An Unseelie Understanding Excerpt 1

My face flushed as Drostan led me into a massive room filled with fairies. There were dining tables set in rows down each side of the room; with an aisle between them that led to an open space, and then a final table was perched on a dais horizontally just beyond that space. Along the walls were more naked humans, but these were adorned with paint and jewels and looked happy to be there. Some of them were being casually fucked by fairies, some were just being fondled, and some posed in sexually enticing positions as they waited to be used. There was a man holding his erect, decorated dick on his flat palms as if it were an hors-d’oeuvre platter, and another one was bending over a side table as he held his ass cheeks apart—to show off his gilded asshole. There was an assortment of phallic objects on the table beside him for fairies to use to penetrate that golden entrance. There were plenty of women there as well; one was sitting on a stool, with her feet propped up on the seat, holding her gleaming pussy open with both hands. Another woman lounged on a chair; holding her legs high in the air to display the sparkling dildo in her ass and the intricate painting around her shaved pussy. All of the humans had ribbons of cum crisscrossing their bodies and faces; adding another glistening layer to their adornment.

As we strode past, a massive fairy who looked more like a small hill than a man, walked up to the woman with the painted pussy as he pulled his gray cock out of his pants; a cock that looked like polished granite. I think he must have been a troll; either that or an ogre. The troll/ogre shoved his stone dick at her face, and the woman started eagerly sucking it; her lips stretched to their limits. As the troll/ogre got serviced, a goblin maneuvered between the massive troll legs, pulled the dildo out of the woman’s ass, started fucking her in her stretched-out hole, and giggled while he smacked her pussy with the dildo. The woman moaned in delight around the stone cock and wriggled her ass further onto the goblin’s prick.

On top of a long table to my left, an athletic man was laid out with his arms and legs spread. He had arrangements of appetizers set on his torso and was trying desperately not to spill them as a fairy woman casually played with his cock; flopping it about as she spoke with another woman. Oh, and then there was the fellow with the seaweed in his hair, who had the same human’s head angled back over the table’s edge—mouth wide open—to receive his long, horse cock. The sea fairy made a wet, neighing sound as he held the man’s head between his webbed palms and drove his cock in so deep that his slick stomach hit the human’s forehead with every thrust.

Below the table, a woman was covered in tiny fairies. I’m pretty sure that they were pixies. There were pixies shoving their entire arms into her pussy and ass, some who licked and ground themselves against her body, and a line of them waiting for her to daintily flick her tongue over their little pricks. There was a pixie on each of her breasts; humping her jiggly boobs as they filled their mouths with her nipples. A pair of them even had a grip on her clit and were rubbing their faces over it; laving at the glistening nub as if it were a giant ice cream cone as they ground their cocks into her pussy lips. The sounds coming from that Lilliputian tableau were disturbing on so many levels.

I turned away; my gaze snagging on intense stares as I did. The fairies who weren’t busy fucking humans—or each other—were watching me like lions watch antelope. Drostan ignored them and continued to escort me up to the table on the dais. It was large but vacant until he sat behind it. Drostan took a seat on a huge, ebony throne and then patted the thick armrest.

“Sit down,” he said.

I perched on the wood; my legs folded away from him.

“No.” Drostan took my legs and shifted them between his so that I was angled in toward him. “That’s better.” He gave the little gold chain between my breasts a pull as he called out, “Service!”

Fairy servants flowed out of doors on both sides of the hall; carrying platters of food first to the high table and then to the others. Wine was poured, and food doled out onto Drostan’s plate, but nothing was put down for me. My stomach growled at the delicious scents, and Drostan laughed.

“You’ll have to earn your dinner,” Drostan said as he pushed me down to the floor between his legs.

I had to slide myself below the table; the tablecloth falling around my sides. Drostan pulled the cloth over me completely and covered his lap with it. He undid his belt and pants but stopped there.

“Take out my cock and suck it, Riley,” he said. “Let’s see if you’re worth the magic I spent on your sister.”

I just knelt between his legs; my heart racing. Drostan lifted the tablecloth enough to peer at me.

“Do it now! If I don’t come, you don’t eat.” Then he flipped the cloth back down.

I did as he said; removing his beautiful cock from his pants. It was thick and sleek, with a silvery sheen and a bead of anxious moisture on its head. I licked my lips and then lowered my mouth over him. A faint, salty-sweet taste filled my mouth, and I inhaled sharply; drawing in his musky male scent. The Unseelie King was a delight to all of my senses, and as much as my female pride detested being on my knees at his command, I had to admit that the act I was performing was something I could easily get addicted to.

Drostan sighed as I tongued the head of his dick, but made no other indication that he enjoyed my ministrations. In fact, I heard him begin to eat. I put more effort into my task; taking all of him into my mouth and down my throat. I worked Drostan with my mouth and hands until he began to tense; his thighs twitching involuntarily. Finally, he came, and I started to move back. Drostan’s hand went to my head and fisted in my hair; holding me in place.

“Drink it down, Riley,” he said with a groan. “Call it an appetizer.”

I swallowed his tartly-sweet cum: licking my lips to savor the flavor. Was nothing about the man distasteful? Drostan slipped himself back into his pants before he finally let me emerge from beneath the table. He situated me back on the armrest, then rubbed a thumb over my swollen lips. Drostan smiled in satisfaction before lifting a forkful of food to my mouth. I scowled at it.

“You want to eat?” He asked. “This is how you’ll eat. Now open those beautiful, cock-sucking lips.”

I opened my mouth, and Drostan fed me. He continued to do so, stopping to give me sips of wine or rub my body fondly. He’d slip a hand over my thigh, nuzzle my cheek, or stroke my hair; Drostan acted as if we were a couple in love—a kinky couple in love, but still—it was little insane.

“You did well,” Drostan said after he decided that I’d had enough to eat.

“Eating? Yeah, I’ve done it all my life,” I huffed. “I could have done it by myself, in fact.”

“No.” He laughed. “Sucking me off; that was well done. I’m feeling confident that this will work out between us.”