The Tiger Soul

The conclusion of the Soul Stones Series

I never wanted to be a hero.

I acted on impulse and did a really stupid thing to save a lot of people. And it worked. Except that I wasn’t the only one who did a stupid thing that day. After I drank the potion that would have been used to destroy the Tiger Army and possibly all of Stalana, the Tiger Lord did something that had never been done before; he made me a faerie. Yep, that idiot gave me a piece of his soul and then his Goddess used it to transform me into one of them. Now, I’m immortal. Sure, sounds great. But I’m also bound to the man who saved my life. I feel things for him that I really don’t want to feel. Things that I shouldn’t feel. I tried to walk away from him, even left the army and moved to Varalorre, and he followed me. He’s been tormenting for nearly forty years.

Now, there’s a new Tiger Lord, and he’s come to Varalorre to take me back to the war. He’s gorgeous, brave, and just as relentless as the last Tiger Lord. I’m straight, always have been, but for the second time in my life, I’m finding myself attracted to another man. And this man says that he can help me. He can break the bond between Derringar and me. But I have a terrible feeling that trying to be free of one warlord will only get me bound even more tightly to two of them.