Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness ~ Book 11 in the Godhunter Series


Winter is coming to Faerie and the Godhunter is left in the cold.

This second series split is the best yet!
Seasons have returned to Faerie and the fey are not happy about it. There hasn’t been anything but summer in the land of the fey for thousands of years, so long that most have forgotten what the seasons are. The nights grow longer and Faerie grows colder as winter approaches. It falls upon Vervain to help the fey through these changes. As if that’s not enough, a murderer is on the lose and everyone seems to think it’s her. Can the Godhunter find her way out of the darkness or will Faerie be lost to her forever?

Out of the Darkness is part of a series split. It can be read alone or together with Into the Void. It features a split cover which can be placed beside Into the Void to create a full picture.
This is the last split in the series, don’t miss your opportunity to experience it!