The Twilight Court: Images and Descriptions of Characters and Locations

Get a visual on the characters of the Twilight Court Series and take a closer look at some of its most beloved locations. If you haven’t read the series, the descriptions will be spoilers. So, proceed with caution.

The Characters


Count Tiernan Shadowcall of Twilight

Given Name: Tiernan; a Gaelic name meaning “lordly”
Family Name: Shadowcall
Beag Magic (A fairy’s personal magic, most often their surname): The Shadowcall; the only light based magic that has power over the dark. He can produce light and then control the shadows it creates.
Seelie Title: Count
Hair: An ombre platinum blonde that darkens to black
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Silver with a black rim
Height: 6’5″
Scent: Woodsy sweet
Distinguishing Features: A silver scar that swirls across his right cheekbone.
Count Tiernan Shadowcall was born a very long time ago. So long, that he’s unwilling to tell Seren his true age. He was born Seelie, a Count of the Court of Light, and has fought in several battles for the light fey. Considered and upstanding member of the court, Tiernan had prestige and wealth. He loved his mother, Sorcha Silverlight, dearly but his father, Diocail Shadowcall. whom he inherited his beag magic from, was too stern and standoffish to win anything but familial loyalty from Tiernan. His joy though, was his sister, Latharna Shadowcall, and he spent most of his free time (when not training for battle) with her.
Tiernan was adored by much of the court, especially the women, but he was never much for romance. He is a soldier at heart and the fey way of wooing seemed exhausting and silly to him. So when he was seduced by Cliona Timberstride, he fell quickly in love with her and soon asked for her hand in marriage. They were married many years and he thought they were happy, though they never had children.
But then the Queen of the Seelie attacked Tiernan’s mother and he stepped in to stop Queen Iseabal. In a rage, the Queen gathered her magic and sent it at Tiernan but Tiernan’s mother, Sorcha,  used her beag magic, that of the Silverlight, to mute the Queen’s attack. Instead of being killed, Tiernan was merely scarred; a delicate swirling silver line across his right cheek.
Labeled a traitor, Tiernan was forced to leave the Seelie Court. He knew that exile would be difficult on his courtier wife, so he didn’t ask Cliona to go with him but he hadn’t expected her to divorce him immediately either. On top of his wife’s betrayal, his numerous friends showed their true colors and turned on him as well. His own father was the one who demanded that Tiernan leave the Seelie Court.
Ostracized and heartbroken, Tiernan took shelter in the neutral Twilight Court, which not only took in the half-breeds produced by blessed unions between the Seelie and Unseelie but also the outsiders, those who had nowhere to go. Tiernan was shocked to find himself one of those outsiders.
He was even more shocked to find a warm welcome in Twilight and a father figure in King Keir, King of the Twilight Court. With the King’s help, he recovered from the humiliation of disgrace and the heartache of Cliona’s betrayal. He found a new home in Twilight and a new people to love and give his loyalty too. But his ordeal had humbled him and scarred him much deeper than the physical. So at King Keir’s urging, Tiernan joined the ranks of The Wild Hunt; a group of fey warriors who monitored humans.
The Hunt gave him back his pride and taught him to be strong again. He moved up the ranks quickly and became a Lord of the Wild Hunt, a title for which he is more proud of than that of Count, since it is the only title he has won for himself. Seren thinks it’s arrogance when Tiernan mentions his title of Lord but it’s actually a way for Tiernan to remind himself that he has triumphed over tragedy and that his loyalty is now given to those who truly deserve it.
It was on a mission for the Wild Hunt that Tiernan met the young Extinguisher woman named Seren Sloane and his life once more changed drastically. He experienced an overwhelming attraction for Seren and despite his low regard of humans, he wanted her. When it was revealed that Seren was actually a twilight fairy, Tiernan was both relieved and delighted. He knew his attraction to Seren was the Call of Danu and must not be ignored. But the more he got to know Seren, the more he realized how blessed their union was.
Tiernan has had a complex journey from entitled Count to exiled outsider to a hardened Lord of the Wild Hunt. But Seren takes him even further and Tiernan’s stoic personality alters and grows under her affection in ways he never thought possible. Suddenly the warrior is a romantic and the tough Hunter is partner to an Extinguisher. As far as Tiernan is concerned; now anything is possible.


Raza Tnyn of Unseelie

Pronunciation of name: Rah-zah Ten-yee-nah

Skin: Midnight; an Unseelie trait

Eyes: gold; a dragon djinn trait

Build: very muscular

Hair: choppy black with two red stripes; one at right temple and one below right ear.

