Book Summaries- to refresh your memory

Some of these summaries are more concise than others. I tried to just highlight the important bits, and I’m sure there are lots of pieces left out, but it will at least give you an idea of what’s happened in each book, to remind you enough to continue the story.

The Godhunter Series

  1. Godhunter: In Godhunter, we meet the God Squad: Thor, Pan, Horus, Brahma, Persephone, Mr T and Mrs E, Teharon, and Ull. Thor and Vervain begin their relationship, and the Squad goes up against Huitzilopochtli (Blue). Blue tries to kill Marina Putina in order to start a war.  Vervain rescues Finn from an assassination attempt by Blue, and he joins the God Squad. Vervain is abducted by Blue during the assassination attempt, and we meet Aphrodite, Kuan Ti, Tawiskaron, Lir, and Sarama- Blue’s team of evil gods. Then Sif is introduced, and her rivalry with Vervain begins. Vervain escapes from Blue, and Blue begins a romantic, albeit insane, pursuit of her. Vervain bonds with Trevor, a one-sided Froekn bond that gives Vervain a piece of Trevor’s soul. He must be in close proximity to her at least once a month or he will die. You also meet Tristan, Jackson, Sommer, and her son, Kai- Vervain’s human friends. Hades shows up  during a God Squad meeting, and Vervain encourages Persephone to move in with him, creating animosity between Vervain and Persephone’s mother, Demeter. Thor gives Vervain silver, lightning-shaped hairsticks. Vervain discovers her nahual, a white jaguar with golden brown spots. Aphrodite abducts Vervain, and tortures her. Vervain steals Aphrodite’s magic, and becomes a goddess. Trevor finds Vervain, and she is rescued.
  2. Of Gods and Wolves: Vervain is challenged by Trevor’s father, Fenrir, and must prove herself through three Froekn fights, the last of which is against Fenrir himself. During the fights, Loki (Fenrir’s father) steals Vervain’s gloves. Vervain’s friends find out about the gods. Huitzilopochtli, aka Blue, abducts Vervain, intending to make her his queen. Vervain heals Blue through the power of her nahual, and Blue releases her. He is a changed man. Vervain attends a Yule party in Valhalla with Thor, where she meets his father, Odin, and does a tarot card reading for him. She warns him that he has traitors among his allies. Odin gives Vervain the tarot set, which had belonged to his dead wife, Sabine. During the party, she discovers that her bond with Trevor allows her to sense what he needs. This goes both ways, and Trevor can also sense what Vervain needs. Loki abducts Vervain and forces her into a fight with Sif, Thor’s ex-wife. Vervain kills Sif, and Thor holds himself partially responsible. The guilt eats at Thor, and he breaks up with Vervain. Finn makes a play for Vervain, but it’s Trevor who helps her through her break up with Thor, and whom Vervain falls in love with. Trevor opens Moonshine, a werewolf staffed bar in Hawaii, so that the Froekn don’t have to be assassins anymore. We meet Hermes, the messenger god, who is a god reporter. Demeter declares war on Vervain. Demeter teams up with a lion goddess named Niyarvirezi, who has a pride of lion shifters called the Intare. They lure Vervain and the God Squad to Arizona where Vervain believes she sees Blue riling up the Mexican immigrants. Vervain accuses Blue of this, and Blue denies it. A rift forms between them. The immigrants form a protest in Arizona, and the God Squad is drawn back, but it’s really a trap set into place by Demeter and Nyavirezi, and the Squad is ambushed by the goddesses and Niyavirezi’s lion pride. Vervain is captured during the battle, and is taken to Niyavirezi’s African themed palace in the God Realm. There, she discovers that the Intare are enslaved by their goddess. She rallies them against Niyavirezi, then kills her by stealing her magic, thus becoming the new Lion Goddess. Vervain claims the Pride and Pride Palace. Demeter escapes. Vervain meets the shackled and insane Kirill, and heals him, creating a deep bond between them. She takes Kirill home to Hawaii with her. Demeter attempts to kill Trevor, but Vervain uses her bond with him to keep him alive until Teharon can heal him. Vervain apologizes to Blue for not believing in him. Vervain needs training on shapeshifting. Thor recommends Odin to train her, and Vervain trains with Odin in Asgard. During the training session, Vervain meets Odin’s son, Vali. She falls asleep beside Odin, and wakes up with him kissing her neck. Kirill moves into Vervain’s art room in Hawaii.
  3. Oathbreaker: Trevor proposes to Vervain, but she refuses. Trevor storms off, and Vervain is comforted by Odin, who informs Vervain that Froekn are prone to psychic visions, due to their connection with the Moon. Vervain returns home to find Trevor gone, and is comforted by Kirill. Trevor returns in the morning and confesses to dreaming of a man who resembles Thor, and tells him that Vervain was his first. Odin asks for Vervain’s help in weeding out the traitors among his team. In exchange for her help, he offers to switch sides in the God War. Vervain takes up Odin on his offer and goes to Asgard to help Odin. We meet the Dark Horses, a horse-shifter band who plays at Moonshine, and their lead singer, Rain, is psychic. He asks Vervain if she has ever thought of having children. Vervain then discovers she is Odin’s reincarnated wife, Sabine, and she is mother to Odin’s son, Vidar. Loki warns Vervain that she is in danger from Demeter. Vervain solidifies the Intare and begins making rules. Balder kidnaps Vervain, but she is rescued by Trevor, Odin, Vidar, and Vali. She finds out she was Vali’s adopted mother, and raised him. Demeter kills Al, one of Vervain’s lions. Vervain creates an Intare tradition for Al’s funeral. Rain makes a prediction that he will carry Vervain into battle. Demeter tries to kill Hades, earning her daughter’s animosity. Vervain goes to the Greek Underworld, where she meets Peter the Pegasus. Demeter threatens Vervain’s children (from her past life). A vampire is spying on Vervain. Odin confesses to Vervain that he gave up his eye in exchange for the knowledge to bring her back from the Well of Souls. She is not reincarnated exactly, she IS Sabine within a new body. Odin placed her soul in the womb of a human witch, but then the spell exacted its payment by separating Odin from her. Odin lost track of Vervain’s mother, and thus Vervain, until the day Thor brought Vervain to Asgard. Vervain’s memories, which had been suppressed, start to return through dreams. Trevor is abducted by Balder, held hostage in exchange for Vervain to fight him personally. Vervain agrees to the fight, during which Balder drugs her with Net, a god drug that suppresses magic. We meet Ares, an ex-lover of Aphrodite’s who has a vendetta against Vervain, and we also meet his sons, Deimos and Phobos. Loki kills Balder with an arrow, saving Vervain’s life.  Demeter brings war to Asgard, in particular, Odin’s hall. Loki aids Vervain and the Squad. Blue is with Demeter, as is UnnulfR’s ex-lover, Andrasta, and Anubis. Anubis marks Vervain with his dagger. Vervain forgives Loki for his past crimes. Thor is enraged that Vervain has forgiven Loki.
