Timelines (for all series)

It came to my attention that it may be of interest to my readers when each book is supposed to take place, as in what months. So I’ll post the months each book goes from and to, here, and try to keep it as up to date (with new books releases) as possible.  You’ll notice that there are occasional time gaps between books… even Vervain can’t get into trouble all the time.

The Godhunter Series

  1.  Godhunter: July-September
  2. Of Gods and Wolves: October-January
  3. Oathbreaker: February-April
  4. Marked by Death: May-July
  5. Green Tea and Black Death: August-December
  6.  A Taste for Blood: January-March
  7. The Tainted Web: April-June
  8.  Harvest of the Gods: July-October
  9.  A Fey Harvest: July-October
  10.  Into the Void: November-December
  11.  Out of the Darkness: November-December
  12.  Perchance to Die: March-May
  13.  Tracing Thunder: June-July
  14.  Light as a Feather: July-August
  15.  Rain or Monkeyshine: September-November
  16.  Blood Bound: Novembe-December
  17.  Eye of Re: February-May
  18.  My Soul to Take: May-June
  19.  As the Crow Flies: August-October
  20.  Cry Werewolf: December-February


Beyond the Godhunter

  1. A Darker Element (between Godhunter books 14-15) September-November
  2.  Out of the Blue: (between Godhunter books 17-18) December-June


The Twilight Court Series

  1.  Fairy-Struck: September-November
  2.  Pixie-Led: December-January
  3.  Raven-Mocking: January-March
  4.  Here There be Dragons: April-May
  5.  Witchbane: July-October
  6. Elf-Shot: January-April


The Spellsinger Series

  1. The Last Lullaby: January-May