Godhunter Books and Character List

The Godhunter Series

A vigilante witch hunts the gods to save the world from their manipulations. Join Vervain as she navigates the tricky world of the gods, where romance and danger go hand in hand.

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Character List

A list of all the characters in the Godhunter Series

Aalish: (Alis) Queen of the Earth Kingdom.

Aba: Angel friend of Holly’s.

Abaddon: The Destroyer. Angel of the Abyss, Lord of the Locusts.

Adele: Sabine’s middle sister. Deceased.

Adriano: Lead guitarist for Dark Horses. Celtic horse-shifter.

Aednat: (Eye-nit) dragon-sidhe, Sabine’s mother.

Aengus: Celtic God of Love, Youth, and Poetry. He’s the son of Dagda.

Aidan: Intare (were-lion) pain in Vervain’s ass… and everyone else’s for that matter.

Aion: Greek God of Cyclical Time, the Zodiac, and the Constellations.

Akhlys: Greek Goddess of the Death Mist. Used by Eros in an attempt to murder Vervain.

Alder: Dark-sidhe of Sloth.

Amphitrite: Greek Goddess of the Sea, wife to Poseidon.

Angelica: Dark-sidhe of Fear.

Anna: Fire cat-sidhe, mother of Hunter.

Anubis: (Ah-new-biss) Egyptian God of the Dead. Lord of the werejackals. Son of Set and Nephthys, brother to Ma’at, great-great-grandson of Re.

Aodh: (Eee) Finn’s brother, a Celtic swan-shifter.

Amaterasu: Japanese Goddess of the Sun.

Ananta: AKA Sesha Lord of the Nagas. Hindu.

Anjana: Haruman’s mother.

Anteros: Greek God of Requited Love. One of the Erotes.

Aphrodite: Greek Goddess of Love, Victory, War, and Sex. Married to Hephaestus. Lover to too many men to name. Deceased.

Apollo: Greek God of the Sun. Twin brother of Artemis.

Apsaras: Hindu female spirits of clouds and waters.

Arach: King of the Fire Kingdom. Married to Vervain, father of Brevyn and Rian.

Ares: Greek God of War. Married to Eris, lover of Aphrodite, son of Zeus and Hera. Deceased.

Ariadne: Dionysus’ wife, mortal made goddess.

Armadal: fire fey leader of Misty Meadows.

Aruna: Hindu suparna, second born son of Vinata.

Artair: earth pixie turned fire pixie.

Artemis: Greek Goddess of the Hunt. Dating Torrent, member of God Squad.

Ash: Dark-sidhe of Pride.

Athena: Greek Goddess of Wisdom. Daughter of Zeus and Metis.

Austin: A human police officer from Texas.

Azrael Morningstar: Archangel of Death. Son of Lucifer and Holly, brother to Jesus. Married to Vervain.

Badb: One of the three aspects of the Morrigan; the Washer at the Ford, the old seer.

Baron Kriminel: Vodou lwa of Criminals. Enforcer of the Gede.

Baron Samedi: (Baron Sah-meh-dee) Vodou lwa of the Graveyard. Married to Maman Brigitte, head of the Gede.

Bastet: Egyptian Goddess of War. Cat-shifter, daughter of Lusaset and Re, twin sister to Sekhmet.

Bearach: (Bare-rock) Imp.

Beryl: Drachleen-sidhe male.

Besa: (Bay-sah)Egyptian Spirit of the Corn, lives in Re’s territory.

Bodb Derg: Tuathan Celtic God, Finn’s grandfather by fostering.

Brahma: (Brah-mah) Hindu God of Knowledge, member of God Squad. Married to Sarasvati.

Brave Gede: Vodou lwa, Guardian of the Graveyard, member of the Gede.

Breana: Queen of the Air Kingdom.

Bres: Half Formorian and half Tuatha Dé Dannan, Bres is the son of Eriu and Elatha and once husband to Brighid.

Brevyn: Vervain and Arach’s son, twin brother to Rian, and holder of Ull’s soul.

Brid: (Bride) Celtic Goddess of Prophecy and Learning, sister to Brighid and Brigit.

Brighid: (Bri-jed) Celtic Goddess of Healing. Dated Thor and betrayed him. Deceased.

Brigit: (Bri-jit) Celtic Goddess of Metal Work, sister to Brighid and Brid.

Burdock: Dark-sidhe of Suspicion.

Cahal: King of the Earth Kingdom.

Cailleach Bheur: (Coyluck Bear) Celtic Goddess of Winter. The counterpart to Brighid.

