Marked by Death

Marked by Death ~ Book 4 in the Godhunter Series


The cold is spreading.
After the battle in Asgard, Vervain Lavine, the Godhunter, just wants to celebrate the victory with her friends and family. The fact that those friends happen to be gods, and her family is a bunch of werewolves and werelions, only makes the victory that much sweeter. But the wound she took from Anubis’ blade has scarred over, and the cold beginning to spread from it is worrisome. Not to mention the link it’s established between her and the Egyptian God of the Dead, who seems intent on making her pay for having the audacity to attack him.
Then there’s Demeter, still out to get Vervain, and Ares who may be holding a grudge over the loss of his lover and his left hand. Besides the gods who want her dead, there’s the goddess who wants Vervain’s help stopping a drug lord who also happens to be a god.
So it’s a little hard for the Godhunter to celebrate, in fact she can barely sleep, ever since the night that she was marked by Death.