Features: a prominent brow ridge that lifts into hairline, a prominent cheek ridge that drops off right before nose, giving cheeks a hollow appearance. Wicked black leather wings with a crimson sheen, tipped in jointed claws. Elegant hands tipped in talons.

Scent: Sweet and smoky; like apple cider warmed over a camp fire.

Raza Tnyn’s grandfather was the last full-blooded dragon djinn. Raza himself is only a quarter dragon but dragon djinn blood is strong and dominates Raza’s features. It also grants him the ability to shift into an ebony dragon. This dragon nature makes Raza very impetuous and easy to anger. He’s prone to terrible rages and outbursts of violence. No one has ever been able to calm Raza when in one of his fits. No one that is, until Seren came along. For the rest of us though, it’s best to just leave his presence… as quickly as possible.

He’s a complicated fairy, with depths to him that we’ve yet to discover. He’s driven by instinct and the Goddess Danu herself. Though he’s capable of great evil, he’s also capable of righteousness. He’s actually a man of unquestionable honor and undying loyalty. Once his friendship is given, it’s never taken away.

He has one child, a son by a raven fairy. He’s not driven to procreate further and in fact sees little point to it. The dragon djinn will die out as there are no other females of his kind left to breed with and any child he has will only dilute the blood further. His son has already proven that the dragon djinn genes lose dominance after the third generation. However, he loves his son greatly and would do anything to protect him.

So what does motivate Raza? Treasure, as with any dragon. But what does he consider to be treasure? His son; most definitely. His kingdom; yes to some degree. His title; not so much. Raza’s concept of treasure is changing even as I write this. He’s changing. And it’s all because of one half-human fairy princess.


Killian Blair

Hair: deep auburn
Eyes: green
Skin: fair
Build: thickly muscled
Blair, from the Gaelic “Blar” means battle.
Killian is a Caster witch, a product of two types of witch tribes; Storm and Flame. Due to the mix of magics, he has a special talent, that of the Firerain. He is also blessed with the psychic ability of psychometry, an ability to read objects.
He is cocky, snarky, ballsy, and a host of other things that end in “y”, but he’s also loyal, brave, and powerful. He’s a contrary man, overly protective of his mother (his father passed away), yet reluctant to take on too much responsibility. He enjoys the idea of a lone wolf existence while being closely tied to Caster society and their sanctuary, the Hallow. He’s coming to a crossroads where he’ll have to man up and make a decision. I have every faith that Killian will make the right choice. Whether it will be for the right reason is something else entirely.


King Daxon Tromlaighe

Hair: Short and deep Blue

Eyes: Sapphire

Skin: Fair

Daxon Tromlaighe (Pronounced Traum-lie-ya) is King of the California Underground.  “Tromlaighe” is his mor; the Nightmare. He can make your nightmares come to life.  His muscular body is covered in indigo tattoos and his blue eyes are hypnotizing. He’s the owner of several fairy businesses, including a nightclub called Enchantments; where you can buy magic.


Extinguisher Abigail Teagan

Extinguisher Abigail Teagan
Hair: red
Skin: pale
Build: slim
Eyes: green
Abigail “Abby” Teagan was born into an Extinguisher family in San Francisco, CA. She was raised there and attended the Council school in the SF Council House for her extinguisher training, as well as Lowell High School for her human studies. Her classmates included Seren Sloane, Karmen Simmel, and Brandon Murdock.
Abigail was raised to believe that she would marry another extinguisher someday and have little extinguisher babies. But Seren’s experiences changed all that. Rules have been bending, and Abby is thrilled to be able to expand her romantic horizons. She’s a bit of a rebel at heart, and so it isn’t really surprising where her tastes take her, but we’ll have to see if Abby continues down this road or returns to her traditional extinguisher ways. Either way, once thing’s for certain, she’ll remain a steadfast friend to Seren and Karmen. Maybe not so much Brandon.


Catriona the Twilight Puka

Catriona “Cat” the Twilight Puka

There’s nothing like the bond between a boy and his dog. As there’s nothing like the bond between a girl and her puka. As long as that girl is Seren Firethorn and that puka is Cat.

Catriona didn’t have a name before she met Seren. She was born in a litter of six pups and raised in the courtyard of Twilight Castle. She was treated well and trained to carry the twilight fey around in her horse form.  In canine form, she would wander the woods with her family and hunt in a pack as pukas do. Her life was carefree and simple.

Then came Seren.

With one calming touch, Cat felt a bond shimmer into place between her and the Twilight Princess. The world became suddenly bigger, going beyond the love of her family and her basic needs. But at the same time, it became much smaller, shrinking down to one woman.  She saw Seren as someone beyond a provider of food and shelter. For the first time, Cat knew a person.  And she loved.