Cait: (Kate) Brownie female working in the Dark Court.

Caitir: (Kate-teer) Fire-sidhe friend of Vervain’s, lives in Misty Meadows.

Calamus: Dark-sidhe of Stubbornness.

Campe: Greek drakaina (she-dragon) of Tartarus.

Cassiel: (Cass-see-L)Archangel of Solitude, Ruler of 7th Heaven.

Celandine: Dark-sidhe of Loneliness.

Cerebus: (Sare-ah-bus) Greek Hound God, dog-shifter.

Cernunnos: (Sir-nah-noose) Horned God of the Celts.

Charon: (Care-ron) Greek Ferryman of the Underworld.

Cian: (Key-an) High King of Faerie, married to Meara.

Ciaran: (Kee-ah-rawn) Leanan-sidhe healer.

Cid: (Sid) Warden of Ice Block One, demon, and close friend of Lucifer.

Conn: Finn’s twin brother, a Celtic swan-shifter.

Constantin: Drummer for Dark Horses, a Celtic horse-shifter.

Cora: Earth pixie turned fire pixie, Artair’s wife.

Craigor: (Krayg-ore) Air-sidhe father of Aradia.

Credne: Tuathan Celtic God of Skill.

Dagda: Son of Elatha and Danu. Celtic God of Earth.

Dahlia: dark-sidhe of Vengeance, mother of Zinnia.

Damiana: Dark-sidhe of Envy.

Danal: Knight of the House of Air, first fey to find Vervain in Faerie.

Daoir: (Dah-here) Hidden-One baby boy, son of Taog and Fionnaghal.

Darius: Intare (werelion) Lieutenant. One of the first lions Vervain met. Dating Lorna.

Deirdre: (Deer-drah) Hidden-One baby girl, daughter of Taog and Fionnaghal.

Dhumorna: Destroyer of All Demons, wife to Yama, mother of Katila.

Diarmad: (Dyeer-muht) Earth pixie turned fire pixie

Diarmat: (deer-mit) goblin.

Dionysus: (Die-oh-nie-sus) Greek God of Grapes, married to Ariadne, father of Pasithea, grandfather to Morpheus.

Disani: (Dee-sah-knee)Goddess of the Kafir. Vervain calls her Bottled Water Goddess.

Dominic: Future angel son of Azrael and Vervain.

Dughall: (Dew-gull) Fire cat-sidhe.

Dwarves of Nidavellir: Norse gods who live in Nidavellir, they’re talented metal smiths.

Elatha: Formorian king, previously prince. Celtic God of the Sun. Father to Bres and Dagda.

Elena: Vampire psychic and best friend to Eztli.

Emma Langston: Human rescued from Demeter. Married to Fenrir.

Enma: Japanese God of the Underworld

Epona: (Ee-Po-nah)Celtic Horse Goddess, dated Thor and was married to Constantin.

Erebus: Greek God of Darkness. Morpheus’ grandfather. Nyx’s husband.

Eros: Greek God of Love and Sex. One of the Erotes. Vervain killed him.

Estsanatlehi: (Es-tan-AHT-loo-hee) AKA Mrs E. Navajo Goddess of Change. Member of God Squad. Married to Mr. T, mother of Naye and Toby.

Ethniu Ingen Balor: Formorian Celtic Goddess; Lugh’s mother.

Eztli: (Ahtz-lee)Aztec vampire turned Goddess of the Blood Moon, married to Blue.

Fallon: AKA Bhekifa Lungani. Intare Lieutenant. Married to Samantha, father of Zariel.

Fand: water-sidhe foster mother to Lugh and wife of Manannan.

Fearghal: (FAR-rell) red cap captain.

Felix: Fire pixie dating Lissa.

Fenrir: (Fen-rear) Norse God of the Wolves, father of the Froekn, married to Emma.

Finn: AKA Fiachra MacLir. Swan-shifter, son of Lir, brother of Aodh and Fionnuala, twin brother to Conn.

Finnian: (Feh-knee-an) Dragon-sidhe, father to Sabine.

Fionnaghal: (Fee-oh-nah-gal) Hidden-One, married to Taog, mother of Mini V, Deirdre, and Daoir.

Fionn: (Fee-on) King of the Air Kingdom.

Fionnuala: (Fee-oh-new-ala) Finn’s sister, a Celtic swan-shifter.

Freyr: Norse God of Fertility. Ruler of Alfheim, brother to Freya.

Freya: Norse Goddess of Cats, Love, Fertility, Marriage, and Prosperity.

