The Eagle Soul

Everything changed the day a faerie fell into my tomatoes.

I thought I had my life planned out. My farm was prosperous, and I was on the verge of proposing to my childhood sweetheart. I’d have a family. A normal life. And then the Eagle Lord crashed into my crops—a giant bird with a broken wing. I foolishly tried to save him from the monster who was stalking him, and he repaid me by giving me immortality. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Except immortality isn’t free, even when it’s a gift. Taryn Savagas wants me to fight beside him. To give up everything I have and everything I am to be his valorian. A weapon to end the Farungal War. No, thank you; I’d rather fight a drought than the Farungal. Even the searing hot passion that ignited between us—forbidden desire that I’ve denied my entire life—can’t sway me. Sex isn’t worth dying for. But the Eagle Lord has the stubbornness of a mule and the attitude of an ass. To secure me as his valorian, he’ll do anything, even jeopardize the bond that’s been forged between us. All he cares about is ending this war, and if I continue down this path with him, I have a horrible feeling that my heart will become collateral damage.