This love was beyond what she felt for her mother or her siblings, this was something powerful, without a name. But then Seren gave her a name; Catriona. A name with power. With a connection to Seren’s own family. With that name, their bond was sealed and Cat experienced a unity so sublime, it’s beyond the reach of humans or fey. For Cat, Seren is more than family, she is everything. Seren is love, strength, happiness, and a path to Danu herself. There is no life without Seren. So Cat would happily give her life to save Seren’s.

Seren loves Cat just as fiercely. This kind of bond can’t ever truly be explained; it must be experienced to be known. It can’t be formed between two people or even two animals. It’s a special connection that forms a bridge across species and unites them more solidly than any other type of love can. As protective as Cat is over Seren, Seren is equally protective over Cat. They are not merely a girl and her puka, they are partners, sisters, bonded souls. They are Cat and Seren. Woe betide those who try to separate them.


Nighean Silvereed

Pronounced: Nyee’n
Hair: green
Eyes: green
Skin pale gold
Wings: translucent pink and green
Daughter of Neala and sister to Aodh, Nighean is a sylph; a type of winged fairy. She was imprisoned in the Unseelie dungeons for so many years, her family believed her to be dead. She went through unspeakable horrors within Unseelie, enough to drive anyone insane. But the Fey are resilient beings and Nighean emerged from her trauma with an untarnished spirit. In fact, her years with the Unseelie taught her to be more compassionate. She bonded with the other prisoners in a way only shared horror can unite but along with those friendships came a look into the life of the Unseelie Court. Though she initially felt hatred for her captors, she eventually saw the similarities between the unseelie and seelie and finally began to understand that there was very little difference between the two courts. Horror and beauty abounded in both. It may seem astounding that she could feel more sympathy for the faeries who tortured her than hatred but when you view such things as an ex-torturer yourself, it takes on a new meaning.
It was difficult for Seren to believe that the sweet, kind-hearted Nighean had once been a cold, calculating warrior who had done her fair share of damage to the unseelie. But the Fey are very good at appearing to be one thing when in fact they are something else entirely. Some of the most dangerous faeries are the most beautiful ones.
But now Nighean is a revolutionary, along with her brother Aodh, leading an underground movement to unite the courts of Fairy and bring peace to their world. But peace is far more difficult a prospect than war.


Prince Shane Luminary

Prince Shane Luminary of Seelie
Hair: clear but with the ability to glow
Skin: sunlight pale
Build: slim but athletic
Height: 6’2″
Eyes: deep purple
Son of Queen Iseabal and King Marcan, Shane is the Crown Prince of the Seelie Kingdom. He is half-brother to King Keir and Seren’s Uncle. Shane was raised with Keir and feels a close connection to him but was even closer to Keir’s father; Dhoire. During his visits to Seelie to dally with the Queen, King Dhoire spent a lot of time with his son and Shane. He always showed Shane the same amount of affection that he did Keir and Shane grew very attached to him. Dhoire’s death affected him deeply and forged some of his strongest beliefs; like all humans are evil.
He can seem to be evil himself but Shane always acts in a manner which he believes to be honorable. In a twisted way, Shane is a good man, doing what he thinks is right for his people. Unfortunately he’s allowed pain to twist his views and control his life. And his life has been full of pain. His mother has always favored Keir because of the love she bore Dhoire and she tended to neglect Shane. King Marcan loved his son but as he watched Shane become more and more attached to his wife’s lover and then be so heartbroken over Dhoire’s death, Marcan’s love faded to a grudging affection that was almost given out of duty. Shane could feel Marcan’s withdrawal which only added to his loneliness and anger.
As an adult, Shane trained with the Seelie knights and became one himself. He may dress well and play the part of the languid prince but Shane is no pansy. He is quite formidable on and off the battlefield. When he isn’t fighting with swords, he enjoys a good battle with words. Wit and strength are just two of Shane’s numerous qualities. I’m hoping that someday he gets past his pain and becomes the leader the Seelie need.


Queen Iseabal Bloodburn

Queen Iseabal Bloodburn of the Seelie

Hair: Metallic gold

Skin: sunlight (pale gold)

Eyes: amethyst

Build: tall and slender

Scent: Rosewater and anise

Iseabal looks every inch the Fairy Queen, from her glittering gold hair to her jewel toned eyes. Her full, pouting mouth makes her appear sweet and perhaps innocent. But her name says it all; Bloodburn. She is no simpering, demure lady but a bloodthirsty manipulator intent on keeping everyone in her world within her control.