  4. Marked by Death: Vervain feels a cold patch where Anubis struck her with his dagger. The cold spreads, and with it comes Anubis’ control. He begins to see through her eyes, and invades her mind. Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, comes to Vervain for help against Acan, a drug god who is destroying Pele’s people. When they go after Acan, they discover that not only is he dealing human drugs, he was also dealing Net to gods. They kill Acan and destroy the drugs. Vervain becomes more and more numb. She sleeps with Odin, then is forced to go to Anubis. Anubis’ spell wears off as soon as Vervain arrives in Duat, the Egyptian Underworld, and Anubis forces Vervain into sexual slavery to punish her for her audacity to attack gods. We meet Thoth, Ma’at (Anubis’ sister), Nepthys and Set (Anubis’ parents), and Re. Re shows Vervain kindness, and helps her to win over Anubis. Anubis slowly falls in love with Vervain. Trevor nearly dies from his separation from Vervain. Anubis makes a bargain with Vervain to allow her to see Trevor once a month, if she agrees to marry Anubis. Vervain sees Blue at her engagement party, and he apologizes to her. She also sees Trevor, briefly, and sinks into a deep depression when he is taken from her. On the day of her wedding, Ma’at helps Vervain to escape and tells her to seek out Jesus and the Holy GRAYEL, to heal the bond Anubis placed upon her. She does, and takes a sip from the GRAYEL, which removes all scars, healing the physical spell Anubis had put on her, and removing Thor’s mark. She think this removed his bond on her as well. Vervain meets Odin’s wolves and his ravens. Odin gives her a large emerald pendant which belonged to Sabine. Anubis sends Vervain presents and asks for forgiveness. Kirill becomes Vervain’s second lover when it’s discovered that the Intare magic demands that she take multiple lovers or she’ll go insane. Trevor is determined to be her alpha lover, and given final say over who she takes as a mate. He allows her to have Odin as her third lover. Vervain fights Demeter, and cuts off her braid, giving it to Kirill as a trophy. Ares kidnaps Fallon, one of her lions, to force Vervain to face him. Vervain kills Ares.
  5. Green Tea and Black Death: Meet Hsi Wang Mu, the Chinese Plague Goddess, who is bringing the Black Plague to Hawaii. Vervain discovers that she still has a connection to Thor through the protection bond he formed with her. Thor wants her back, but it’s impossible now that she’s with his father. Meet Krystal, Vervain’s human friend. They go shopping and run into Anubis. Anubis takes them to lunch and gets Vervain drunk. There is a vampire spying on them. Anubis drives Vervain home and kisses her. Trevor catches them, and is enraged. He leaves Vervain. Vervain hunts Hsi Wang Mu. Vervain’s grandfather dies and her family comes to town. Her mother meets her friends and lovers, Vervain reveals the truth to her witch mother. Trevor attends Vervain’s grandfather’s funeral, but then leaves. Vervain’s birthday- Kirill gives her wood hair combs that he’s carved. Trevor goes to stay with his Aunt Hel in Niflheim, and is trapped by her. Vervain meets Azrael, the Angel of Death, while hunting Hsi Wang Mu through Chinatown. She makes a deal with Azrael, that he would take her to Niflheim and rescue Trevor, in exchange for the possibility of a relationship between them. They rescue Trevor, seeing Balder’s soul in Niflheim, and meeting the dragon Nidhog, who calls Vervain his sister. Hel sets her hound Garm upon them as they flee Niflheim. Vervain discovers that it was Azrael who carried her soul to the Well of Souls at the request of Odin, causing a bond to be formed between them, when Azrael had to physically touch Vervain’s soul. It’s discovered that Anubis may have slipped a potion into Vervain’s drink, which caused her to lose her inhibitions and seem drunk. Meet Karni Mata, the Hindu Rat Goddess, who comes to Hawaii to protect the rats from the Black Plague. Teharon and Karni Mata start dating. Vervain has a date with Azrael, she goes to Shehaquim with him, and sees Heaven. Meets Michael. Azrael gives Vervain magical paper to contact him with. Vervain is kidnapped by vampires, and taken to a club in Hawaii called The Blood Bank. There she meets Barnabus, whom she kills, but then her true kidnappers, Deimos and Phobos, show up and torture her. Azrael rescues her and kills Ares’ sons. Kuan Ti has a past with Hsi Wang Mu, and he assists Vervain in reasoning with her, then starts dating Hsi Wang Mu. The emerald pendant pulses and Vervain sees a vision of dragon eyes.