Froekn: Werewolves. Valiant in Old Norse.

Gabriel: Archangel, God’s Messenger, Ruler of 1st Heaven.

Gandharvas: Hindu male spirits of nature, usually part animal.

Garuda: Hindu suparna, first born son of Vinata.

Gede Babaco: Papa Gede’s brother.

Gede Nibo: (Geh-day Knee-bow) Vodou intermediary between the living and the dead. A member of the Gede.

Gello: (Jello) Female demon, Holly’s best friend.

Gersemi: Freya’s daughter.

Gish: (dish with a G)Afghani God of War, carries a rainbow quiver.

Goibniu: Tuathan Celtic God of Skills.

Granuaile: (Graw-knee-ah-wail) Fire-sidhe nanny to Vervain’s twins.

Green Men: Celtic demi-gods of nature, they hang out with Cernunnos.

Gruach: (Groo-ah) water-sidhe who’s dating Kanaloa.

Guirmean: (Goo-rah-man) King of the Water Kingdom, father of Morgan.

Hades: Greek God of the Underworld. Married to Persephone. Member of the God Squad.

Hanuman: Hindu Monkey God. Dated Rhiannon.

Hawthorn: Dark-Sidhe of Scorn.

Hedylogos: Greek God of Sweet Talk. One of the Erotes.

Hel: Norse Goddess of the Dead. Ruler of Niflheim (Norse territory for the dead who died outside of battle). Sister to Fenrir.

Hekate: Greek Goddess of Magic. Engaged to Horus. Member of the God Squad.

Helene: Sabine’s youngest sister. Deceased.

Hera: Greek Goddess of Women and Marriage. Married to Zeus. Mother to Ares, Hebe, Hephaestus, and Pasithea (by Dionysus).

Hermes: Greek Messenger God. Father of Pan.

Hestia: Greek Goddess of the Hearth and Home.

Himeros: Greek God of Desire. Son of Aphrodite and Ares. Hates Vervain for killing his parents. One of the Erotes.

Holly: AKA The Holy Spirit. Mother of Azrael and Jesus, married to Lucifer.

Horus: Egyptian God of the Sun and Moon, War, and the Sky. Engaged to Hekate. Member of the God Squad. Son of Isis and Osiris, father of Ithy, great great grandson of Re.

Huitzilopochtli: (Weet-seal-oh-POACHED-lee) AKA Blue. Aztec God of War and the Sun. Vampire God. Member of the God Squad. Married to Eztli.

Hunter: cat-sidhe toddler, son of Roarke and Anna.

Hygieia: Greek Goddess of Health.

Hymenaeus: Greek God of Marriage and Ceremony. Married Horus and Hekate.0

Hypnos: Greek God of Sleep, married to Pasithea, father to Morpheus, Phobetor, and Phantasus. Deceased.

Iain: (Ee-an) Fire cat-sidhe.

Iktomi: Lakota Spider God. Father of Torrent. Deceased.

Ilario: (Ee-lar-ree-oh)Guitarist for Dark Horses, a Celtic horse-shifter.

Ilmarinen: The Hammerer. Finnish Forger God. Owner of Sampo the nightclub and forger of the Sampo.

Intare: African demi-gods, werelions. A list of various Intare includes: Lucian, Jared, Ryan, Aaron, Kevin, George, Dexter, Ethan, Christopher, Timothy, David, Troy, Wren, and Alexander. The deceased lions who live with Anubis in Duat are: Rick, Hamish, Alan, and Noel.

Ira: AKA Famine, Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Isidore: Sabine’s oldest human sister. Deceased.

Isleen: (Is-lean) Leanan-sidhe chatelaine for the House of Fire.

Isis: (Eye-sus) Egyptian Goddess of Magic. Daughter of Geb and Nut, wife to Osiris, mother of Horus, and twin sister of Nephthys. Great-granddaughter of Re.

Jade: drachleen-sidhe female.

Jambavant: Hindu King of the Rikshas(werebears).

Jerry: AKA Jehova, the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish God.

Jesus: AKA The J-Man, Christian God, son of Holly and Jerry, and Guardian of the GRAYEL.

Juniper: Dark-sidhe of Apathy.

Kadru: Hindu Mother of the Nagas.

Kaitlin: Human girlfriend of Ull’s, ate an apple of immortality to wait for him.

Kali: Hindu Goddess of Empowerment. Married to Shiva.

Kanaloa: (Kah-nah-low-ah) Hawaiian God of the Ocean. Squid-shifter. Dating Gruach (water-sidhe).