The one time she gave up control was when she answered the call of Danu. Iseabal may not be the most religious of fairies but she when the Goddess speaks, she obeys. Iseabal gave into the passion of the calling and bore a child to the Unseelie King; Dhoire. But passion turned into love and Dhoire continued to visit her long after their child was born.

Such relationships are not unusual for the fey but Iseabal and Dhoire’s situation was different; they ruled opposing kingdoms during a time when a tremulous truce had been reached.  Dhoire knew he’d have to stop visiting Iseabal but when he told her of his intentions, Iseabal threatened to kill their son; Keir. Horrified and afraid for his son, Dhoire kept visiting Iseabal while secretly plotting a way to remove Keir from her keeping.

Iseabal knew, as any good manipulator does, that her victim was only giving in to her demands because of the threat she held over his held.  The knowledge that Dhoire loved his son more than her, made her resent Keir even more. Then her resentment spread to include her other son; Shane, and her husband; King Marcan. Iseabal turned petulant and bitter but all of that festering anger took an insane turn when the Fairy-Human War began.

Dhoire was never able to save his son from Iseabal. He led his people to war against the humans and died trying to save his wife. Dhoire’s death and the manner in which he died (saving the woman he loved first) sent Iseabal spiraling into madness. Marcan had her confined to her rooms for months, until Iseabal finally recovered enough to resume her duties as Queen. But fury, heartbreak, and resentment left their marks on Queen Iseabal, turning her into the unstable but beautiful villain we know today.

You might sympathize with her loss and point out that there was reason behind her madness but whenever I feel sorry for Queen Iseabal, I think about her threatening to kill her son, just to keep her lover. No, Iseabal has always been a vicious manipulator. Her tragic history has simply added a few more wicked attributes to her personality. And let’s not forget, the true tragedy here is that her husband, King Marcan, still loves her.


Rayetayah Tnyn

Count Rayetayah Tnyn
Son of Marquess Raza Tnyn and Lady Ayita Raven.
Rayetayah means “hanging maw” in Cherokee.
Hair: black
Skin: golden brown
Eyes: dark brown
Rayetayah is dragon-djinn, unseelie sidhe, and seelie sidhe. He was the first raven-mocker born, a mix of dragon and raven. He is a twilight fairy but his mother raised him among the Cherokee until he was 16. Then he was taken to the Twilight Court. Rayetayah describes his going to Twilight like winning the lottery. He was considered one of the blessed and King Keir himself welcomed Raye to Court.
Rayetayah lived among the Twilight till he was fifty-six years old and other raven-mockers were born in the Human Realm. Then he asked to return to HR to help his new race. He soon became a leader to his people.
Both of his parents still live; Raza in Fairy and Ayita in HR. Ayita lives close to her son but stays out of raven-mocker business, preferring to let her son handle his people. She focuses her energies on being a part of the Cherokee Nation, though technically she isn’t Cherokee. She’s lived among the Cherokee for so long that she feels she is one of them.
Rayetayah has never been married, though he has had numerous human lovers and a few fey too. He likes humans best, probably a result of his early years, but relationships with them become complicated and inevitably end in heartache for him. Perhaps he’ll change his mind someday and find a fairy to love.


Duke Dylan Thorn

Duke Dylan Thorn, Heir Apparent to the Unseelie Throne
Hair: blue-black
Skin: in human glamor it’s a creamy almond, in fey form it’s moonlight white
Eyes: human glamor- deep blue, fey form-completely blue
Height; 6′ 4″
Build: athletic-slim but muscular
Dylan was born in Fairy to King Dhaoire and his consort Lady Siuna. His mother was heartbroken when his father died and then Dylan left Court and went to work for his half-brother King Keir in the Human Realm, so Lady Siuna retreated to her home within the Unseelie Forest. Dylan loves his mother more than any other fairy and has tried to bring her to live with him in HR several times but Siuna refuses to leave Fairy. So instead, Dylan visits her often. This is more dangerous than it seems since Dylan deserted the Unseelie Court for Twilight and most unseelie fey consider him to be a traitor, including his half-brother King Uisdean. If caught in Unseelie, Dylan may face serious trauma. Ironically, he has never renounced his position as heir, so he can’t be killed without inciting the wrath of the Sluagh.
Dylan prides himself on efficiency and ambition. He loves his job at Gentry Technologies, where he gets to research both science and magic. Due to his high level of intelligence and straight-forward manner, he can come across as gruff or uncaring but Dylan has depths of emotion within him which peep through every so often. It shows often in his actions, such as his departure from the Unseelie Court which was both a protest to the way Uisdean rules and a way for him to help his people by finding advancements which could better their lives. Truly, Dylan is a most loving man. He just doesn’t like anyone to know it.

