The Lynx Soul

My real life began the day I decided to die.

After being captured and tortured by the Farungal Queen, I vowed that I wouldn’t let her win, even if it meant my death. But when I jumped from her battlements, taking my own life instead of allowing her to turn me into a monster, I caught the attention of a goddess, a group of magical beasts, and a fae warlord. Thorne Callenaer, the Lynx Lord, was so moved by my sacrifice that he saved my life by giving me a piece of his soul. Now, we’re bound by magic and drawn together by the beauty we glimpsed in each other’s souls. But up until the moment he saved me, Thorne had never desired another man. While the war with the monstrous Farungal rages on, I’m left to fight a different kind of battle, one of lust and love and pride. To survive, I’ll need the soul of a lynx and the strength to win the heart of the Lynx Lord.