Karni-Mata: Hindu Goddess of Rats. Dating Teharon. Member of the God Squad.

Katila: Son of Yama.

Katrina: Farinne-sidhe.

Kirill Alexeyevich: Intare Ganza, married to Vervain.

Krishna: Hindu God of Compassion. Created Dvārakā.

Kuan-Ti: (Kwahn-tee) Chinese General turned God of War. Friends with Blue.

Laise: (Lash-ah) Leanan-sidhe who designs the nursery.

Lamiai, The: (Lah-me-eye) Greek vampiric demi-goddesses who hang with Hekate.

Laurell: Dark-sidhe of Weakness.

Leto: Greek daughter of the Titans. Mother to Artemis and Apollo.

Lesya: (Lay-shah) Daughter of Vervain and Kirill. Lioness-shifter.

Lempo: Finnish God of Evil, Love, Fertility, Fire, Sexuality, and Dual Genders. Part of the group from Sampo.

Lemminkainen: Finnish Trickster God of Conjuring and Conjugality.

Liatris: Queen of the House of Darkness, married to Rowan, mother of Sinnea and Baidhen.

Lilith: Adam’s first wife, now married to Samael. Gello’s mother.

Lir: Celtic king turned god, father of Finn, Conn, Aodh, and Fionnuala.

Lissa: fire pixie.

Loki: Trickster God of the Norse. Fenrir’s father. Shapeshifter.

Lorna: Water-sidhe, mother of Morgan.

Lucifer Morningstar: AKA Satan etc. (I’m not listing all his names). Father of Azrael and married to Holly.

Luchta MacLuachaid: Tuathan Celtic God of Skill.

Lugh Mac Cein: Celtic God of Skill, Crafts, Arts, Oaths, Truth, and Law.

Lusaset: (Lew-sah-set)Egyptian Primal Goddess, Re’s wife. Deceased.

Ma’at: (Mah-aht)Egyptian Goddess of Justice. Daughter of Set and Nephthys, sister of Anubis, Re’s great-great-granddaughter.

Macaria: Greek Goddess of Blessed Death. Hades and Nyx’s daughter.

Mace: Dark-sidhe of Anger.

Macha: (Mock-uh) One of the three aspects of the Morrigan. Fury incarnate. The red-haired goddess of Fire, Victory, Protection, and Fertility.

Machatan: (Mah-cah-tan)Cherubim who looks like a Harley wheel.

Mairi: (Mah-ree) fire cat-sidhe.

Maman Brigitte: Vodou lwa of Crosses and Gravestones. Wife of Baron Samedi.

Manannan Mac Lir: (Ma-nah-nahn) Celtic God of the Sea, foster father to Lugh. Guardian of the Celtic Otherworld, and ferryman to the souls of the dead.

Mandrake: Dark-sidhe of Jealousy.

Marasa: Vodou twin lwas, members of the Gede.

Marzana: Russian Goddess of Winter and Death. Dated Anubis only to steal goggles from Re.

Meara: (Meer-ah) High Queen of Faerie, married to Cian.

Meilyr: (May-leer) Imp.

Michael: Archangel and Ruler of the 4th Heaven.

Mimir: Norse Giant God of Wisdom. Taught Odin how to bring back Sabine’s soul. Dating Isleen.

Moirai, The: AKA The Fates. Lachesis the Alotter, Clotho the Spinner, and Atropos the Unturnable.

Morgan: Prince of the Water Kingdom, son of Guirmean and Lorna.

Morpheus: Greek God of Dreams, one of the three Oneiroi, son of Hypnos and Pasithea, brother to Phantasus and Phobetor. Member of the God Squad.

Morrigan: (More-ri-gahn) One of the three aspects of the Morrigan. The Great Queen or Phantom Queen. Battle Crow.

Morvran: (More-v’ran)Celtic God of War. Deceased.

Mot: Angel of Death “Mothman”

Nala: Hindu were-monkey leader.

Nagas: Hindu snake-shifters.

Nainsidh: (Nan-she) Bean-nighe woman who gives Vervain a prophecy.

Nayenezgani: AKA Naye. Navajo God of War. Twin brother of Tobadzistsini. Son of Mr. T and Mrs. E, married to Atahensic (deceased). Father of Teharon and Tawiskaron.

Neala: Phooka mother who’s married to Righ.

Nemesis: Greek Goddess of Revenge.