  6. A Taste for Blood: Girls night out a Moonshine. Crops dying across America and children go missing. There’s a shooting at Moonshine instigated by Phonoi (Ares’ son). Fallon proposes to Samantha and fights Froekn warriors for the right to marry her. Vervain tried to trace on her own, without a chant, and asks the Aether to take her home. The Aether takes her to the Faerie Realm. Vervain is found by Danal, a fey knight, and taken to the Castle of Eight, home of the High Royals of Faerie. We meet Roarke, the High Royals, and the other Houses of Faerie. Faerie is divided into four, elemental kingdoms, each ruled by royalty, and all ruled by the House of Spirit and the High Royals. Vervain discovers that human witches are descended from fairies, which is why they have magical abilities. Vervain meets Arach, the King of Fire, and is abducted by him in the middle of the night. Arach releases her in the morning so that the Wild Hunt can chase her. He catches her, and Vervain reaches out magically for help. When she does this, she opens herself up to Faerie, and her fey blood is revealed. Arach breathes fire into her and she returns it to him. He thought he was the last dragon-sidhe in existence, but now it’s revealed that Vervain is also dragon-sidhe. Odin arrives, using his power as leader of another type of Wild Hunt to gain him access to Faerie and Vervain. He rescues Vervain and takes her back to the God Realm. Time difference in Faerie is a month in Faerie equals a day in the other realms. Vervain discovers that she would never have left the Well of Souls if Odin hadn’t pulled her out. She was not there in a natural way, and so, would never have been reincarnated. Arach contacts Vervain through mirrors. Fallon marries Samantha. Vervain starts overheating, her dragon rising inside her. King Cian (High King of Faerie) sends Roarke to Vervain when he senses Vervain changing. Vervain rewards Pride Palace. Arach offers Vervain an arrangement, he needs her to have children with him, so the dragon-sidhe race can continue, in exchange, he’ll help her with her dragon. Blue discovers that it’s his cousin Tlaloc who is taking children and causing droughts in America. The God Squad hunts Tlaloc, finding the remains of children he’s killed and a note for Blue. Tlaloc wants to reunite with Blue. Vervain finds that her dragon allows her to see memories through tasting someone’s blood. They track Tlaloc and find that he’s kidnapped Sommer’s (Vervain’s human friend) son Ryu. They rescue Ryu. Then they trap Tlaloc and kill him. Vervain takes Tlaloc’s far-seeing goggles. Hades claims Tlaloc’s heaven in the God Realm, and assumes responsibility for the child souls residing there. Arach casts a forgetting spell upon Vervain and brings her back to Faerie. Arach seduces Vervain, they fall in love, and marry. Vervain discovers the Hidden Ones and blesses them with her Love magic. Vervains saves Lissa, a fire pixie, from Arach, and changes Arach’s nature. Trevor comes to Faerie and restores Vervain’s memory with a kiss. Vervain leaves Arach, tosses her wedding rings back to him. Vervain goes a little crazy, but Kirill brings her back to sanity. Vervain takes a break in the Greek Underworld. Roarke comes to her and informs her that Arach is in prison for refusing to rule the Fire Kingdom. Vervain goes back to Faerie and speaks to Arach. She forgives him, and he leaves prison to rule Fire once more. The God Squad tracks Phonoi and kills him. Phonoi is Ares’ son through his wife, Eris, and Eris vows vengeance on Vervain for killing her son. There is a huge battle on the Fields of Strife between Vervain and her people, and Eris with her children and her dead souls. Arach arrives with the Wild Hunt and helps win the war. Vervain releases the souls Eris had trapped, and the souls are found new homes in other god’s territories. Mr T dies during the battle, causing Mrs E to retreat and mourn her husband. Rick, Hamish, Alan, Noel, and George- Intare men- are also killed during the battle.
  7. The Tainted Web: God-Fey Ball. Arach makes a play for Vervain. Vervain gives the High King and Arach laptops. King Cian gives Vervain her fey father’s Ring of Remembrance. Queen Dubheasa of Water tries to kill Vervain by stabbing her with a stake. Dubheasa takes Vervain’s ring. The fey can be killed with a weapon made from an element not their own, so Vervain should have died, but her goddess healing saved her. Dubheasa is chased into the Water Kingdom and Vervain’s ring sends Dubheasa into another time and place… without water. Kael, Dubheasa’s lover and cohort, is imprisoned. Vervain discovers that she can use the Ring of Remembrance to travel through time, returning to the exact moment she leaves a realm, and therefore losing no time there. Guirmean becomes King of Water. Three pixies are drowned and left outside the Fire Kingdom. Kael has escaped prison. The Wild Hunt rides and hunts Kael, then kills him, but it’s actually his sister, impersonating him. Vervain discovers the Inter Realm with the imps. There she sees the Spider God, Iktomi. Iktomi steals Pan’s Porn company, and the imps take it back. Vervain forms a bond with Azrael and Kirill with the sacred wine of Shehaquim. Kael is still alive and hunting Vervain. He glamours himself to look like Thor and casts a spell on Vervain (he used hair from Thor’s ring, which his sister had stolen from Thor at the Fey-God Ball), making her attracted to him. He drowns her in a lake, but she heals and comes back to life. The Hawaiian god Kanaloa makes a bargain with Vervain. He traps Kael, who has hidden in the Pacific, and brings him to Vervain in exchange for a trip into Faerie. Vervain speaks to Faerie, the Consciousness, and gives the connection to speak to her back to the Fey. Vervain pursues Iktomi and meets Torrent. She is captured and tortured by Iktomi but Torrent frees her. Vervain meets the Thunderbirds, Iktomi’s enemies. They help her trap and kill Iktomi and his friend Mica. Arach also comes to the God Realm to help Vervain battle Iktomi. Vervain heals Thor’s broken heart and blesses him. Vervain shifts into her dragon form and flies with the Wild Hunt to kill Kael.
  8. Harvest of the Gods: Anubis tells Vervain that he has the souls of her dead lions. Azrael takes Vervain to Barcelona and teaches her to use her Love magic. They also discover the power of her Lust magic while there. Demeter kills some Froekn. Vervain tracks Demeter to her territory. Torrent unmakes Demeter’s ward- he can see magic like binary code, and unmake it. Demeter flees. They find men and one woman (Emma) whom Demeter had enslaved and abused. One in particular is nearly catatonic from the abuse (Griffin). Samantha finds that she is barren. Vervain asks Arach if there is any faerie magic which can help Sam but the fey are infertile too. Kanaloa is suspected for crimes in Faerie and Vervain investigates. Griffin tries to commit suicide and Teharon puts him into a coma to help him heal. Roarke starts training with the Intare. Kanaloa starts dating a water fairy named Gruach. Vervain meets a fairy who was the one who cursed Finn and his siblings, turning them into swans. The Darkness kills some froekn. Torrent and Vervain touch the Darkness when they see it in Andrasta’s territory. At a party in Duat, Anubis cleans Torrent and Vervain of the taint the Darkness left on them, in a fountain (the Fountain of Immortality). It removes any taint of evil, washes the slate clean, and Anubis has taken a dip also. Anubis contracts with Vervain to take the Intare souls when they die. Discover that Hermes is Pan’s father. Vervain tracks down a traitorous fey who confess that Andrasta is behind the crimes in Faerie. Vervain meets Finn’s siblings, and brings them Aoife to fight. They kill Aoife. Intare are attacked by the Darkness. Ethan (Intare) is killed. Nephtys’ blessing protects Vervain. Rabies infects the Froekn and Vervain finds a Dr. to cure the wolves. Roarke declares his loyalty to Vervain by calling her his Queen. Trevor makes Vervain a love nest. Demeter kills Odin and Vervain kills Demeter. Odin’s funeral. Vervain discovers that Odin was the one who gave Fenrir his territory. Mrs E helps Vervain research the Void. Vervain uses Demeter’s fertility magic to change some of Samantha’s eggs into Intare so she can conceive a child with Fallon. Vervain becomes a triple trinity being. Persephone takes over Demeter’s territory. Halloween party. Vervain brings Odin’s wolves and ravens to Pride Palace. Vidar helps Vervain read a book with a nine-pointed star on it. There’s a fire at Yosemite and Vervain consumes the fire, using the energy to revive herself, her Intare, and the Froekn. Fertility is restored to the Froekn.
