The Dragon King’s Outcasts

The Dragon King’s Outcasts

Book 7 in The Dragons of Serai Series

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I’ve spent most of my very long life an outcast. Driven out of my home and dread by my mother, I wandered the seas of Serai until the Dragon God, the source of the Sea Dragons’ magic, was trapped by the Dragon Goddess. Without a connection to Karadas, my kind were forced into hibernation. All but me. Because I’m different. I have more Fire in me than other Sea Dragons, enough to make me something else.

I avoided hibernation, but without my Water magic, I couldn’t survive in the sea. I left the water and didn’t return for centuries, not until the Dragon God was freed and the Sea Dragons woke. And when I went back into the Rosrae Sea, I felt a great disturbance and knew I was no longer alone. Divine magic had brought a human to Serai and made him into someone like me. I had a dread at last. A brother. I went through a lot to reach Kaleb and help him escape the Dragon King who had enslaved him, but it was worth it.

We made a new life for ourselves on land. A good life. But it didn’t last. King Asmar of Rosrae tracked Kaleb to our home in Salrim and revealed that they were mates. They’re going back to the sea without me. I understand. There is nothing more important to a Dragon than their mate, and the Sea Dragons have only just been given mating magic. I will miss Kaleb, but he is still my dread and I his. I’ll be fine on land without him. Besides, I have my own Dragon King to deal with.

King Varilas of Salrim’s handsome face and perfect physique rivals even that of our god. He is strong, wise, and a good king. There is no reason for me to reject him. None but Dalcir. An outcast like me, Dalcir understands me. He may not be as handsome or as virile as Varilas, but his eyes hold mysteries that draw me to him and in his arms I find peace. Peace that the Dragon King of Salrim won’t permit me to have.

Varilas is intent on having me. Obsessed. He’s certain that we are mates, destined for each other. It’s true that I feel something for him in return, but if we are mates, why does my heart long for another man?