Anthem of Ashes

Book 9 in the Spellsinger Series

To catch the killer, she’ll have to walk through fire.

Ever since Elaria learned that an ember of her goddess magic still burns inside her, she’s been having strange dreams of fire and blood. She decides that she needs a teacher to help her learn how to control her fire, and the perfect one is found for her; a phoenix. A charismatic shapeshifter with true immortality and an exceptional control of fire. Except her lessons are put on hold when several phoenixes are murdered; their ashes taken to prevent their rising. Elaria is asked to find the killer and retrieve the ashes, but as she closes in on the murderer, she discovers that the Firebirds aren’t the only ones being hunted. With the Spellsinger’s fire raging out of control and her enemies poised to strike, the only song left for her to sing may be an anthem of ashes.


Listen to the Anthem of Ashes playlist to hear the songs Elaria sings in the book.