Nephthys: (Nehp-sis) Egyptian Goddess of Mourning. Daughter of Nut and Geb, wife of Set, mother to Ma’at and Anubis, great-granddaughter of Re.

Nepra: (Neh-prah)Egyptian Spirit of the Corn, lives in Re’s territory.

Nora: Phooka turned into first water phooka, engaged to King Guirmean. Daughter of Albion and Sonasag

Nuada: (New-ah-dah)Celtic God of Healing, has a silver arm.

Nyx: Greek Goddess of Night. Mother of Macaria, Hypnos, Thanatos, and Eris ( and more)

Odin: AKA The Allfather, AKA Oathbreaker. Norse God of the Occult. Married to Sabine in the past, now married to Vervain. Father of Thor, Balder, Vidar, and Vali. Member of the God Squad. Has two ravens; Hugin and Munin, and two wolves; Geri and Freki.

Oran: (Ah-ran) Fire cat-sidhe.

Osiris: Egyptian God of the Afterlife. Married to Isis, father of Horus.

Pan: Greek God of Nature. Member of the God Squad.

Papa Gede: (Papa Geh-day) Vodou lwa, member of the Gede.

Pasithea: Greek Goddess of Relaxation. Married to Hypnos, mother of Morpheus, Phobetor, and Phantasus. Creator of Net.

Pele: Hawaiian Goddess of the Volcano.

Persephone: (Per-sef-oh-knee) Greek Goddess of Spring. Married to Hades. Member of the God Squad. AKA Bunny-Nose.

Phantasus: (Fan-tah-sus)One of the three Oneiroi, Greek God of Illusion. Brother to Morpheus and Phobetor, son of Pasithea and Hypnos. Deceased.

Phobetor: (For-bet-tore) Greek God of Nightmares. One of the three Oneiroi. Son of Hypnos and Pasithea, brother to Morpheus and Phantasus.

Poseidon: Greek God of the Sea. Married to Amphitrite.

Pothos: Greek God of Sexual Longing and Desire. One of the Erotes.

Ptah: (Pa-tah) Egyptian Creator God. Married to Sekhmet, father of Nefertem.

Qaus: (Kow-sus)Arabian Weather God associated with rainbows.

Rainieri: (Rain-nee-er-ree) AKA Rain, lead singer for Dark Horses, a Celtic horse-shifter.

Raphael: Archangel of Healing, Ruler of the 2nd Heaven.

Re: Egyptian God of the Sun. Vervain’s boyfriend. Father of Sekhmet, Bastet, and Shu, was married to Lusaset (deceased).

Rebecca: Human sorceress and necromancer. Deceased.

Rhiannon: Celtic Goddess of Horses. Dated Constantin and Hanuman.

Rian: (Ree-an) Vervain and Arach’s son, twin to Brevyn.

Rikshas: Hindu bear-shifters. Demi-gods.

Rind: (Rin-d) Norse Giantess, mother of Vali.

Roarke: (Roar-k) King of the Fire Cat-Sidhe, father to Hunter.

Rosemary: Dark-sidhe of Greed.

Rowan: King of the House of Darkness, married to Liatris, father of Sinnea and Baidhen.

Rudra: Hindu God of Weather. Once had an affair with Sarasvati.

Rue: Dark-sidhe of Hunger, father of Zinnia.

Sabine: Vervain’s name in her past life when she was married to Odin.

Sakuya: Goddess of Mt. Fuji. Ninigi’s wife.

Samael: Archangel of Death (Yes, there’s more than one) and Ruler of the 5th Heaven.

Samantha: Froekn(werewolf) married to Fallon and one of Vervain’s best friends. Mother of Zariel.

Samara: Daughter of Vervain and Arach. Dragon-sidhe and Princess of Fire.

Samuel: AKA War, Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Sarama: Hindu Goddess of Dogs, Bitch of Heaven.

Sarasvati: (Sare-ras-vah-tee) AKA Sara. Hindu Goddess of Knowledge. Married to Brahma. Member of the God Squad.

Sekhmet: (Seck-met) Egyptian Warrior Goddess of Healing: Lioness-shifter, daughter of Lusaset and Re, twin of Bastet, mother of Nefertem.

Scotaidh: (Sco-tee) Imp.

Sebastian: Future angel son of Azrael and Vervain.

Senna: Dark-sidhe of Malice.

Silenus: Greek God of Prophecy. Drunkard. Companion to Dionysus.

Siuna: (Sh’ooh-nah) Female fire pixie dating Diarmad.

Snarl: Ellingran faerie male.

Sokar: (So-car) Egyptian God of the Buried. Brother to Ptah, resides in Aaru.