King Uisdean Thorn

King Uisdean Thorn of the Unseelie

Hair: deep black

Eyes: completely black

Skin: Moonlight white

Build: Thin but muscled

Height: 6’4″

King Uisdean, pronounced OOSH-jan, was born to King Dhoire and Queen Rhona of the Unseelie. He was the first born son, followed by his brother Dylan and then his sister Moire. He has one half-brother, born of his father and the Seelie Queen; King Keir.

Uisdean is one of those complex characters whom you believe to be evil until he does something which makes you realize that there may be more to him than that. He is capable of the most heinous deeds but only because he loves his people enough to do anything for them. His love for his family is not as simple as that for his kingdom and its people. Moire is probably the one he understands the most, whereas Dylan, whom Uisdean views as a traitor, he cannot fathom. Uisdean will never be able to understand why Dylan would leave his power and position in the Unseelie Court to work (gasp) for their half-brother in the Human Realm (gasp). As far as King Keir goes, Uisdean thinks he know Keir well but he’s slowly learning that many things he took for granted about his little brother are false.

The love of Uisdean’s life was his wife, Queen Rue. She was killed during the Fey-Human War, as was Uisdean’s parents. These deaths poisoned his views on humans and much of the animosity he shows Seren has to do with the loss of the three fairies he loved the most. Unfortunately, his union with Siuna never produced children, a fact which Uisdean deeply regrets. The throne, unless Dylan chose to return, would pass to Uisdean’s nephew, Bress, if Uisdean were to die. And this is yet another regret that tears at Uisdean.

So you see, Uisdean is a villain but one who may redeem himself in the end. We’ll just have to see where Danu leads him.



Conri Shatterhowl

Conri Shatterhowl

Prnounciation: CAWN-ree

Affiliation: Twilight

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: fiery

Build: linebacker big

Beag Magic: Shatterhowl

Distinguishing features: Black horns curving around the sides of his face and fire eyes.

Conri Shatterhowl is the son of a cu-sidhe hound of the unseelie and a glastig of the seelie. His mother raised him in the Seelie Court till he was a teenager and then brought him to Twilight to live. He feels a strong connection to the seelie because of this and has no problem striding into their kingdom or castle.

His magic is the dreaded Shatterhowl, giving him the ability to break things with his voice… even bones. He is also a barghest, a type of dog-shifter who can take many forms but usually takes that of a large, shaggy, black dog with horns and fiery eyes.

He’s a brash playboy on the surface, always looking for his next lover, but there is much more to Conri than that. Danu saw his potential and elevated him to knighthood. Seren then gave him a place on her coveted Star’s Guard. He has been a key figure in bridging the gap between the sidhe and the “lesser” fey.

Conri has an honorable heart to temper his scoundrel tendencies but when faced with a beautiful woman, his romeo ways always win out. It’s his greatest weakness despite the fact that he believes he’s in control of his love affairs. He’s the ultimate bad boy who is already tamed deep inside, it’s just going to take a special woman to reach the true man beneath the layers of flirtation.

But whomever that woman is, she’s going to be a very lucky lady.

Raza Tnyn of the Unseelie

Pronunciation of name: Rah-zah Ten-yee-nah

Skin: Midnight; an unseelie trait

Eyes: gold; a dragon djinn trait

Build: very muscular

Hair: choppy black with two red stripes; one at right temple and one below right ear.

Features: a prominent brow ridge that lifts into hairline, a prominent cheek ridge that drops off right before nose, giving cheeks a hollow appearance. Wicked black leather wings with a crimson sheen, tipped in jointed claws. Elegant hands tipped in talons.

Scent: Sweet and smoky; like apple cider warmed over a camp fire.

Raza Tnyn’s grandfather was the last full-blooded dragon djinn. Raza himself is only a quarter dragon but dragon djinn blood is strong and dominates Raza’s features. It also grants him the ability to shift into an ebony dragon. This dragon nature makes Raza very impetuous and easy to anger. He’s prone to terrible rages and outbursts of violence. No one has ever been able to calm Raza when in one of his fits. No one that is, until Seren came along. For the rest of us though, it’s best to just leave his presence… as quickly as possible.

He’s a complicated fairy, with depths to him that we’ve yet to discover. He’s driven by instinct and the Goddess Danu herself. Though he’s capable of great evil, he’s also capable of righteousness. He’s actually a man of unquestionable honor and undying loyalty. Once his friendship is given, it’s never taken away.

He has one child, a son by a raven fairy. He’s not driven to procreate further and in fact sees little point to it. The dragon djinn will die out as there are no other females of his kind left to breed with and any child he has will only dilute the blood further. His son has already proven that the dragon djinn genes lose dominance after the third generation. However, he loves his son greatly and would do anything to protect him.

