Igniting Ember

The Wraith Lords: Book One

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Everything changed the day I saved his life.

I used to hide my magic. Mainly because I didn’t want to be persecuted. I mean, even more so than I already was for being human. Humans aren’t supposed to have magic. It’s what makes us susceptible to the Corrupter’s infection. And I don’t just have one type of magic. I have all the elements, even Spirit—the element only Wraith Lords control. At best, the other races of Vasrae would see me as a mutant. At worst, a threat.

Then the Corrupter attacked our village. Two Wraith Lords came to defend us, but despite their superior skill with swords and Spirit Magic, I knew one of them would die. So, I used my magic to save him. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

His name is Ratharin. He’s brutally handsome, with hair as black as a raven’s wing and lavender eyes that I could happily stare into for days. As a Wraith Lord, his honor is unquestionable and his bravery is infallible. He has a body honed to kill and magic granted him by the Goddess herself. Everything about him makes me shiver and salivate. And he wants to take me with him. To meet the Emperor. To help him fight the Corrupter. To start a new life. No more hiding. I’ll get to be myself. But the best bit, the thing that made me say yes, is I’ll be a part of Rath’s life. For that, I’ll do anything.