was possessed by Blue.

Bilskinir itself is massive, a sprawling mansion of airy rooms, all with open windows (no glass).  Thor’s bedroom is full of souvenirs from his travels, weapons, and luxurious fabric. His walls are wood, carved with runes and his bed is big enough to fit him plus two more. There is a two story library of the English manor variety, a stainless steel kitchen, an Indian (dot not feather) themed dining room, and a marble bathroom with a modern Jacuzzi tub.

Thor loves having guests and most of the God Squad meeting were held in his dining room. He’s the unofficial head of the God Squad and even though Vervain has moved most Squad meeting to Pride Palace, she still tries to let Thor lead them. Bilskinir has numerous guest rooms but among them are suites of rooms for his brothers: Vidar and Vali. Vidar and Vali don’t have halls of their own, both men are wanderers, so Thor provides a place for them in addition to their rooms in Valaskjalf (Odin’s silver hall).


Odin’s Halls

The Viking territory of the God Realm is divided into 9 worlds. Odin lives in the world of Asgard and within it, he rules over 3 halls. His halls are  built across the lake from Thor’s hall Bilskinir.

They are:

1. Valhalla: the golden hall where those slain in battle go to live out their afterlives. Valhalla is massive, its main dining hall is more than a mile across and the walls are lined with gold shields. There are several rooms off this main room, including work rooms, bedrooms for the slain Vikings, and offices.

2. Valaskjalf: This is where Odin lives and spends most of his time when he’s in Asgard. It’s his silver hall, as Valhalla is plated in gold, Valaskjalf is plated in silver. Its main hall is much smaller than Valhalla’s but it’s decorated similarly, lined with silver shields instead of gold. Odin’s bedroom, which he once shared with Sabine, is on the second floor of the hall. Behind the hall is a vegetable and herb garden, fruit trees, and a path which leads through the forest to Gladsheim. Also within Valaskjalf is Hlidskjalf (Vervain calls it Odin’s Santa TV). Odin can view the entire world from Hlidskjalf.

3. Gladsheim: Traditionally, this is where the 12 diar (judges) who regulated the affairs of Asgard, would meet. Odin had disagreements with most of them over the years and so there hasn’t been a meeting of the diar in centuries. Gladsheim has been closed ever since.