The Dragon King’s Rebel

The Dragon King’s Rebel

The Dragons of Serai: 11

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Hatred sent me into his arms.

I don’t have a problem with Dragons or even Dragon Kings. The last Dragon King of Vix left my people alone, and that’s all I want from one of them. He died at the hands of his goddess, and his throne has sat empty for several months, leaving the Kingdom of Vix to floundered. Crime has grown rampant in the crown city of Nuri, gangs freely roaming the streets, and the courtiers have taken over the castle. My king, the Great Luh of the Ricarri, has delighted in the chaos. But now, word has come that a young Dragon has won the crown. He has a rough task ahead of him, but it’s about to become even more difficult.

I have been tasked with taking down the Dragon King.

I will find no delight in this mission, but I will complete it. No matter how handsome the Dragon King is or how much I admire his efforts to save his kingdom. I will not let his honor or bravery sway me. Nor will I fall prey to the passion that flares between us, burning hotter with every glance. Every touch. I cannot fail my king, the man I respect above all others. Not even for love.