Stoking the Flames

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The fate of the world hangs on my heart.

The planet of Varr has been at war for centuries. A mage known as the Corrupter magically enslaves humans and uses them as his soldiers against the immortal races. As a human, I should be mortal, magicless, and susceptible to the Corrupter’s Death Magic. I am none of those things. I was born with magic, making me immune to corruption, and I recently discovered that I’m also immortal. I was also born with a destiny. I’m supposed to unite and empower Wraith Lords—the magical warriors blessed by the Goddess to fight the Corrupter. You wouldn’t think these deadly warriors would need to be empowered, but fighting the Corrupter isn’t an easy task. I can magnify their magic, especially the Spirit Magic they use to free corrupted humans. All I have to do is fall in love.

I’ve already proven the Goddess’s prophecy to be true. I have two boyfriends whom I love dearly, and I’ve united us with my soul and magic, turning the three of us into an elite fighting team. But we’re not enough. The Emperor, the Goddess, the Wraith Lords, and even my lovers want me to fall in love again. And again. And again. They’re willing to share me because it means ending the war. I want to end the war, I do. But falling in love isn’t something I can just decide to do, and the more I’m pressured to do it, the harder it becomes.

As my heart flounders, the Corrupter grows stronger. For the moment, he thinks I’m dead. But that will change soon enough and then he’ll be coming for me. Him and his Death Magic.