The Spellsinger Series: Images and Descriptions of Characters and Races

Meet the men of the Spellsinger Series and learn a little about the

races you’ll find in the books.

Cerebus Skylos

Cerebus Skylos, Greek Guardian God of the Underworld

Owner of Cerebus Security

Height: 6′ 9″

Build: thickly muscled

Skin: swarthy-fair

Hair: brown

Eyes: Brown

Cerebus was once the Guardian of the Greek Underworld. His other form is a massive, three-headed dog. His job was to guard the gate leading into the Underworld, and he was very good at it. But Cerebus is also a bit of a prankster (he needed something to relieve the monotony) and one of his pranks got him fired. Hades himself kicked Cerebus out of the Underworld. So now Cerebus owns a security company in the world of the humans, doing the only thing he knows how to do- guarding. His best friend is Elaria Tanager, one of the rare spellsingers, and they have a work relationship as well as a friendship.

Cerbeus deals with his new life with unfailing snark and sarcasm, using his good looks to charm women, and his huge body to intimidate men. But underneath all of that bravado, I think there’s a loyal heart that’s just looking for the right woman to love. Someone who can tame the beast.


Banning Dalca

Height: 6’2″

Build: muscled

skin: fair

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Banning Dalca is the Gheara of the Kansas Gura. This means he’s the leader of the Kansas tribe of vampires, aka blooders. He was blooded (made into a vampire) in 1641 when he was 24 years old, and has worked his way up in strength and political power, going all across Europe until he finally came to America. He’s a romantic at heart, but don’t let his apparent sensitivity fool you. Banning didn’t get to be Gheara by handing out hugs. He’s a bad ass blooder who will destroy anyone who gets in his way.


King Torin of Onyx

Height: 6’5″

Hair: Deep blue-black

Eyes: sapphire blue

Skin: lightly tan

Build: thickly muscled

The Shining One King of Onyx has many facets. Viewed as a scoundrel by some and a savior by others, it’s hard to figure what’s really going on inside this fairy’s heart. Known as the Mongrel King, he is the only fairy king with mixed blood.


King Declan of Alexandrite

King Declan of Alexandrite

Hair: Dark Auburn

Eyes: Deep blue to purple

Skin: Fair

Build: Slim and muscular

King Declan rules the Shining One Kingdom of Alexandrite due to his control over the stone. He harnesses the magic of Change, Regeneration, and Manifestation. Like his stone, Declan can be mercurial and unpredictable. He flows with his fancies, and does exactly as he chooses. That being said, his loyalties, once given, are not subject to change easily. He has a deep well of strength to pull on, mentally, physically, and magically, making him one of the most powerful kings in Tir na Nog. He’s an adept flirt, but I have a feeling that once his heart is set, he will focus all his powers of seduction on one woman alone.


The Races of the Spellsinger Series

Welcome to the Spellsinger world, where the supernatural exists right under our noses. Within this world are several planes of existence, all separated by the Veil. Only powerful magic users, or those helped by them, are able to cross the Veil. There are numerous races within those realms, but I won’t go into them all. I just want to give you an overview of who you’ll be meeting in The Last Lullaby.


A very rare race, but one that’s integral to the story. A spellsinger is the offspring of a witch and a siren. There have only been six of these being born so far, and only one has been a man. Usually, they’re women, and are very beautiful. Not really surprising since they’re born of some of the most beautiful women in the Greek Pantheon.

Spellsingers have no discerning features. You’d never be able to guess that they were a supernatural race. And they possess only one magic- spellsinging. It’s a powerful magic though, allowing them the ability to sing songs into existence, to weave lyrics into life. They are only limited by the music and their own strength. Spellsinging takes a lot of energy, and stamina is key. Other factors include environment and willpower. If they’re changing someone’s will with their song, it’s more difficult than producing something into the environment. They have to fight against someone’s will, and this can limit a spellsinger, depending on the extent of their power.

As amazing as their ability is, they have a huge weakness- their voice. If you damage their vocal chords or gag them, spellsingers become as powerless as the average human. They have no other magic or even enhanced strength to defend themselves with. It’s believed that this is Nature’s way of evening out the scales, so to speak.


There are a variety of gods with a plethora of powers. Too many to mention here. So I’ll make this concise. Gods are a race of supernaturals born with magic. Much like the Shining Ones (fairies), gods can have assorted skills, including enhanced strength, shapeshifting abilities, and control over Nature. Several species considered to be monsters by humans are actually types of gods. For now, I’ll introduce you to only one class of god.


Sirens were originally the companions of the Goddess Persephone. When Hades abducted Persephone, Demeter (Persephone’s mother) chargedĀ  Persephone’s companions to find her daughter. She gave the minor goddesses wings, and bid them to call for Persephone all over the world. They failed, of course, because Persephone wasn’t in the world.

