The Dragon King’s Philosopher

The Dragon King’s Philosopher

The Dragons of Serai: Book 3

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A broken heart sent me running right into his arms.

I live in a world of magic, but I’m a man of science. Nothing thrills me more than learning, be it a new language, culture, or the way something works. That is, until I fell for the Dragon Prince of Zaru. After he mated another man, I found myself listless, searching for something to ease the heartache. So when the offer of an archaeological job in Ha’tezan came to me, I accepted it instantly. I didn’t ask what it paid or who was hiring me; I didn’t care. I just needed to get out of Zaru.

My employer is a king—King Xa’din of Ha’tezan. At first, he seemed brutal, ruling his kingdom with an iron claw and a pair of cursed, mismatched eyes. But I sense there’s something magnificent waiting behind his hard exterior, just as there is behind the ancient doors he’s unearthed. And as intriguing as King Xa’din is, so is his island kingdom. It’s full of exotic creatures and people I’ve never seen before. I intend to uncover all the secrets of Ha’tezan, especially those of its King. I just pray that I haven’t traded heartbreak for something more fatal.