Spellsinger Chracters

King Declan of Alexandrite Hair: Dark Auburn Eyes: Deep blue to purple Skin: Fair Build: Slim and muscular King Declan rules the Shining One Kingdom of Alexandrite due to his control over the stone. He harnesses the magic of Change, Regeneration, and Manifestation. Like his stone, Declan can be mercurial […]

King Declan of Alexandrite

Cerebus Skylos, Greek Guardian God of the Underworld Owner of Cerebus Security Height: 6′ 9″ Build: thickly muscled Skin: swarthy-fair Hair: brown Eyes: Brown Cerebus was once the Guardian of the Greek Underworld. His other form is a massive, three-headed dog. His job was to guard the gate leading into […]

Cerebus Skylos, Greek Guardian God of the Underworld

Height: 6’2″ Build: muscled skin: fair Eyes: Green Hair: Blonde Banning Dalca is the Gheara of the Kansas Gura. This means he’s the leader of the Kansas tribe of vampires, aka blooders. He was blooded (made into a vampire) in 1641 when he was 24 years old, and has worked […]

Banning Dalca

Height: 6’5″ Hair: Depp blue-black Eyes: sapphire blue Skin: lightly tan Build: thickly muscled The Shining One King of Onyx has many facets. Viewed as a scoundrel by some and a savior by others, it’s hard to figure what’s really going on inside this fairy’s heart. Known as the Mongrel […]

King Torin of Onyx