So what does motivate Raza? Treasure, as with any dragon. But what does he consider to be treasure? His son; most definitely. His kingdom; yes to some degree. His title; not so much. Raza’s concept of treasure is changing even as I write this. He is changing. And it’s all because of one half-human fairy princess.


Aideen Evergreen

Aideen Evergreen

Born: 4/2/1560 (the year 4575 in fairy time)

Hair: Pale green

Eyes: Deep moss green

Height: Six feet exactly

Parents: Eibhleann (Eve-lin) Evergreen and Muir (MYOOR) Millte (Mill-cha)

Aideen is a Night Queen, which means she’s a Twilight dryad related to the night blooming jasmine tree. Her mother was a seelie oak dryad and her father was a corrigan; an unseelie nature spirit. Aideen was raised by her mother, in her mother’s oak, until her own tree matured enough to shelter her. Her tree, a fairy hybrid of oak and jasmine, sprouted in Twilight at the moment of her birth. She was born connected to her tree but they didn’t fully bond until her mother brought her to live in Twilight and Aideen touched her home for the first time.

Aideen has a loving relationship with both of her parents. Her mother believed that a child needed to know both of their parents so instead of keeping her away from the unseelie Muir, Eibhleann took the young Aideen to visit her father often. Eibhleann is a gentle dryad but like her tree, she is extremely strong and she is where Aideen gets both her kind nature and her courage. Her father, ironically, holds a death magic, specifically cold death but Aideen didn’t inherit the ability. All she got from her father was a love for science and a curiosity for both life and death. Which is why Aideen applied to become a scientist at Gentry Technologies.

There are several layers to our Night Queen but I’ll leave them for you to discover through the books. I hope you’ll enjoy watching her bloom as much as I will.



King Keir Bloodthorn of Twilight


King Keir Bloodthorn of the Twilight Court

Hair: Deep purple fading to lavender

Height: 6’4″

Eyes: Dark purple with silver stars surrounding the pupils

Skin: Fair

Mor magic: The Bloodthorn; an ability to manifest thorns beneath the skin and create wounds which won’t heal without the application of magic. Also possess Starcrossing; an ability to render both humans and fey starcrossed. The starcrossed will obey every command of the fairy who crossed them.

Keir is the youngest fairy king of the youngest fairy court. His parents were Queen Iseabal Bloodburn of the Seelie and King Dhoire Thorn of the Unseelie. Both were married to other people at the time of his birth. His mother still lives and rules over the Seelie Court but his father died during the Human-Fey Wars trying to save his wife. King Dhoire called on every elemental magic to help save his Queen but failed and in the end, the stress of the multiple elements raging inside him, destroyed him; exploding him from within.

The trauma of his father’s death has colored the way Keir views life. He lives it knowing that even though he’s a fairy, he is not truly immortal but simply long-lived. He could die just as his father had. So Keir takes nothing for granted and dares to love whenever and whomever he chooses. He gives his loyalty slowly but once given, it is hard to lose. Except where family is concerned; there he is loyal out of duty and love.

The kindest of the kings of Fairy, Keir also is the most fearsome. His main magic, the Bloodthorn, has rarely been used because it is so horrific. King Uisdean, Keir’s half-brother, believed Keir too weak willed to wield the magic. But he discovered that kindness does not equate to weakness and under the right motivations, Keir will strike out with his deadly power.

He has had one great love in his life and that was Seren’s mother; Catriona. Catriona was an extinguisher and married to another extinguisher when Keir met her. He didn’t allow her marriage to sway him, convinced that his attraction for Catriona was the Call of Danu and should not be ignored. Catriona gave in to Keir’s persistence and fell in love with the Twilight King. She would have left her human husband to live in Fairy, had she not conceived a child.

The child, Seren, would be in danger in Fairy. As a half-human heir to a fairy throne she’d be the target of both Seelie and Unseelie hatred. So Catriona took Seren back to the Human Realm and passed her off as completely human, the daughter of Ewan Sloane. Ewan didn’t learn the truth of Seren’s true parentage until well after his wife’s savage death.

Catriona’s death affected Keir far worse than the death of his father had. He mourned his lover deeply and finally determined to bring his daughter to Fairy and set her as his heir. He professes to be unable to love another woman but Keir’s heart is too big to be locked away and his wounds are slowly healing with the help of his daughter. I have hopes that he will find someone to love again.



The Extinguishers

In Ireland, there was once a great war between the humans and the fairies. It looked as though the fey had the upper hand. It’s difficult to fight an enemy who can turn invisible. But then five psychic  families, who were able to see past the fey glamour, banded together and drove back the fey.

