Wild Wonderland

Wild Wonderland

Book 2 in the Fight For Your Fairy Tales Series

Wild Wonderland can be found in Happily Harem After Vol. 1

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Fall into a brand new Wonderland.

Still reeling from the loss of her last living relative, Alice returns from her uncle’s funeral to find an intruder in her home. The strange man calls himself Warren White and insists that Alice is the heir to a magical world called Wonderland. As hard as it is to believe, proof of his claims is revealed, and Alice finds herself tumbling into a world of magic and madness. Claiming her birthright will not be easy; Wonderland is in the hands of an usurper, and Alice must release her hidden magic to unite the Card Kings and lead their armies into battle against the Queen of Hearts. Alice has the power to save Wonderland, but only if she gives in to the passion that will release it.