  9. A Fey Harvest: The fey are infertile. Some fey have gone missing. Vervain bonds with the Hidden Ones, reading them a story from her childhood. Vervain investigates missing brownies in the Earth Kingdom, and ends up taking earth pixies home to Fire with her. Queen Aalish of Earth is now Vervain’s enemy. Vervain visits the Water Kingdom. Water pixies give Vervain a large pearl for underwater breathing. Arach tells Vervain he was six-years-old when he became King. Isleen raised him after his parents were murdered by humans. Gruach visits Vervain and tells her about her relationship with Kanaloa. A weapon is forged by all the kings of Faerie to fight the Darkness…. an arrow. Aoife tries to kill Vervain. Vervain saves Roarke from his father, King of Cats. Vervain discovers that she can be a dragon on her own now. She is complete. Vervain hosts the Conscious of Faerie in her body so that she can kill Andrasta and conquer the Darkness. Arach and Vervain heal the fire fey’s infertility through a sexual ritual. Faerie transforms Roarke into the first fire cat-sidhe. He becomes King of the Fire Cats. Vervain learns that faeries return to the Source when they die. Vervain creates a fire orchid.
  10. Into the Void: Thanksgiving. Thor has a new girlfriend, Brighid. Fenrir proposes to Emma. Whales are beaching in Hawaii, and mermaids are spotted. Sonar is killing sea life. Learn about the merfolk. Vervain discovers that she can communicate with Samantha’s unborn child, due to the Intare connection. Vervain meets the mermaids. Azrael’s father, Luke, teaches Vervain how to manipulate her territory, and Vervain transforms Pride Palace into an actual palace. Zombie apocalypse- a magical virus is bringing the dead back to life. The archangel Gabriel is found to be influencing the US Navy to use sonar at dangerous levels. The dead mermaids can be taken as sacrifice. Investigation into the quarantined zombie town.  Vervain instructs Teharon to release Griffin’s unresponsive soul but to keep his body alive. The angels are acting alone, the Christian god, Jehovah, aka Jerry, is not behind the sonar attacks, but he has a fight with his wife, Holly, and she leaves him for Luke. Vervain travels to Sabine’s grave to collect a lock of Odin’s hair which was buried with her. The God Squad attacks Cross-Fire, the group behind the zombie virus. Brighid is leading them. After meeting with the mermaids, Vervain is abducted by angels. She is taken to the 7th Heaven and tortured. Azrael and Luke lead the denizens of Hell into the 7th Heaven to rescue Vervain. Cross-Fire is tracked down and Brighid is killed, but Vervain tastes Brighid’s blood and sees some of her memories. Vervain travels into the void and brings Odin back. She puts his soul into Griffin’s body. Odin wakes up, but doesn’t recognize Vervain.
  11. Out of the Darkness: Vervain warns Arach that the dragon of Shehaquim, Salem, will be coming for a visit. Arach informs her that due to the time difference, Salem won’t be showing up for another ten years. Then Salem appears, and Arach realizes that Vervain’s appearance in Faerie, her opening of the paths, has synced time between the realms. Fionnuala of the Hidden Ones gives birth to three children, one is named Vervain. Faerie creates more fire cat-sidhe. The Consciousness of Faerie starts behaving differently. Seasons return to Faerie. Vervain uses her ring to travel back in time to meet her father. Roarke becomes a father; Anna gives birth to Hunter. Battle at Castle Aithinne, Kingdom of Fire. Liam sneaks into Aithinne, and down to the caverns, to try to poison the lava pool, and therefore all of Fire. Liam confesses that Thoth helped him use god magic to get revenge on Vervain, then he repents and reconciles with Roarke. Fairies start changing into winter versions. Vervain finds an abandoned baby nurial, and names him Dexter. The Darkness was reabsorbed into Faerie and has been affecting her. Vervain helps Faerie draw out the Darkness and create a new race of fey; the Dark Fey. Then the Dark Kingdom is made for them. Celebrate the new year in Faerie.
  12. Perchance to Die: Vervain is attacked in a dream by a dream god, Morpheus. Valentines dinner with all but Odin, who still doesn’t remember who he is. Samantha gives birth to Zariel. Vervain visits the Dark Kingdom, and learns about the magic each dark sidhe possesses. The magic of the darker emotions. Teharon takes the God Squad to speak with his twin brother, Tawiskaraon. Fenrir and Emma get married. Vervain has issues with Odin, who begins seeing other women. Vervain goes to Mimir for help with Odin. Mutant attacks occur in the Human Realm. They investigate who the dream god bothering Vervain is. Meet Nuada, and Kirill meets a Russian dream goddess, Nastasija. Journey into the Greek Underworld to find Morpheus. Battle in the Cave of Dreams. Morpheus’ family, including his mother Pasithea (who grows the poppies and makes Net), flees the Underworld. Morpheus becomes an ally. Hades destroys the poppy fields. Vervain makes a mountain retreat for Trevor. The Dark Fey lose control and attack a human town. The element must be thinned, and so Faerie helps Vervain create more races of darkness. Monster battle- Tawiskaron fights them with the mutants he’s created. Odin fights for Vervain, and she brings him his old spear to use in the battle. The spear holds a piece of his magic, and returns Odin’s memory.
