The Dragon King’s Gardener

The Dragon King’s Gardener

The Dragons of Serai: Book 13

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Don’t call me a gardener.

I went through a lot to earn my Masters degree in Vegetation. Simply getting accepted into the University of Sken was difficult as a human. There’s a reason why kings hire me to help them with their plant issues. My current client is the Dragon King of Latur, who’s been given the ominous title of Indifferent for surviving the death of his mate. He’s a bit standoffish, sure, but I wouldn’t call him indifferent. Not with the way he looks at me. And I can’t help looking back. Staring. Aching. Dreaming.

On top of being a king and difficult to get a laugh out of, Shaleros the Indifferent is also straight and a Dragon who’s lost his mate. That means there’s no hope for us. Not for anything lasting. But I’m all right with that. Some of the best relationships I’ve had didn’t last long. I’ve decided that I’m going to have him. I’m going to make him smile, laugh, and roar in ecstasy. I’m going to bring the Dragon King back to life, just as I’m doing for his garden. By the time I’m done with him, they’ll have to change his name to Shaleros the Blissful. And then I can walk away happy, knowing I’ve helped him and eased this unrelenting desire in me. I hope.