The Dragon King’s Thief

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There isn’t anything I can’t steal.

So when a soldier in the Dragon King’s army comes looking for a thief on behalf of the King, I volunteer. The danger of the mission didn’t bother me. I knew I could steal anything the Dragon King desired. But the job was the just the beginning. I’ve been drawn into a deadly world of Dragon intrigue, politics, and assassination. The King asked me for help, and I agreed. I should have just walked away, but I couldn’t. Not after speaking with the Dragon King. He’s more than I expected. A good king, but an even better man. I can’t leave him to face liars, schemers, and murderers alone. Those are my people. I know how to best deal with them. Besides, I’ve got my sights on set on a new target—the Dragon King’s heart. This will be the greatest theft of my life.