Count Tiernan Shadowcall of Twilight

Given Name: Tiernan; a Gaelic name meaning “lordly”
Family Name: Shadowcall
Beag Magic (A fairy’s personal magic, most often their surname): The Shadowcall; the only light based magic that has power over the dark. He can produce light and then control the shadows it creates.
Seelie Title: Count
Hair: An ombre platinum blonde that darkens to black
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Silver with a black rim
Height: 6’5″
Scent: Woodsy sweet
Distinguishing Features: A silver scar that swirls across his right cheekbone.

Count Tiernan Shadowcall was born a very long time ago. So long, that he’s unwilling to tell Seren his true age. He was born Seelie, a Count of the Court of Light, and has fought in several battles for the light fey. Considered and upstanding member of the court, Tiernan had prestige and wealth. He loved his mother, Sorcha Silverlight, dearly but his father, Diocail Shadowcall. whom he inherited his beag magic from, was too stern and standoffish to win anything but familial loyalty from Tiernan. His joy though, was his sister, Latharna Shadowcall, and he spent most of his free time (when not training for battle) with her.

Tiernan was adored by much of the court, especially the women, but he was never much for romance. He is a soldier at heart and the fey way of wooing seemed exhausting and silly to him. So when he was seduced by Cliona Timberstride, he fell quickly in love with her and soon asked for her hand in marriage. They were married many years and he thought they were happy, though they never had children.

But then the Queen of the Seelie attacked Tiernan’s mother and he stepped in to stop Queen Iseabal. In a rage, the Queen gathered her magic and sent it at Tiernan but Tiernan’s mother, Sorcha,  used her beag magic, that of the Silverlight, to mute the Queen’s attack. Instead of being killed, Tiernan was merely scarred; a delicate swirling silver line across his right cheek.
Labeled a traitor, Tiernan was forced to leave the Seelie Court. He knew that exile would be difficult on his courtier wife, so he didn’t ask Cliona to go with him but he hadn’t expected her to divorce him immediately either. On top of his wife’s betrayal, his numerous friends showed their true colors and turned on him as well. His own father was the one who demanded that Tiernan leave the Seelie Court.

Ostracized and heartbroken, Tiernan took shelter in the neutral Twilight Court, which not only took in the half-breeds produced by blessed unions between the Seelie and Unseelie but also the outsiders, those who had nowhere to go. Tiernan was shocked to find himself one of those outsiders.

He was even more shocked to find a warm welcome in Twilight and a father figure in King Keir, King of the Twilight Court. With the King’s help, he recovered from the humiliation of disgrace and the heartache of Cliona’s betrayal. He found a new home in Twilight and a new people to love and give his loyalty too. But his ordeal had humbled him and scarred him much deeper than the physical. So at King Keir’s urging, Tiernan joined the ranks of The Wild Hunt; a group of fey warriors who monitored humans.
The Hunt gave him back his pride and taught him to be strong again. He moved up the ranks quickly and became a Lord of the Wild Hunt, a title for which he is more proud of than that of Count, since it is the only title he has won for himself. Seren thinks it’s arrogance when Tiernan mentions his title of Lord but it’s actually a way for Tiernan to remind himself that he has triumphed over tragedy and that his loyalty is now given to those who truly deserve it.

It was on a mission for the Wild Hunt that Tiernan met the young Extinguisher woman named Seren Sloane and his life once more changed drastically. He experienced an overwhelming attraction for Seren and despite his low regard of humans, he wanted her. When it was revealed that Seren was actually a twilight fairy, Tiernan was both relieved and delighted. He knew his attraction to Seren was the Call of Danu and must not be ignored. But the more he got to know Seren, the more he realized how blessed their union was.

Tiernan has had a complex journey from entitled Count to exiled outsider to a hardened Lord of the Wild Hunt. But Seren takes him even further and Tiernan’s stoic personality alters and grows under her affection in ways he never thought possible. Suddenly the warrior is a romantic and the tough Hunter is partner to an Extinguisher. As far as Tiernan is concerned; now anything is possible.