  13. Tracing Thunder: Zeus controls the Greek gods by holding the immortality drink, ambrosia, hostage. The Greek gods meet and plot to overthrow Zeus. Luke and Holly get married. Freyr invites Odin and Vervain to Alfheim. Meet the Light Elves. Vervain instinctively claims Alfheim and discovers that her mother helped the Norse gods create the Nine Worlds in exchange for Alfheim being left to her daughter to rule. Freyr chains Vervain in Gleipnir, the unbreakable chains. Freyr tells Vervain about a prophecy that foretold her arrival and claiming of Alfheim. Alfheim helps Vervain escape, Blossom grows out of the soil next to her. Vervain takes Blossom with her from Alfheim. Vervain takes Blossom to Faerie. Nuada and Cailleach Bheur are visiting the High King of Faerie, and Vervain discovers that Cailleach is the other half of Brighid. Guirmean is dating Nora, a phooka, but he casts a spell for fertility and impregnates a water sidhe, Lorna so that he can fulfil his duty of supplying an heir. Alfheim lures Vervain back through dreams. Dwarves come to meet with Vervain, they were the ones who created her emerald necklace, and they tell her it can be used to hold god magic. Vali meets his birth mother, Rind. Odin’s dark past is revealed. Torrent falls in love with Artemis. The Greek gods gather, including the Titans. Horus meets Hekate. Hekate sneaks the gods into Olympus and they attack Zeus. Azrael nearly dies. Hera is revealed as the power behind her husband, Zeus. She is the one who makes the ambrosia. Olympus has fallen. Hera agrees to teach the recipe for ambrosia to others. Kirill pulls away from Vervain. He leaves her for Natisija, but Vervain destroys the enchantment Natisija placed upon Kirill, and brings him back home. Vervain gives up her nahual, which holds a piece of her mother, and leaves it in Alfheim to sustain the territory. Freyr is left in charge.
  14. Light as a Feather: Vervain meets Mrs. E’s sons, Nayenezgani and Tobadsitzini, Naye and Toby for short. They blame her for their father’s death, and their mother for not helping her people more. Aradia, a half fey goddess, asks Vervain to take her to Faerie to meet her father, Craigor. Lorna is having issues with her pregnancy, and Vervain allows her to live in her house in Hawaii until the baby is born. Odin begins having memories of Griffin’s witch abilities and starts to wonder what that could mean for him. Vervain deduces that his body must then be part fey. Horus and Hekate become an item, and Torrent begins bringing Artemis to God Squad meeting regularly. Teharon also begins to bring Karni Mata. The Squad is growing. Battle brews between Toby and Naye, and the God Squad. The God Squad enlists the aid of the Thunderbirds, and go to the floating Thunderbird mountain to prepare for war. At the battle Vervain is taken by Naye and Toby, and Tawiskaron is killed.  Naye tortures Vervain, healing her every night. The twins’ past and ancestry are revealed. Tawiskaron and Teharon (also twins) are Naye’s sons, and therefore, Mrs E’s grandsons. Naye had an affair with a moon goddess named Atahensic. He has preserved a piece of her magic within her corpse, and due to Vervain’s nine-pointed star, he believes she’s the perfect vessel to house his dead lover’s magic and memories. The process of torture and healing weaken Vervain, but Toby disagrees with what his brother is doing, and helps her as best he can. Vervain is given Ata’s magic, and then the twins try to get her to consummate a relationship with Naye, to create a union of Sun and Moon magic to help the Native American people. Vervain battles to keep her mind as she and Ata fall in love with Toby. Vervain bonds with Toby instead of Naye, and together, the three of them fight for the Native Americans. At the final battle, Toby is killed and frees Vervain. Vervain chooses to keep Ata’s moon magic, pushing her memories away into a safe place in her mind, and she gives Persephone, Demeter’s Land magic. Vervain takes Aradia to Faerie. Vervain and Mrs E bring Toby back from the Void, along with Mr T. Toby is heartbroken over losing Vervain. They do a spell to remove their bond and love.
  15. Rain or Monkeyshine: Romani take Constantin (one of the Dark Horses) because he’s dating Epona’s daughter, Rhiannon. The Romani are Hindu and serve Hanuman, the Hindu Monkey God. Lorna gives birth to Prince Morgan. Darius (Intare) has been guarding Lorna, and he’s fallen in love with her. Ball in Air Kingdom. Dahlia (dark sidhe) gives birth to Zinnia. Vervain returns to HR (Human Realm) to find that her men have gone to rescue Constantin and have been captured. Brahma tells the God Squad he can get them into Hanuman’s territory. They all go to visit Hanuman and try for a diplomatic resolution. Hanuman is holding Constantin hostage to ensure Rhiannon’s compliance. Hanuman deals with Vervain, single combat against one of his friends in exchange for releasing her men. She fights and wins. Azrael disappears, summoned by a human necromancer. Vervain goes to save Az. Odin battles Griffin’s magic and starts becoming more human. King Rowan mirrors Vervain and tells her about being in love with Liatris, and that she has fled Faerie. Vervain gets pregnant. Brahma contacts the Nagas to help them battle Hanuman. Vervain meets the Nagas (Hindu snake shifters). Battle of the Hindu Gods in Hanuman’s territory. Ull is killed, Vervain is wounded. Vervain takes Ull’s soul and places it into her unborn child. The battle is won, and slaves are freed, including Constantin and Rhiannon. Vervain sees Lia in Moonshine, and reports it to Rowan. Nora is changed into a water phooka so she can marry Guirmean. Liatris brings a comatose Rowan to Castle Aithinne, and Ciaran (leannan-sidhe) heals Rowan. The dark fey have been evolving, and Rowan and Lia are now dark dragon-sidhe. Rowan marries Lia.
  16. Blood Bound: Odin is drawn more and more into Griffin’s life. He meets and old lover of Griffin’s and is attracted to her. Vervain lets Odin go. Vervain is summoned into Rebecca’s (necromancer) circle, but it’s actually Blue’s old lover (the first vampire) who is behind the summoning. Eztli (Blue’s ex) wants Vervain’s baby’s blood to make her into a goddess. Morpheus finds Vervain in the Dream Realm and Vervain tells him where she is. Vervain’s daughter, Samara, comes to her from the future, using Vervain’s ring, and takes her back to that future. This is only possible because Vervain is dead in the future, and therefore can act independently. Faerie instructed Samara to bring Vervain there so that she could see all that has happened, and then return to her time and correct the mistakes. Samara could not just tell Vervain, because that would be her influencing the past. It’s a loop hole- Vervain can influence it because it’s actually her present. Vervain goes into the future, where many of her loved ones are dead, and tries to find a way to change it all. She connects with Re, who is her lover in the future, and when she return to her own time, she carries back their memories. Several things have gone wrong but Vervain finally tracks it all back to Odin. She can’t let him leave her. She returns to her time, and is rescued from Rebecca’s by Blue and her lovers. They kill Rebecca. Vervain goes to Odin and saves him from Griffin’s rising memories. Odin had been trapped within his own mind as Griffin’s memories took over. Eztli abducts some of Vervain’s lions and wants to exchange them for vials of Vervain’s baby’s blood. The God Squad attacks Eztli’s compound and finds that Eztli had teamed up with Morpheus’ family. Morpheus’ father is killed. Eztli escapes with Phantasus (Morph’s brother). Blue chases after Eztli.
