Faeries Gone Wild

Faeries Gone Wild: Book 34 in the Godhunter Series


This new fey world is having some growing pains.

In the aftermath of wild magic running amok over the Earth, Vervain and Azrael are trying their best to find a way to coexist happily with humans. Most of the world has gone fey-crazy, elevating faeries to a celebrity status, but there are still those who haven’t gotten over the horrors that the wild magic wrought, and they don’t like the fact that more and more faeries are coming to Earth. On top of dealing with these hate-mongers, there’s the legal issues that arise, making faeries the target of law enforcement as well, including Vervain’s friend, Austin. But all of these matters take a backseat to babies.

During the time when raths to Faerie were open and wild magic ruled the world, many children were conceived. Now, those children are showing unusual traits, and without magical parents to protect them, Vervain fears for their safety. Human but with fey magic, these babies could be the key to peace between the races, or they could be the catalyst of war. Either way, the Godhunter is right in the middle of it all.