The Wolf Soul

This warlord’s more wolf than man.

I’m not a submissive man, but one growl from the Wolf Lord, and I want to bare my throat to his teeth. And I’ve just become his valorian. Dealing with Vathmar’s possessive nature is now my job, and after seeing his soul, I want the position—and every other position he cared to put me in. But the growling, grunting, and baring of teeth was going to get old, and we have more things to worry about than Vath’s savage pride. The Farungal, our fearsome enemy, wouldn’t stay beaten for long. I needed to find my footing with the Wolf Lord so we could fight this war together. As equals. If that meant standing up to him, I could do that. But if it meant leaving him, turning my back on his golden stare and godly body, I may not survive.