The war became so bloody, with so many casualties on both sides, that a truce was finally called.   The truce included laws that each race would adhere to and to enforce these laws, two military orders were created; the Wild Hunt and the Extinguishers.  The Wild Hunt was formed of fairies, the most gifted warriors of their realm. The Extinguishers was formed from the five psychic families who fought in the war.

The Five Families are; Sloane, Teagan, Kavanaugh, Sullivan, and Murdock.  They intermarried and through the years they strengthened the psychic gifts in their blood. It became a tradition that extinguishers should only marry other extinguishers to continue to strengthen the bloodlines. So the Extinguishers as a whole became a secretive and solitary group, rarely socializing with the humans they are trained to protect.

Family units are usually close-knit, with training beginning in the home at a very young age. Upon maturity, a child is sent to train at a Council House but after graduation, they have the option of returning back to their family to take assignments as a unit.

Assignments vary from investigation to extinguishment. Extinguishment being the execution of a fairy.  These are issued only after guilt has been determined beyond a doubt. Then an Extinguisher will track down the criminal fey and kill them.

Council Houses serve as both a training facility and a base of operations for the Extinguishers. There are council houses in every major city around the world and each extinguisher is assigned one of these council houses to report to. Orders of Extinguishment usually come from a human council house but on rare occasions, they can be issued from a fey council house.

The symbol for the Extinguishers is a candle snuffer and their motto is: Riamh Eagla an Dorchadas. In English, it translates to “Never fear the darkness”. It has been theorized to have several deeper meanings, with “darkness” pertaining to everything from  extinguishing a fairy’s light to darkness within oneself. No one remembers the true meaning anymore.



The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt is the military group composed of fairies from all three courts with the purpose of monitoring human activity and protecting the fey.
When a fairy joins the Wild Hunt, his allegiance to his home court is superseded by his new allegiance to the Hunt and the Fairy Council. He or she joins the ranks of hunters and trains in one of the three Council Houses. Appointments to a council houses are done by the High Council of Fairy and cannot be refuted. Once in the Hunt, a hunter can strive to move up through the ranks and perhaps become one of the elite commanders known as Lords and Ladies of the Hunt. Unlike human councils, the fairy councils allow their higher ranking hunters, ie. the lords and ladies, to participate in council meetings. Being a Lord or Lady of the Hunt is considered a high honor and a rank just below that of the High Councilmen, who rank just below monarchy.
The reason for such esteem is simple; to join the Hunt you must be one of the fiercest fighters in Fairy and to become a Lord or Lady of the Hunt means you are the baddest of the bad asses. Once a fairy become one such bad ass, they are assigned a unit to command and those fairies under their command become fiercely loyal to their leader (it is very rare to have your unit betray you). This unit is very similar to the extinguisher family units; both a protective and supportive environment. Units are sent all over the Human Realm for posts and often have only each other, in the way of fey company, for years.
Posts in the Human Realm include monitoring human activity and occasionally direct missions. Execution orders are given after reports of criminal activity have been investigated thoroughly. Generally, there are fewer human execution warrants than fairy ones but they are not considered rare. If you break a law of the truce between fairies and humans, knowingly or unknowingly, the Will Hunt of Fairy will come for you… and there will be no mercy.



Danu’s Sacred Grove

Just behind and to the right of the Twilight Castle, you can find a path among the trees which leads to Danu’s Sacred Grove. Look for a carving of an apple on the side of a boulder and you’ll find the overgrown path which will take you to a little meadow within a grove of apple trees.
Within Fairy, it is simply a small grove within the forest. The grove surrounds a meadow with an empty cave. But if Danu chooses to bring you through the veil and into her realm, you will see an orchard that extends to eternity, surrounding a small cave which lovingly protects Danu’s altar.
The altar is a simple, flat-topped boulder with a basin carved into it. Water drips into this basin from a stalactite directly above. The altar itself is long and narrow, with steps beside it, so that a fairy might crawl onto the flat surface and gaze into the basin of water there. The water falls consistently in a dual drip pattern, eliciting a sound similar to a heartbeat.
This is where you can commune with Danu and if you’re very special, she may even give you one of her apples.


Castle Unseelie

The Unseelie Castle is home to the royals of the Unseelie Kingdom and their court. Its soaring walls are made of polished onyx and boast no added adornments like the Seelie Castle. Unseelie Castle is elegant in its simplicity and the only adornment you’ll find on its outer walls, is a silver moon set into the front doors.

