Beyond the Godhunter

Beyond the Godhunter

A spinoff series with characters from the Godhunter Series

A Darker Element: Book 1


“Long ago, when magic still roamed freely, without restraint or purpose, it delighted in the elements. It flowed through them, saturated them, and then became aware of itself. Faerie was born but within her and the elements was a seed of loneliness. This seed grew and multiplied into the darker emotions. When Faerie decided to create the fey to relieve her loneliness, she separated those darker emotions from the elements so that the fey were born pure.”


That’s the story most fey tell about their creation but our creation, that of the dark fey, goes further. You see, we were those dark emotions which were so carelessly cut away from the other elements. Faerie didn’t even realize that the Darkness was an element until we threatened her very existence. Then she saw what we needed; physical form like that which had been given to every other element. So we were finally created. Twenty-one dark-sidhe, each with the power of a dark emotion.


My name is Liatris and my emotion is Shame. It’s all I’ve ever known and even with the freedom of the flesh, I can’t seem to live beyond it. I don’t expect a lot from this life but I have desires just like everyone else. Happiness, safety, love. Simple things but I know they’ll never be mine. How can Shame coexist with happiness? How can a thing of Darkness ever feel safe? And how can I ever have love when the only man I want is our king?

A Darker Element will take you into another side of the Godhunter’s world. Experience it all fresh from the perspective of a faerie whose life has just begun. Go beyond the Godhunter with this first book in the spin off series and delve deeper into the realm of Faerie. Grab your copy today!


The author recommends that you read this book between books 14

and 15 in the Godhunter Series.

Out of the Blue: Book 2


From the author of the Godhunter Series comes a Series highlighting

your favorite Godhunter characters! The second book tells the tale of

Huitzilopochtli aka Blue and his romance with Eztli, the Vampire



Eztli once believed her life was blessed. Her name in the Aztec language meant blood and blood was exactly what her god needed. It seemed destined that Huitzilopochtli should choose her to become his lover and together, they were very happy. Until the day he turned her into a monster.
Her name became a curse and her life, a nightmare. Still, she survived. She grew stronger, shedding the shackles of her old life along with her old name. Her name is Tilly now and out of the blue, Tilly has been given an opportunity for revenge. After 500 years, Huitzilopochtli is finally within her grasp. But the closer she gets to destroying him, the more she wonders if it’s his destruction that she truly wants.