The Dragon King’s Inventor

The Dragon King’s Inventor

The Dragons of Serai: 12

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I will never be weak again.

After the man I loved mated a Dragon King, I knew I had to make a fresh start. Rontor may not have loved me, but he did care for me. He taught me to be strong. To know I had value. That I was worthy of being loved. Before I left Vix, I promised him that I would never let a man abuse me, not even a Dragon King. That promise was an integral part of the new life I was building for myself. If I wanted to be happy, I had to be strong. But every time I’m near the Dragon King of Sken, my strength fails me.

The last Dragon King I was with had mistreated me and then stolen the man I loved. King Dhrostan isn’t a bad man, but he soured me against all Dragons, especially kings. And King Rianvar of Sken is just as arrogant, demanding, and dominant as King Dhrostan. I sense that there is more to him. Something fragile beneath the hard exterior. A man who could command me and love me. Who could hold me down and lift me up. But my newfound strength was far too precious and fragile to risk on a man like him.