Careless Wishes


Happily ever after is just another beginning.

Five years after the birth of her children, Queen Seren Firethorn is enjoying life as a wife to four amazing men and a mother to four beautiful children. But this fairy queen was never meant to sit idly on a throne. Her work may be done with the Goddess Danu, but Seren is part human and as such, she’s also bound Danu’s twin brother, Anu. The God of Earth is far from done with the Twilight Princess. Anu calls upon the ex-Ambassador to take up her sword again and fight for his people. A thief has stolen a Fey relic, one that grants wishes, but only a pure soul can use it properly. Every wrong wish will have terrible consequences. Seren must find this thief and retrieve the relic but can she do it before his careless wishes destroy the entire world?