Furious over their failure, Demeter cursed the sirens to sing eternally for Persephone’s return. Their song became so mournful, no one could resist its allure or its sadness. Most who hear the song of a siren, succumb to the combination of beauty and horror, and kill themselves. This is why children are so rare. Only the strongest magic users could resist a siren’s call.


Witches are not magically adept humans, they are their own race entirely. They are born with varying degrees of magical potential, but not a specific talent. Witches are unique in the way that they can create magic, as opposed to having magical abilities. They are spell casters who work with the wild magic that roams all planes of existence. They can create wondrous things, but it takes time for them to do so. They are limited by their power, adeptness, and knowledge.


You’ll probably know them as vampires. Blooders were once human, turned into an immortal creature which requires blood to fuel its magic and sustain life. The process of turning a human into a blooder is called “blooding”. Blooders are a clannish type, mainly because they are the least magically powerful of all supernaturals. They have enhanced bodies, and therefore have sharper senses and more strength than the average human. They do grow in these strengths as they age, and some even develop mind control- though its rare that they can use this control over anyone but a human. Their power lies mainly in their physical abilities.

They are very political within their communities, and have governing councils called Falcas. Below the Falcas are the Ghearas. A Gheara is the leader of a group of blooders, and the groups are called Guras. These titles are all taken from the Romanian language. Falca means “jaw”, Gheara is “tooth”, and Gura is the word for “mouth”.


You won’t see a lot of the werewolves in the first Spellsinger book, but I thought I’d mention them simply so you’d know what they’re called in this world. They’re clannish like the blooders, but in a different way. Packish would be a better term. They have no governing councils, and no rules except what their individual packs lay down. Packs are called Howls, and each one has their own distinct howl to identify themselves with. The Howl leader is called the Kyrios (kee-dee-os) from the Greek, meaning “master” or “lord”.

Shining Ones

The Shining Ones are more commonly known as fairies. They mostly live within their own plane of existence, Tir na nOg (the Land of Youth). Most could physically pass for human, though some have some very unique colorings.They don’t have pointy ears or wings, and although they have a medieval-esque society, they are not ignorant of human advancements or speech. The passage of many Shining Ones through the Veil has prompted a brisk trade in human items, and a tendency to speak with human colloquialisms.

They have a complicated social structure which I will try to simplify. First you must know about the Jewel Kingdoms. All of Tir na nOg is divided into kingdoms. Each kingdom is empowered by, and connected to, a certain gemstone. Gemstones have magical properties. For example, Rose Quartz has the magic of self esteem, peace, fertility, creativity, compassion, beauty, fidelity, and love.

A Shining One is born with specific magic. It may be anything, and is not limited by nature. They could have power over love, wealth, or even the wind. It’s very random. But these random talents draw them to a very specific stone. Using the example of love, if a Shining One is born with that affinity, they could be drawn to rose quartz. There are other love oriented gemstones, so it’s not automatic that the fairy will connect with rose quartz. It’s the stone that does the calling and the choosing.

Once a Shining One connects with a stone, they can use that crystal to enhance their own magic. The stronger a Shining One is, the further away they can be from a gemstone in order to call upon its power. This is where their social ranking comes into play. The lowest ranking Shining One would need to wear a lot of gemstone jewelry so that he might connect with his stone and enhance his own abilities. Higher up, the fairy would need less jewelry. Ironically, Shining One nobility don’t need to wear any gemstones at all. And then there are the monarchs. A Shining One is given the title of King or Queen, when they are so powerful, they can fully draw upon their stone’s magic. This means that not only will their gemstone enhance their own abilities, but it will offer up all of its own magical properties for the monarch’s use. In the example of rose quarts again, the Queen of Rose Quartz may have been born with the magic of fertility, but as a queen, she can access all the other properties- self esteem, compassion, etc.

Each Shining One royal is provided their own kingdom by the stone. It calls to them, and they claim it. Upon the rare event of a death, the kingdom would go into stasis, waiting for the next ruler to be born. And so we have the Jewel Kingdoms of Tir na nOg, and all their intricate politics and magic.

The Lesser Fey

You won’t meet any of these fairies in the first book. They are the less human looking fey. They include trolls, goblins, pixies, leprechauns, kelpies, all those other fairies. These fairies live in Tir na nOg as well, but they inhabit the Primeval, the ancient forests surrounding the Jewel Kingdoms. On the whole, they are wild and unpredictable, too uncivilized for the Shining Ones to allow into their courts. I’ll be introducing them in later books, for now it’s enough for you to know they exist.


That’s all for now, but I’ll update this post as the series continues, to try to give you a resource to consult. Thank you for taking a peek into my world.