King Arach of Fire

Type of fey: dragon-sidhe

Hair: blood red

Eyes: dragon yellow

Height: 6’1″

Build: Sleekly muscled

Skin: pale

Scent: Embers and sharp musk

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read past A Taste For Blood, go no further.

Arach is a very sharp looking man and I don’t mean that he dresses well. The features of his face are angled in dramatic line and his teeth could tear an enemy to shreds. He becomes even more dangerous looking when he’s upset or aroused and the red scales at his temples start to stray down the sides of his face.

King Arach was the last of his kind until he met Vervain. He spent thousands of years ruling his kingdom alone but now Vervain has given him and his people new hope. Because of her importance to his race and his people, Arach acted rashly upon first meeting Vervain and he has always regretted that this was the way they began their relationship.

He is a vicious man, prone to violence and possessiveness, but Vervain tempers that heat and brings him calm. For this, she is his A Thaisce, his treasure; the greatest title a dragon can give to another. In her he finds not only a mate but peace, life, and a ferocity to match his own.

He was born to the last reigning Fire monarchs but witnessed his parent’s death during the dragon wars which killed most of his people. His chatelaine, Lady Isleen, raised him and became a mother figure to him. No one will ever replace his mother for him, his memories of her are guarded as if they were gold, but Isleen holds a place in his heart very close to that of his mother and although he would never admit the weakness, he would do anything for the leanan-sidhe who raised him. It was Isleen who helped hold the kingdom together until he was old enough to lead on his own.

When Arach turned sixteen, he took leadership of the Host, also known as The Wild Hunt of Faerie. He was restricted to the Faerie Realm as this was after the High King had closed the tracing points to Earth. But still, there was no shortage of criminals to pursue through the fey nights and Arach grew more and more bloodthirsty.

By the time Vervain met him, he was a beast of a man, ignorant even of the love he bore his own people. It was only through her guidance that he was able to let go of the anger over his parent’s deaths and regain the love he needed to be a true king. Now that the hatred is gone, Arach is truly coming into himself and growing into a king worthy of both fear and respect.

But as much as Vervain has calmed him and brought love back into his life, the dragon will never be tamed.