The Little Glass Slipper

The Little Glass Slipper

Book 5 in the Fight For Your Fairy Tale Series

The Little Glass Slipper can be found in Happily Harem After Vol. 1

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An erotic tale of love, fairies, and footwear.

Madelyn’s mother left when she was still a child. She never believed her father’s stories about her mother being a fairy who had to return to her own world. Her father remarried, and then he also died, leaving Madelyn alone with a stepmother and three stepsisters who treated her like a servant. Madelyn would have simply left, but her kingdom was unsafe for young women on their own, ruled over by a immoral family known for their hedonistic ways. So Madelyn stayed and waited for an opportunity to change her life. She never expected that chance to arrive in the form of her returned fairy mother, or her kingdom’s three princes who were known more for their sexual prowess than their nobility. But a girl’s gotta work with the magic she’s given, and Madelyn intends to make the most of hers.