The Sea Dragon King’s Slave

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My life wasn’t going anywhere, but it was still my own. Until the day a light appeared on a Hawaiian beach and swallowed me whole. It spat me out into a deadly underwater world full of monsters and magic. But I was saved from the monsters by the greatest monster of all—a Sea Dragon. A monster who is also a man. A king, no less. And having saved my life, he claimed it as his.

King Asmar of the Rosrae Sea says I’m his slave. He says it over and over despite my protests. He doesn’t believe me when I tell him that I’m from another world. Nor will he accept the fact that I will not call him master or serve him in bed. But the King doesn’t force me into his arms. He seduces. He ensnares. He enthralls. And the Sea Dragon King is the most amazing man I’ve ever met. Arrogant, yes, but how could he not be? King Asmar is one of the most powerful men in the seas of Serai, with a legend that has survived centuries of hibernation. Men and women willingly offer themselves as tribute to him, entering contracts of slavery just for the chance of catching his eye and becoming his bed slave.

If I don’t escape him soon, he will wear down my defenses, and I will become one of the many slaves who willingly serve him. But his city lies on the ocean floor, beneath thousands of feet of water, and no one within it would dare oppose the Sea Dragon King to help me. Unless I grow gills, my freedom is only a memory. The best I can do is hope that Asmar won’t claim my heart as well.