The Fox Soul


I shared my soul to save his life.

It seems as if great happiness is for other men. For most of my life, it’s eluded me. I get close and then it disappears. But when I watched Sergeant Ryker Drellan slide across an icy battlefield to save my army from an unexpected attack, something inside me began to hope. He gave his life for ours that day, but I brought him back with the help of my soul stone, the Fox Soul. I’m the warlord of the Fox Army—a blended fighting force of faeries and humans. I’ve been the Fox Lord for many years, but I’ve never met a soldier like Ryker. He’s rash, brave, charismatic, crude, utterly beautiful, and now, he’s also the Fox Valorian. My valorian. I’m starting to think that happiness may be within my reach after all. All I have to do is survive a horde of ruthless monsters wielding dark magic weapons. And, of course, the Fox Valorian.