Extinguisher Abigail Teagan

Extinguisher Abigail Teagan

Hair: red

Skin: pale

Build: slim

Eyes: green

Abigail “Abby” Teagan was born into an Extinguisher family in San Francisco, CA. She was raised there and attended the Council school in the SF Council House for her extinguisher training, as well as Lowell High School for her human studies. Her classmates included Seren Sloane, Karmen Simmel, and Brandon Murdock.

Abigail was raised to believe that she would marry another extinguisher someday and have little extinguisher babies. But Seren’s experiences changed all that. Rules have been bending, and Abby is thrilled to be able to expand her romantic horizons. She’s a bit of a rebel at heart, and so it isn’t really surprising where her tastes take her, but we’ll have to see if Abby continues down this road or returns to her traditional extinguisher ways. Either way, once thing’s for certain, she’ll remain a steadfast friend to Seren and Karmen. Maybe not so much Brandon.