The Dragon King’s Monster

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The Dragons of Serai Series continues in another magical kingdom where cities rise above the clouds and love is as wild as the Dragons who rule.

As a Dragon King, I should have little to complain about, but my life has become a monotony. I feel shackled to the throne, trudging through every day hoping for something to change. And then it did. While hunting a monster, I came across Shye. Utterly misnamed, Shye is anything but. He’s vivacious, bold, hungry for life, and never hides what he feels. He makes me laugh. I can’t remember when I’ve laughed so much or when I last looked upon my kingdom with wonder. Shye gives me that; he gives me everything.

For years I’ve been surrounded by sycophants. Flatters come with the crown. I was wary around Shye at first, but I quickly realized that he means everything he says, just as he says it. I want to trust him. Still, strange things are happening in the crown city of Zasbara, strange and violent things, and they all began when Shye arrived. Is my lover my long-awaited mate, the only man who will complete my life? Or is he my worst nightmare, a monster who will destroy everything I’ve worked so hard to build?