An Unseelie Understanding Excerpt 2

I slid to the edge of my seat, flipped the robe open around my legs, spread my thighs wide, and drizzled honey over my pussy.

“Oops,” I said. “I’ve spilled honey on myself.”

Trenton’s breathing quickened as he stared at my glistening, sticky sex.

“Get on your knees and clean me up, Trenton.”

“Yes, my lady.” Trenton jumped out of his chair eagerly, positioned himself between my thighs, and began to carefully lick every bit of honey off my pussy.

He started to slide a finger inside me, but I stopped him.

“Only your tongue!”

Trenton groaned and licked harder. He biceps bulged as he grabbed my hips, and the muscles in his back rippled as he bent to his task. Prince Trenton was utterly breathtaking on his knees; still more masculine than many men I’d known. How he could look so powerful as he did my bidding was beyond me, but it amped up my excitement to a mind-numbing degree. I stroked his white hair back from his flushed face and massaged his scalp affectionately. He sighed and sucked at me ferociously. I angled my head to admire his rounded ass and magnificent thighs. His thick cock was jutting up between his legs; begging for attention.

“Pleasure yourself,” I purred. “You may slide your shaft into me once to wet it.”

Trenton groaned as he surged up and positioned himself at my entrance. He shoved his cock in all the way; his ministrations had made me slick with desire and more than ready for him. He drew out and began to slide back in. I slapped him lightly on his face. It was barely a tap, but it startled him, and Trenton jerked up—his eyes widening.

“What did I say?” I snapped as I scowled at him.

“I could slide into you once,” he dutifully repeated.

“That’s right.” I nodded. “Now get back to licking me. I’ll tell you when you can touch yourself.”

“Yes, my lady.” Trenton buried his face in my pussy and started to lick me again.

I waited a few minutes and then stroked his hair back from his face. He shivered with my renewed attention.

“Is your cock still wet?” I asked gently.

“No, my lady.”

“Let me see it.”

Trenton eased back so that I could see his twitching shaft. I took the honey from the table and drizzled some over his long, thick rod.

“Give me your hand,” I said.

He obediently held out his hand, and I dripped some of my orange juice into it.

“Now, rub your cock.”

The juice combined with the honey to make the perfect lubrication. Trenton sighed and began to stroke himself rapidly as he stared longingly at my sex.

“You may return to licking me,” I said haughtily.

Trenton covered me with his mouth and started lapping at my pussy as the wet slapping of his hand on his cock echoed around us. He soon brought me to orgasm, and I watched his back tense as he approached release himself. I was about to make him stand so I could suck that sweetness from him when a knock came at the door. We froze.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything, Brother,” the Queen called out.

Trenton’s wide eyes went to mine in horror.

“Get up,” I commanded in a whisper.

He did as he was told. I shrugged out of his robe and put it on him.

“Sit down and spread your legs,” I said.

Again, he obeyed. I knelt between his legs and licked the honeyed juice from his hand slowly—as if the Queen of Seelie weren’t waiting for her brother’s reply. Trenton groaned in delight as he watched me suck on his fingers.

“You may tell her to come in, and you may act as my master for now,” I purred, and he smiled.

I began to suck Trenton’s juicy cock as he called out for his sister to enter.

“Oh my!” She exclaimed gleefully. “You’re still enjoying her?” The Queen closed the door behind her and sashayed over to inspect my work. “What are you covered in, Brother?”

“Riley is very inventive,” Trenton said with an arrogant smile—right back to being the Prince. “She mixed honey with her morning juice and rubbed it over me to sweeten her task. It’s the most sublime feeling; you should have Sir Eamon try it on you.”

“I will!” Queen Tana’s eyes went wide. “My, my, but you have outdone yourself, Riley. I’m most happy with you.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” I paused my sucking to answer, and then went right back to enjoying Trenton’s cock as I made murmurs of delight.

“Should we keep her, Brother?” Tana asked casually.

“I want her, Sister,” Trenton growled; suddenly very serious. “For myself.”

“Then you shall have her, my darling,” Queen Tana vowed as she stroked his hair affectionately. “Whatever you want, you shall have.”