Trevor Fenrirson

Given Name: VeulfR, means “Holy Wolf” in Old Norse.

Eyes: Golden brown tinged with yellow

Hair: Dark brown to black and wavy

Skin: Lightly tanned

Build: Athletic, think swimmer’s build but amped up a little

Height: 6’7″

Scent: spicy wolf musk

Trevor is the firstborn son of the Viking Wolf God Fenrir. He is the highest ranking prince of the Froekn (a Norse werewolf clan descended from Fenrir).  Spoiler alert: if you’ve just read the first book, read no further. He is Vervain’s Alpha boyfriend, which means that he gets the veto on any new men in Vervain’s life. His special endearment for her is “Minn Elska” which means “My Love” in Old Norse.

At heart, Trevor is a romantic and a bit of an outsider. The first stems from his lack of a mother and a strong desire to fill that void. The second comes from the years he spent on the run with his father and brothers, hiding from the other Norse gods who had cast Fenrir out of Atlantis before Atlantis fell. The Froekn are considered to be demi-gods because they are the immortal children of a god but their immortality stems from Fenrir’s magic. Without the Great Wolf, they would die.

Trevor gave up his immortality to bond himself to Vervain in an ancient Froekn mating ritual. The Binding gives a small piece of the Froekn’s soul to his mate. This creates a connection so strong that the mated pair cannot be separated for longer than a month. After a month, the loss of connection to the other piece of his soul will cause the Froekn to slowly die. And if one of the mated pair dies, the other quickly follows. But the bond Trevor formed with Vervain was one sided. As a human, Vervain wasn’t able to give Trevor a piece of her soul, so only Trevor is at risk. At the time, Vervain was mortal and so Trevor’s immortality was threatened since he would die when she did.

The wolf is a strong part of Trevor’s life and he is often ruled by its mood swings and instincts. He can be extremely volatile at times but he is also very loving and has been known to show great kindness. His alpha werewolf instincts require delicate handling and Vervain had to get used to such things as love bites and monthly scent markings but in the end, Trevor is absolutely worth the effort.

Trevor was born in Norway but has lived all over the world and is fluent in several languages. He is a survivor above all and has no problem fighting for those he loves and what he believes in. He is a complex man; an alpha male who nonetheless has a pack mentality. He will always do what’s best for his family and above all, for Vervain.