Happily Harem After Vol. 2


In the next installment of the Happily Harem After Series, Snow White, Goldilocks, The Wizard of Oz, and Sleeping Beauty are retold with a reverse harem twist.

In the new, extended version of White as Snow, Princess Eirwen flees her step-mother with a huntsman’s help and seeks sanctuary in a mining village. There she discovers seven men who will give her the strength she needs to defeat the Evil Queen; strength of their bodies and of their hearts.

Codename: Goldilocks follows Tempest Alexander who must find fourteen missing women and apprehend an entire werewolf pack. No problem. It’s just another mission for the secret agent Goldilocks. At least, that’s what she thought. Then she met the Medvedev brothers and all thought went out the window.

Then, in Twisted, get swept away with Dorothy and Toto to a new Oz; an oppressed land ruled by a powerful wizard and his witches. Dorothy must learn to use her hidden talents to unite the elemental tribes of Oz and lead them into war against the tyrannical Wizard and his air witches.

Finally, in the new, RH version of Awakened Beauty, Princess Seraphine is cursed with a sleeping spell and awakens after twenty years to find herself married… to three strangers. When her enemies learn of her awakening, Seraphine must delve into her dreams to find the love she left there. Without it, she has no hope of surviving.

Four classic tales, four brave women, and far too many sexy men to count. If you haven’t read reverse harem before, this book will convert you.