  17. Eye of Re: Vervain is preparing to get married to her lovers. Re has memories of Vervain as his lover, which were brought back from the future by Vervain. Re begins romantically pursuing a very pregnant Vervain. Re lures Vervain to Duat by getting Anubis to host a party there. Re’s daughters then push Vervain into Re’s territory of Aaru. Re shares all of the memories of their love affair (in the future that will not be) with Vervain. She falls in love with Re through the memories, but then she manages to escape him. Vervain makes her way through Aaru, and is nearly out when she is confronted by Re’s daughters (Bast and Sekhmet) and Sekhmet’s husband, Ptah. Ptah attacks Vervain with a magical weapon, and tries to kill her by splitting apart her souls. Rian (her unborn son) takes the attack into his body instead, and allows himself to be split into twins, but Vervain’s nine-pointed star is still damaged. Vervain traces to Faerie to give birth to the twins, Rian and Brevyn. Brevyn has Ull’s soul and Rian is fully dragon-sisdhe, and so Rian becomes the heir to Fire. Vervain adjusts to motherhood. Re is accepted as Vervain’s consort because Vervain’s lioness doesn’t want to give him up. Vervain marries Trevor, Kirill, Azrael, and Odin. A prophecy is given at the wedding.
  18. My Soul to Take: The lamiai (Hekate’s girls, Greek vampires) report that Blue was seen with Eztli, who is now the Goddess of the Blood Moon. Vervain visits the Fates, they tell her it was a good decision to not pursue gods who she battled in the false future. Kaitlin (Ull’s human girlfriend) is given an apple of immortality by Fenrir so that she may live to see Ull again. Kaitlin asks to meet Brevyn. Vervain struggles with her broken star. Her beasts are out of control, and she can’t shift into a dragon without jeopardizing her other forms. Vervain makes blood to heart bonds with her husbands. Yemanja (Voodoo goddess) comes to Vervain for help. Her followers are being killed by evil, voodoo priests called bokors, and then their souls are being enslaved. Pasithea is being held prisoner, watched over by Dionysus. Phantasus is killed. Vervain meets Baron Samedi and the Gedi. The Baron is suspected to be the power behind the stolen souls. Horus proposes to Hekate and she accepts. Pan is discovered to be Peter Pan, a legend created back when he would claim abandoned child souls during wars. Neverland is his territory, a world made for children. Blue and Eztli’s wedding. The Morrigan gives Vervain dark looks. Luke warns Vervain that the Four Horsemen were supposed to kill someone they didn’t, and now the hordes of Hell will have to go to battle against this god, with Vervain. Samedi is seen taking souls. Blue brings Eztli to a God Squad meeting. Battle of the Dead. The trapped souls fight the hordes of Hell. The villain is actually Morvran, posing as Samedi. Morpheus kills Morvran in retribution for Morvran killing Phantasus. Horus and Hekate’s engagement party in Neverland.
  19. As the Crow Flies: Guirmean and Nora’s wedding. Brevyn gives Vervain a vision, a warning about Kirill dying. The crystal tubes of the Water Kingdom are attacked, and the fairy kings fix it. Vervain suspects Queen Aalish is behind it. Alfheim is dying, Vervain is shown more visions by Brevyn. Vervain takes Brevyn to Alfheim and her mother’s soul heals her star, then goes into Brevyn. A strip of Vervain’s hair turns into starlight, and Brevyn becomes King of Alfheim. Freyr flees, pursued by his sister, Freya. Vervain and her family are attacked in Faerie. Al reveals how Vervain star was planned, her triple trinity was needed and she was chosen. Arach launches Rian from the Flight Tower for his first dragon flight. Rian pulls Brevyn out with him, and they plummet. At the last second, Rian changes into a dragon and carries his brother to safety. Confronting Morrigan outside of Moonshine—as they talk, Bres frees the Formorians from their prison (put there by the Tuatha de Dannan) by pulling them through a portal created using god magic stolen from Moonshine’s patrons. Vervain goes to Tara with Nuada, and meets Lugh. Lugh is revealed to be High King Cian’s son by the Formorian goddess, Ethniu. Lugh leaves Tara with Vervain. Vervain takes him to Faerie to meet his father. Kirill convinces Vervain to try to conceive Lesya. Morrigan tries to force Vervain to help her battle the Formorians by kidnapping several Froekn. Fenrir goes with Vervain to battle Morrigan. Morrigan chases Vervain into a forest where Vervain is saved by the god Cernunnos. Meanwhile, Kirill lies dying from a wound given to him by Morrigan. Vervain races back to save Kirill and discovers that she’s pregnant. Vervain and her daughter pull Kirill’s soul back into his body so he can be healed. Aalish has brought Dubheasa back with another Ring of Remembrance. They are revealed to be behind the attacks on Vervain and her children. The women are captured and put on trial by the High King. They are found guilty and sentenced to death by the Wild Hunt. Aalish’s husband kills himself. Vervain’s husbands and her new consort, Re, join the Wild Hunt and kill Dubheasa and Aalish.