It perches high on the edge of a cliff and at the base of that cliff are treacherous rocks which hide a secret passage into the bowels of the castle. The castle holds many different types of rooms within it; from the dark and damp levels set into its foundation to the elegant and airy opulence of the king’s tower. But in the heart of the castle, on the main floor, is the midnight garden. Here, a central shaft cores the castle, allowing light and rain into the garden set within it.

It’s a garden to glorify the night flora and all the plants within it do well in darkness. The garden was built by King Dhoire in honor of his wife, Queen Rhona and now that both monarchs are dead, it has become a sort of memorial to them. All of the upper levels of the castle are open to the garden around the central shaft so that everyone can enjoy the scent of the night-blooming flowers. Even King Uisdean’s tower has a view into the garden.

Also within the walls is an ebony dining hall, numerous guest chambers, and a hall of preserved dead fey and fey creatures. But there is still more that the castle has yet to reveal to Seren, including the fact that it wasn’t the first Unseelie Castle.


Castle Seelie

The castle of the Seelie Court is  set high atop a cliff, dominating the land beneath it. It’s built of shining white stone and topped with a gold sun. Gold metallic vines wrap around it while within its walls, the vines are natural, as are the rest of the plants which grow there.

The royal seelie family lives there, including King Marcan, Queen Iseabal, and their son, Prince Shane. They each have their own separate wing of the castle.

The castle has the look of the ultimate fairy tale castle but beneath its sparkling floors od gold-veined marble lie the seelie dungeons where once unseelie fairies were tortured mercilessly.  The seelie can be just as dangerous as their unseelie cousins and their home conveys this.

The Shining Ones also call Castle Seelie home. They rest deep within the rock which holds Castle Seelie aloft, waiting for the time when they’re needed.


The Isle of Danu

The Holy Isle of Danu is the birthplace of the twin gods; Danu and Anu. Anu left Fairy shortly after his birth and created the first rath with his passing. The temple to Danu sits right in the center of the island, amid a meadow of wildflowers. A semi-circle of three raths sits at one end of the island, these are separate from Anu’s rath and lead to the kingdoms of Fairy; one rath per kingdom so that all have access to the holy isle.

The path from the three raths leads straight into Danu’s crystal temple and circles the central crystal column before going through to the High Fairy Council House on the other side. The temple itself is made of soaring crystal columns, so wide they’re five times the width of an SUV. The columns are connected with graceful arches set at angles to lead the eye upward. At the center of the temple, the path circles around the column of Spirit which is filled with a dancing violet light.  Around the column of Spirit are four more columns, one for each element.

The Water column is lit with deep blue shimmers and has a constant shower of rain falling around it. The Air column is filled with pale yellow light and is surrounded by a whirlwind. The Fire column has a reddish orange center and is surrounded by flames. And finally the Earth column has a greenish brown light inside it and is wrapped with vines.

Beyond the temple, the High Fairy Council House is built around Anu’s rath, which is located in a garden courtyard and is under constant guard. The rath is located within a hill covered with olive trees, a magical version of the tree we find on Earth. This rath leads to a similar garden on Earth, which is protected by the High Fairy Council House in Ireland. This is the only Fairy Council House located in the Human Realm.

The Isle of Danu is the most sacred spot in Fairy and the only place where you can be assured that the Goddess will hear you. Whether she speaks back to you or not is her prerogative.


The Raths/Fairy Mounds

The connection between Earth and Fairy.

Once upon a time twins were born but these were no ordinary twins. They were the first twins ever and they were gods. A god and a goddess to be exact. They were born to rule twin worlds, the god, named Anu, was given Earth, and the goddess, named Danu, was given Fairy.  The birth took place on the sacred Isle of Danu on Fairy but once Anu received his full magic, he immediately traveled to Earth, to take his place as its guardian.

His journey created the first rath, also known as a fairy mound, and connected the twin worlds forever. The fey learned from studying Anu’s rath and then they created more raths, all over the world of Fairy. This bonded Fairy even closer to Earth until they aligned perfectly and even though their land masses aren’t the same, the locations on the planet are. If you set Fairy over Earth, the connected raths would line up.

Within Fairy there are more raths to connect the kingdoms. On land, there are three kingdoms; Seelie, Unseelie, and Twilight. Twilight was created by Danu to serve as a neutral kingdom between the warring Seelie and Unseelie. The Twilight Court is comprised of twilight fairies; a blend of both seelie and unseelie.

In the Fairy Sea, there are two more kingdoms; the Dragon Courts. They are the Court of the Nine Sons and the Court of the Dragon Kings. These kingdoms are ruled by water dragons and most of their fairies enjoy a sort of dual citizenship as a member of one of the land courts and a member of one of the dragon courts. Generally, the sea kingdoms keep out of the business of the land kingdoms.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of Seren’s world but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.