Adding Fuel to the Fire

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Wraith Lords: Book 3

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I’m destined to end the war.

To do that, I must empower my fellow Wraith Lords. But to share my magic with them, I have to fall in love. I’ve managed it three times already. Quite a feat for me, a guy who was raised to stay away from people out of fear that they might discover my secret—that I’m the only human on Varr with magic. But the secret’s out, and I’m finally accepted for who I am. I can do this. I can fall in love again and bring that man into our elite fighting team. I even have someone in mind. But Taroc isn’t the easiest man to get to know. Even as we get closer, I feel as if there’s layers to him that I will never reach. And yet, I won’t give up.

As if falling in love wasn’t hard enough, I still have to be a Wraith Lord. That means going on missions and lately, those missions involve reanimated corpses. And that’s not the only way death is plaguing me. Despite my constant refusals, the Consciousness of Death Magic is intent on making me his student. I’ve promised the other Wraith Lords that I won’t use Death Magic unless I have no other option. But I know the Corrupter won’t stop at raising the dead, not now that he knows I’m alive. He will come for me with everything he has, and I’m afraid my options will quickly dwindle to Death.

The Wraith Lords is a Gay Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance series set in a world where warriors battle corruption with magic, steel, and their very souls. The romance is wild, the love is epic, and the men are mouthwatering. And you get to have more than one.