  20. Cry Werewolf: Re announces Fenrir’s innocence of crimes in Atlantis. Vervain deals with another pregnancy. Kirill insists that Vervain get medical help from the goddess Hygeia. Ptah and Sekhmet are seen at Hygiea’s clinic and a confrontation happens. Hygieia kicks out Ptah and Sekhmet and denies them care. Vervain goes into heat. Froekn businesses are being attacked, and Fenrir asks Vervain to help investigate. Vervain and her men are invited to Tara, where the Formorians now rule. Ethniu talks to Vervain about possibly meeting her son, Lugh. In Faerie, Lugh brings Vervain Aalish’s Ring of Remembrance, and Vervain gives it to Arach to use if needed. Now Arach can join her in battle in the other realms. Lugh meets Isleen and falls in love with her. Crown Tournament in Earth where the new King and Queen of Earth are crowned. Lugh screws up things with Isleen. Isleen is made a Duchess. Freyr is hiding out in Niflheim with Hel. The attacks on the Froekn are from the Yakuza. Vervain meets Yakuza gods and discovers that they are attacking the Froekn out of retribution for werewolf attacks on their people. Vervain investigates werewolf attacks on Yakuza and discovers that it’s another werewolf pack called the Vilkacis from Latvia. Freyr brings about Ragnorak. Freyr and Balder are killed during the battle. Vervain is wounded but her healed star rises with her need and ends the battle peacefully. Vervain’s womb is damaged so Hygieia removes Lesya and puts her into a god-made incubator. Fenrir makes peace with his ex-wife, Vejasmate, who is the mother of the Vilkacis. It’s revealed that UnnulfR was behind Vejasmate leaving Fenrir. UnnulfR is in love with Vejasmate and he begins to court her. Ty deals with meeting his mother for the first time and having his brother date her. Vervain and her men take turns watching over baby Lesya in her incubator.
  21. Pride Before a Fall: Lesya is stolen from her incubator, and everyone searches frantically for her. Hermes surprises Vervain by assisting the search efforts and using his many contacts that he has through his God newspaper, the Hermes Herald. Brevyn, Vervain’s son with Arach and the possessor of Ul’s soul, shares a vision with Vervain that shows Lesya with another lioness. Meanwhile, the Celts are fighting over Tara. Vervain and the God Squad, with the help of her Fire Faeries and the High King’s army, bring a truce to the Celts and Bodh becomes the new King. Lesya is found, or so it appears. Ptah and Sekhmet have the baby. Ptah is killed in the rescue, and Re takes Sekhmet’s magic to punish his daughter. Cut off from the source of her magic, she becomes mortal. But the baby is dicovered to be a changeling—a crow magically altered to look like Lesya. It’s Morrigan who really has the baby and has been orchestrating the whole thing to cause havoc and pain to the Godhunter. Vervain tracks down her daughter to where Morrigan and her lover, King Arawn of Annwn, have hidden her. Kirill and Vervain kill Morrigan and Arawn and rescue Lesya.
  22. Monsoons and Monsters: Magical storms start rampaging the world and causing power outages. It’s discovered the Re, who was one of the High Twenty—the ruling council of Atlantis—helped to create machines that took energy from the electromagnetic fields of planets and solar winds. These machines are what destroyed the surface of Mars. The God Squad believes that a god has found one of these machines and is using it. Evidence leads to Native American Gods—Unk, her son, Iya, and their son Gnas (yes Unk had a child with her son). Toby and Naye come to help the Squad by speaking to the Lakota Gods’ council, the Wakan Tanka. Vervain and Toby get captured by their enemies, including Eros, who has a vendetta against Vervain for killing his lover, Aphrodite. Eros uses his sex magic to force Toby and Vervain to have sex. They are freed but altered by the imprisonment and later discover that their love has been returned to them. Fand, a Water Faerie who was Lugh’s adopted mother, is discovered to be in on the plot as well. She kidnaps Lugh. Vervain and the Squad lead an attack on the underwater home of Unk, Iya, and Gnas with several of their allies helping them. Vervain kills Eros. Lugh kills Fand when he learns that her lies led to his separation from his father. Re proposes to Vervain, and she accepts. Unk, Iya, and Gnas have their magic removed by the Wakan Tanka and are imprisoned in the Lakota Spirit Realm. Toby and Vervain start to date.
  23. Blessed Death: Odin shaves off his beard. Azrael, who has retired from his death duties, meets Hades’ daughter, Macaria, who is also a death god. They form a friendship. Macaria brings her friend Marzana, who turns out to be the Goddess who took Kirill from his human life and gave him to Niyarvirezi. Nyx, Macaria’s mother, tries to seduce Hades. Hades isn’t seduced but Nyx makes it appear as if he was. Persephone leaves Hades. Amaterasu, the Japanese Goddess of the Sun, asks Vervain for help investigating the suicides of her followers. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse decide to follow their friend’s lead and also retire. Amaterasu goes after the souls of her followers and gets trapped in Jigoku, the Japanese Hell. Someone steals Tlaloc’s far-seeing goggles from Re. Vervain becomes an Olympian, taking Aphrodite’s place on the High Council of Greek Gods. She now has the power to ask for assistance from the Greeks. Someone releases the Grigori, a group of Angels imprisoned for crimes against humans. A battle wages in Shehaquim. Marzana, who was secretly dating Anubis, is the thief who stole the goggles. She uses them to help her mother and several other Gods raise Dvaraka, a Hindu God city sunk in the sea. The battle for Dvaraka happens. Krishna, Dvaraka’s creator, sacrifices himself to destroy the city. Vervain and her allies form a ward around the city to contain it and several enemy Gods as it sinks back into the sea. Nyx and Macaria escape.
  24. Nyx of Time: Nyx teams up with Aion, a God of Time, and they alter Vervain’s past three times. In the first alteration, she wakes up married to Thor. The second, she’s married to Odin, and the third, she wakes up single. She has several battles along the way and even winds up romatically involved with Blue. In the end, Nyx and Aion are conquered with the help of the Greek God of Time, Chronos, who is a Primordial; one of the first Greeks. Nyx and Aion are judged by the Oylmpians and executed.
  25. Let Sleeping Demons Lie: Lucifer’s Demons start dying while possessing humans. Meanwhile, Athena is having trouble with her Argentinian mines. Poseidon’s son, Triton is also having trouble there. Vervain and the Squad go to investigate and discover a group of Argentinian Gods.  The Squad investigates the Demon killings and discovers that a mother and son team, Katila and Dhumorna, are using Yama’s Pasha (Yama was Katila’s father and the Pasha was his lasso) to extract the Demon souls from the bodies of possessed humans and consume them. They set a trap for mother and son. Lilith, Mother of Demons, serves as bait. Vervain kills Katila, and Lilith kills his mother. Artemis, Hera, and Zeus, who expanded his logging company to Argentina as well, are captured by the Argentinian Gods. The Argentinians turn out to be cannibals who eat Gods to absorb their magic. They kill Zeus before Vervain can save him, but Artemis and Hera are rescued. Most of the Argentinian Gods are killed.


