The Ghosts of War

Book 1 in the Tales of the Beneath Series

I had a bad feeling the day I met the God of War.

As a Water Witch, I trust my feelings implicitly. But I wasn’t prepared for the mess and magnificence that was tossed into my lap. The mess is a haunting that defies all explanation and the magnificence is the Greek God of War. Ares hired me to clear his house of spirits, or whatever was masquerading as spirits, but the longer I investigate the strange occurrences in his villa, the more I realize that neither the haunting nor the god are who I thought them to be. The God War has depths to him that draw me closer by the day, and his ghosts have more power than any mere specter should have. One promises to give me pleasure that I’ve only dreamed of and the other is turning into a nightmare, but my instincts are telling me that both will change my life forever.