The Hawk Soul

This Ravyn has the soul of a hawk.

My name is Ravyn. I’m a human soldier in a Fae army of shapeshifters run by a warlord. I’m a simple man; I like the three Fs—Feasting, Fighting, and Fu- well, you know the last one. I don’t have many expectations for my life beyond those things and that’s just fine by me. But when two fae amulets are stolen and only a human can retrieve them, my warlord asks me to help. He is the Hawk Lord—honorable, brave, terrifyingly powerful, and hot enough to set my pants on fire with a single look. That look was all it took to get me to agree to one of the most dangerous missions of my life. What I didn’t know was that he’d be accompanying me, watching my back as we crept through the continent of Alantri—land of the monstrous Farungal. Nor did I know that our mission would bring us together in the most unexpected ways. The Hawk Lord is so much more than I thought. Stronger and more heroic, with a soul more beautiful than his face But he also has a darkness inside him, one that could bind us together forever or tear us viciously apart. To survive his love, I’ll need the heart and soul of a hawk.