Beyond the Godhunter

  1. A Darker Element: This occurs between books 14 and 15 in the Godhunter Series. Liatris and Rowan fall in love. Through trials and trauma it’s discovered that Lia holds a little piece of Vervain, which is why she looks so much like her, and why Rowan was once attracted to Vervain. Lia and Rowan become dark dragon-sidhe, get married, and Lia gets pregnant.
  2. Out of the Blue: The story of Blue and Eztli, this follows the events in Blood Bound, when Blue leaves to pursue Eztli. Read this book between books 16 and 17 of Godhunter. Blue and Eztli fall back in love with each other, and Eztli is changed into the Goddess of the Blood Moon. During this, Eztli meets Movran and he falls in love with her. He saves her from Phantasus, and kills Phantasus. Blue gives Eztli a piece of his territory so that she has a safe place for her and her vampires. It’s learned that Blue and Eztli can take blood sacrifices through vampires. Blue and Eztli wed.


The Twilight Court Series

  1. Fairy-Struck: Seren and her father, Ewan chase after a fey named Aideen. Aideen says she has information on a fey threat against humans and she asks for sanctuary. Seren confronts the Wild Hunt and meets Tiernan. Tiernan’s team attacks Seren. Ewan and Seren take Aideen to the San Francisco Human Council House. Seren dates Brendan Murdock. Tiernan comes to Council House. Seren goes out with Brendan and some extinguisher friends, they run into Tiernan at the club. Seren leaves, things heat up with Tiernan, and the Sluagh attacks Seren. Tiernan saves Seren’s life. The extinguishers are sent to the fey company Gentry Technologies on the information that Aideen provides. Aideen and Tiernan go with the team. The Sluagh attack Seren at Gentry, and Seren is forced to flee with Tiernan and Aideen, through a fairy mound, into Fairy. Going into Fairy changes Seren, and it’s revealed that she is half fey, the daughter of the secret King of Twilight, a third Kingdom that the HUman Councils know nothing about. Seren is physically and magically changed. A strip of ombre purple forms in her hair, and her eyes are brightened and the irises overlaid with silver star spikes. Aideen confesses that it was all an elaborate plot to get Seren safely into Fairy. Gentry Tech belongs to King Keir, Seren’s birth father. The Unseelie King, Seren’s uncle, sent the Sluagh after her because he doesn’t want her to become Princess of Twilight. Once princess, Seren is protected by the laws of Fairy which state that no royal shall be killed. If murder of a royal is attempted, the Sluagh will exact justice. Seren falls in love with Tiernan. Seren learns of her fey powers and gets to know her father. Ewan turns his back on Seren and disowns her. Seren is captured by the unseelie, but escapes by fairy-striking her cousin, Bress. Seren returns to Unseelie to free imprisoned seelie fey, then goes to Seelie and frees the unseeliee prisoners. She is blessed by the Goddess Danu, who reveals that she wants Seren to bring peace to Fairy. Seren becomes Princess of Twilight, and an Ambassador between the Kingdoms of Fairy as well as between Fairy and the Human Realm. Seren is crowned by the animals of Twilight. Fight between Keir and Uisdean.
  2. Pixie-Led: Seren is led on a merry chase by the Blue Hag, Cailleach Bheur, who gives her staff to a human in order to bring about the end of the human world. Seren meets her grandmother, the woman responsible for banishing Tiernan. Moire asks for the release of her son, and Keir offers Bress sanctuary. Bress leaves with his mother. Seren suspects Uisdean of helping Cailleach but it turns out to be her seelie uncle, Prince Shane. Seren frees the human governor Cailleach was enchanting, and his wife from Prince Shane.
  3. Racen-Mocking: A human paranormal investigation team catches footage of raven-mockers, a type of twilight fey associated with the Native Americans. Seren investigates and discovers that it’s not actually raven-mockers behind the attacks on humans. There are witches who are descended from the mockers, and they have been mocking the mockers. The leader of the raven-mockers is Raza Tnyn’s son, Rayetayah. Raza joins the investigation and starts romantically pursuing Seren. Uisdean helps Serenescape from dullahans. The Coven is discovered, and all of its witch tribes. A truce is formed between the humans, fairies, and witches.
  4. Here There be Dragons: Uisdean calls in his favor with Seren, asking her to perform as mediator between him and the undersea dragon court of the nine sons. Uisdean has been in an alliance with the Nine Sons to steal resources from Alaska. Raza saves her and brings her to Alaska. Seren is nearly killed in a dragon plot. Seren returns to the dragon court to save Uisdean and his men. It’s revealed that Uisdean’s secret alliance with the water dragons was all just a ruse so that he could search for Dagda’s club, an ancient fairy weapon that can kill nine men with one blow, and then use the energy to bring one person back to life. Uisdean wants to bring his dead wife back. Uisdean kills twilight fey and brings back his wife, Rue. Rue tries to kill Seren by throwing her out a window, and Raza saves Seren. Raza takes Seren to Craos-Teine, the original Unseelie Castle, and home to the dragon-djinn who once ruled Unseelie. Raza has a claim to the Unseelie Throne. Rue’s insanity grows and unseelie refugees start showing up in Twilight. Battle for Unseelie, Raza protects Seren, the sea dragons fight for Raza, Moire tries to kill Keir but is stopped by Bress, Danu shows herself on the battlefield, and stops the war. Uisdean and Rue flee to HR. Moire also disappears. Seren crowns Raza King of Unseelie. Bress moves to Twilight.
  5. Witchbane: Rue starts amassing an army in HR. The Councils team up and send both hunters and extinguishers after Rue and Uisdean. They don’t return. Ewan is on one of the teams. Seren goes to investigate and meets Killian, a caster witch. He is part of an outcast tribe of witches who marry outside of their tribe and have mixed tribe children. Seren and Tiernan fight, and break up. Raza pursues Seren. Rue is using Dagda’s club to turn people into zombies. Final battle, Anu saves Seren from Rue, kills Rue, and brings back the dead. All except Ewan, who was too far gone. Seren buries her Ewan in the walls of the High Council House in Ireland. Seren and Raza get together. Halloween party in San Francisco. Moire is seen at the party.