Suparnas: Hindu falcon-shifters.

Tagas: (Tah-gahs) Angel of Music.

Taog: (Took) Hidden-One who’s married to Fionnaghal, father of Mini V, Deidre, and Daoir.

Taraghlan: (Tare-ah-gawn) Air-sidhe.

Tawiskaron: (Tah-wisk-kah-ron) Mohawk Demon God of Darkness. Teharon’s twin brother and son of Nayenezgani and Atahensic. Deceased.

Teharon: (Teh-hah-ron) Mohawk Creator God of Healing. Son of Naye and Atahensic, twin brother of Tawiskaron. Dating Karni-Mata. Member of the God Squad.

Tefnut: (Teff-newt) Egyptian Goddess of Moisture, wife of Shu, mother of Nut.

Tepu-yn: (Teh-poo-in) Egyptian Spirit of the Corn, resides in Re’s territory.

Thaddeus: AKA Ted, Antichrist, Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Thanatos: Greek God of Death and Hypnos’ twin brother.

Thor: Norse God of Storms. Son of Odin and Iord, brother to Vali, Vidar, and Balder. Prince and Guardian of Asgard. Member of the God Squad.

Thoth: (Toth) Egyptian God of Knowledge.

Thrud: Norse Goddess of War. Thor and Sif’s daughter, brother to Ull.

Thunderbirds: Native American bird-shifters.

Tobadzistsini: AKA Toby. Navajo God of Darkness. Son of Mr T and Mrs E, twin brother of Naye.

Torrent: Demi-god creation of Iktomi. Made of god magic and Internet magic. Dating Artemis and member of the God Squad.

Trevor: AKA VéulfR, AKA Honey-Eyes. Froekn Prince and Heir Apparent. First born son of Fenrir. Married to Vervain.

Trillium: Dark-sidhe of Obsession.

TryggulfR: AKA Ty, Froekn(werewolf) 3rd son of Fenrir, Brother to Trevor and UnnúlfR.

Tsohanoai: (So-ha-noe-ayee) AKA Mr T. Navajo God of the Sun. Married to Mrs E, father to Naye and Toby. Member of the God Squad.

Ull: (uh-LL) Viking God of Justice. Son of Sif and stepson to Thor. Deceased.

Una: (Oooh-nah) Fire cat-sidhe.

UnnúlfR: Froekn (werewolf), 2nd son of Fenrir, brother to Trevor and Ty.

Vainamoinen: Finnish God of the Magical Voice. Part of the group from Sampo.

Vali: Norse God of Archery and Hunting. Son of Odin and Rind, adopted son of Sabine, brother to Vidar, Thor, and Balder.

Valkyries: Odin’s warrior goddesses. They include Brynhildr (Brin-hill-da), Eir (Air), Herja (Her-yah), and Kara.

Vampires: This pertains mainly to the Aztec strain, children of Blue and Eztli. They include: Ajax, William, Alexandra, and Jason.

Vanaras: Hindu were-monkeys. Demi-gods.

Vayu: Hindu God of Air. Father of Hanuman.

Vejasmate: Ty’s mother, Goddess of the Vilkacis (Latvian werewolves)

Vero: Future son of Trevor and Vervain. God of Moon and Wolves, Froekn (werewolf).

Vervain: main character- the Godhunter. Also a Hidden-One child called Mini V for the sake of clarity, daughter of Taog and Fionnaghal.

Vidar: Norse God of Vengeance and Silence. Son of Odin and Sabine, brother to Vali, Thor, and Balder.

Vilkacis: Latvian werewolves, children of Vejasmate

Vinata: Hindu Mother of Suparnas.

Violet: Dark-sidhe of Heartache.

Viper: a Star God created by Vervain of dark matter. She took his soul from the Void.

Xi Wang Mu: (See-wang-moo) Chinese Mother Goddess. Dating Kuan-Ti.

Yama: Hindu God of the Underworld. Enma’s brother.

Yarrow: Dark-sidhe of Exploitation.

Yemanja: (Yay-mahn-yah) Vodou lwa (low-ah) of the Sea. Also Santerian orisha (La Sirene) of the Sea.

Zachariel: (Zah-care-ree-all) Archangel of Healing.

Zariel: First Intare (lion-shifter) ever born. Daughter of Fallon and Samantha.

Zeus: Greek God of the Sky. Married to Hera, father of Athena, Artemis, and Apollo.

Zinnia: Baby dark-sidhe born to Dahlia and Rue.